Every year before our birthday, my siblings and I got to flick through the Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake book and pick our party cake. Without fail, whenever we got to the page of the duck cake, we dismissed it as fast as we could. Seriously, who would choose a sweet cake with popcorn and chips. Yuck!

But clearly, there are still kids, who give their parents the challenge of recreating that crazy taste combo duck cake. And even in our modern world of anti-gravity, pinata and muti-layered rainbow unicorn cakes, that abhorrent duck cake is still being crafted, complete with buttercream mixed with salty popcorn and Smiths’ chips.

Bluey…How Could Your Bring The Duck Cake Back!

I actually mistakenly thought that this awful savoury/sweet invention would be banished to the swamp where all failed cakes go. But unfortunately cult canine Bluey has resurrected the quacking beast in one of the latest episodes. In the TV show, Bluey’s dad attempts to make the duck cake and now every kid from Tasmania to Timbuktu is begging for that same disgusting duck cake to hold their birthday candles.

Thanks to Bluey, the duck cake has been resurrected and photos of fails and even some successes are exploding on social media.

bluey duck cake

Love This Duck Cake Attempt

One person shared their duck cake attempt on reddit, saying:
“Most people recognised it right away, others said ‘oh it’s the cake from Bluey!’ and others were completely confused when presented with a duck with popcorn hair. Never making this again!”

Pic via Reddit

Duck Cake Fail

Another mum’s attempt was slightly less successful, but gave us lots of giggles.

“I used two woolies madeira cakes, butter cream icing, and the head is a cake pop made from the corner pieces”

pic via Reddit

This Cake Is A Real Challenge

And another young and creative man tried to recreate the duck cake on Youtube for the benefit of the whole world. The result was not only hilarious but also showed us how bloody hard this cake is to make. You can watch it here.

duck cake recreated

The Chocolate Duck Cake

But first prize for quack-tastic duck cake failures has to go to this mum who turned the duck cake chocolate. And he must commend her for that perfect chip beak.

“Ok all please don’t laugh.. daughter turned 7 Xmas eve and wanted the duck cake.. doesn’t eat buttermilk cake so woolies mud cake hack to the rescue… #nailedit lol.”

duck cake fail 3
Pic via Facebook



The cake posted on Woolies/Coles Mudcake Hacks group attracted over 5,000 likes and 800 amused comments.

“This is the best, funniest cake I’ve ever seen. I love it. It’s ‘quacktastic’,” one person wrote.

“You’re a champion mum, bloody nailed it hard,” said another.

“Who needs a neck anyway!” said another.

“Haha great effort but that’s one scary duck Haha”

“He looks like he is the black sheep of the family.”

It may be the worst cake to make in the world, but it’s certainly bringing us smiles (as long as our kids don’t ask us to make it!).

Have you or would you ever attempt the duck cake? Have you had any birthday cake fails? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Oh lordy……I really dont think i would have even given this one a go so good on them


  • I would be a cake fail! There is no way I could replicate a cake in a book it would never even come close to looking the same


  • This would totally be me! I never can replicate the photos in the cookbook


  • Cake fails are not funny when they happen , but the expectations vs reality is so true all the time


  • I didn’t know this was on Bluey and I hope my kids don’t see it and ask for the duck cake.


  • I would never attempt this cake. I am not creative at all so the cakes my kids will get need to be square or round without any layers. Maybe with practice I will get better. I still have this cake book from when I was a kid, better hide it from my boys.


  • Soo creative! I love the all the attempts on these – not sure that mine would be any better! Haha


  • What a laugh. Definitely wouldn’t bother making this. I can barely make any cake.


  • Luckily my kids never knew anything about this cake. I’d never make this cake in a million years. I’ll stick to ghetto blasters and single beds thanks all the same.


  • Never have! Never will! I’m a purchaser. I don’t bake and have never attempted a birthday cake. I just buy them.


  • Great fails but I bet the kids didn’t care :)


  • Hahaha there’s some good fails there. I love making cakes for my kids every year! Some of the requests have been incredibly difficult though!


  • I think the chocolate one is great! Not sure it’s my cup of tea though. Surely you could use other things to decorate.


  • I love making cakes for the kids. Good on you for trying! It’s a duck, I can see that! Great effort ????


  • I have never heard of the duck cake! They are hilarious!


  • This makes me laugh.But her attempt was great.It shows exactly what it was.


  • I would laugh, but I know my efforts would be no better!


  • Hahaha I’m hesistant to give it a go but feel compelled too as this is now a thing on my friends’ social media!


  • I haven’t tried the duck cake but I have definitely had my fair share of cake fails


  • my mum did about 40 years ago for my sisters 7th birthday. She even made cupcakes to put around the cake as ducklings (and where the candles went as she didn’t want to ruin the duck!)


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