December 23, 2020


With the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 your toddler has a world of learning and fun at their fingertips!

We are constantly told that the early years are crucial when it comes to our little one’s learning. Thinking of activities that are both fun and educational, however, can be a real struggle. Here comes the mum guilt! Even though a colouring book or set of blocks can be great for a quick distraction, there’s no denying that they aren’t always stimulating enough for curious toddlers. I know my little boy loses interest before I’ve even had a chance to make a cuppa! Thankfully the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 has a range of toddler-friendly features that any child would absolutely love. Not only does it take learning to the next level, but it will also prepare your toddler for the world of amazing technology that they will grow up in. There are so many amazing benefits to the Galaxy Tab A7 and we couldn’t wait to share them with you – check them out below!

It Helps Improve Problem Solving Skills

If I’m honest, I was initially a little sceptical about whether apps and games could really be used as learning tools, but the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 will put your fears to rest. The Samsung Kids feature in particular makes finding suitable activities so easy. Games like Crocro’s Adventures is super fun, easy to use, and teaches problem-solving and critical thinking skills that will help be the building blocks for your toddler’s learning in the future. If you notice your child is a ‘hands-on’ learner the Galaxy Tab A7 is great as your kid can press buttons, move images, and create sounds to suit their unique learning style perfectly and encourage them to persevere when faced with a new challenge. Is there anything better than seeing your child’s face light up when they discover new skills? It just makes my heart melt!

It Can Help To Develop Focus And Concentration

There’s an incredible selection of content available at your kids fingertips thanks to Samsung Kids, but the tablet itself also offers a range of beneficial features. The Galaxy Tab A7 has an amazing screen and beautifully rich audio which bring learning to life. Your child will be totally immersed in the videos, apps, and games thanks to the wide and dynamic 10.4″ display and Dolby Atmos surround sound which will definitely help to maintain attention and focus. The Galaxy Tab A7 can help with toddlers’ memory, motor control, and problem-solving skills and you may notice the benefits for your child’s focus and attention will continue long after the tablet has been put away!

It Can Help Identify Your Kids Strengths And Provide A Safe Platform For Learning

If you’re reading this and feeling a little uneasy about letting your toddler use a tablet, don’t be, with the Samsung Kids feature on the Galaxy Tab A7, there really is nothing to worry about. Samsung Kids helps us get our little ones started on their digital journey in a safe way, with the ability to set restrictions on playtimes, apps, and contacts. It even offers usage reports so you see an exact breakdown of their activity which is especially useful if you want to target specific skills, figure out their strengths, or just identify what they are enjoying so you can encourage them!

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 will quickly become your go-to device for educational activities that won’t end in boredom or frustration. You’ll love watching your child learn and grow with the help of its incredible features and see how they develop. The best part is that thanks to the Galaxy Tab A7, you can take learning and fun with you wherever we go, and not only can your little one enjoy all the benefits of using it, but you can also catch a few post-bedtime episodes on Netflix too!

Have you got an amazing educational app that your toddler just loves? SHARE it in the comments.

  • A very helpful and informative read.


  • It would be a great idea if it helped with their Maths and Basic English but it could never replace being outdoors and getting fresh air.


  • So many kids nowdays struggle with basic English, Maths and don’t get enough exercise because they are too dependant on technology and spend all day indoors on their various devices.


  • Great… turn them into zombies from an even younger age…


  • I feel for you mums these days. My children didn’t have this problem and their children have had good and bad results due to screen time in the early days. No matter how your rear your children they still NEED outdoor time. Time outside helps regulate their eyes and brains in ways we still don’t fully understand. But our bodies need to be outside in the sun for long times – so do take care, mums.


  • The only swiping my son does is with Reading Eggs. I’m not convinced he needs to use the tablet more than that yet


  • Convenient to have everything at their finger tips however I still encourage the kids to learn to do things the old fashioned way.


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  • With the cost of childcare, having a nanny can make economic sense.


  • My daughter in 16 months old and can swipe my phone screen already. There is an app for everything these days


  • I swear the current genereation are born somehow knowing how to use all of this techbology!


  • My kids have a samsung tablet. They saved up birthday and Christmas money to get them. They love it.


  • It seems to be the way of the world now. Hopefully they mix some outside play as well as computer time.


  • We are rapidly becoming a technology world. I remember having to use my brain at school but now you just need a computer or tablet to think for you


  • They have some great educational apps but you do have to really what how much screen time they have.


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