A new program allowing teachers to track web searches involving explicit images, suicidal thoughts, bullying and terrorist or gang propaganda, will be trialled at Australian schools.

The program to be trialled in some  independent NSW schools later this year, can also alert a parent or teacher if a pupil writes a paragraph in a document indicating they’re at risk of harm and even monitor student’s mobile phones, reports Daily Telegraph.

Parents and schools must consent.

The software monitors words and images on a device for subtle “threat markers” ­indicating behaviour such as bullying, depression, porno­graphy or child abuse.

The software scans everything a student does including on social media, internet searches, typing documents and even USBs plugged into the computer.

A discussion on the Studio 10 Facebook page sees lots of support for the program.

I think it is a great idea for school computers, however I am not sure I support the program intruding on a students phone?

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  • I’m not sure how I feel about this. I feel it could be too intrusive. There needs to be guidelines if this goes ahead


  • I agree with the concept [to keep children free and safe from bullies and sex preeners] but not sure that the school should be spying on their children


  • A friend of mine has a child at a private school. Next year he wil be in year 6 and his parents have to provide him with a laptop to take to school


  • Definitely! I think it’s a great idea. Too much bullying goes on and the internet makes it so easy.


  • Yes if its the school computers.


  • I think yes if the technology or devices are using the school’s wi-fi services. I think this is a great idea. I would imagine it can only be done this way, and if a studnet is hooked up to the school’s wi-fe on their phone, they should also be able to track that. Technology in schools, while great for research, is also a huge problem in terms of what kids are accessing during class time eg. filming in class and school toilets and posting to instagram during school hours, wearing full school uniform, etc. I’ve witnessed much behaviour online that makes me question what is going on at school? How do teachers teach when kids are so distracted by their technology? How do kids learn in the same environment. I’m all for this.


  • Yes for schools to be able to monitor what is going on during the school day. I would still say yes to monitoring what kids are doing online at home on personal devices but that should be the domain of parents. The school and parents should also be liaising with each other with this program. I think this is a great idea. The program should also make sure there is sufficient follow up to support students if key words have been found to be searched / viewed.


  • Their school, their computers so they have the right to monitor them. As for the personal property of a student such as a phone then absolutely no way, that’s over stepping the mark. Graduating from their noses in children’s lunch boxes to their personal property. If they want to do that sort of thing they’d be better off working for ASIO and leave the teaching to those who can.


  • Sounds like a good program. I’m fine when searches on the school computers are tracked at school. Searches on the home computer and private devices should be tracked by parents.


  • If it is something used on a school computer then yes, I would expect them to keep an close eye on the kid’s use, with our school they block sites they don’t want the kids to be on but if the kids have data on their phones then it is up to the parents to monitor


  • I would be quite concerned with the phone indeed. But with the computer I’m fine.


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