As I’m sitting down with a stuffed nose and tears in my eyes from the cold I caught from my girls, it came to me that there is something I need to share with you. It has to do with essential oils and its magic!

Let’s go back a couple of years ago…

When my firstborn started daycare she was 1.5 years old. For 3 years we didn’t have 3 weeks in a row being healthy and well. Even worse, I caught almost every bug she had… it was hell!

The cough was the worst. She would cough for days, no one slept during the night, and she would even throw up from the constant hacking. We tried all sorts of remedies…. But nothing really help much.

Tried This? RATE IT Now…

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The inhalator did help. But you need to be consistent and do it for at least 3 times a day for about 10 min… and you know how kids are. I was lucky if I got her to do it for 3 minutes tops.

Advice From A Friend

A dear friend of mine mentioned I needed the oil diffuser, and kept going about essential oils and how good these are. Especially for those pesky cold and cough bugs.

I didn’t listen…

I thought…. Oh, just another piece of advice that will do no good…

Then, a year and a half ago, all of us girls had the flu and I kept coughing for a month… It was horrible. My friend saw me one day and said: “You’re still coughing!!!?” Half an hour later she came to my door with a diffuser and some essential oils and said: “Please, try to use it!”


I still cannot thank her enough for that enlightenment!

Essential Oils Changed Our Lives

So, from that day a diffuser is our best friend ever… we use it to scare off mosquitoes, to freshen up the flat, to calm an upset child… and most important to kill all the germs, bugs, and bacteria.

Mostly I use the essential oils in my diffuser. But when they are really sick, I put some almond oil on my hand along with a drop or two of essential oils, and rub it on their chest, spine, and feet. WARNING: YOU MUST NEVER USE THESE ESSENTIAL OILS UNDILUTED! Almond oil is the best base oil for kid’s skin…. And  it’s also great for our hands and cleavage area (my stretch marks got soooo less obvious since I’ve been using it).

We are now sick less often, and each bout lasts a lot shorter…. And I mean A LOT! Life is just so much better with those magical drops…. This sounds like some fancy slogan haha

What you need to know about Essential Oil Diffusers

Choose from these two sorts:

  1. Nebulising Diffusers

– They use pressure to diffuse the mist of oil. They don’t require water or heat

– Biggest benefit is that they disperse essential oils a lot faster than ultrasonic, and with a higher concentration

– They cost more because you have to put about 30 drops of oils for one session

– Aroma will be stronger then ultrasonic diffuser, but last shorter

– does not produce humidity since it does not contain water

  1. Ultrasonic Diffuser – I use this kind

– You fill it with water and essential oils. You don’t need more than 10-15 drops. Depends on your needs and how strong you want it to be.

– It’s budget-friendly… it needs less oil and the session lasts much longer. Great for nights when kids have a cold


There are so many oils you can use… but please. Do some research first on which ones to use based on your kid’s age. Here are some that are from a trustworthy site. But still, do some homework before you start.

I use Pranarom – I just have a lot of confidence in their products

The Best Essential Oils For Kids

These are the oils suitable for kids, and that I use as well:

Grapefruit Pink Essential Oil (avoid topical application) : Citrus paradisi

Boosts circulation

Encourages a positive mood

Supports digestive function

This oil is photo-toxic; use only the distilled variety.

Lime Essential Oil (avoid topical application) : Citrus aurantifolia

Uplifts mood and energy


Strengthens and supports the nervous system

Promotes better focus

Strengthens sense of emotional security

Helps reduce congestion

This oil is photo-toxic; use only the distilled variety.

Lemon Essential Oil (avoid topical application) : Citrus limon

Uplifts mood and energy

RefreshesPromotes better focus

Strengthens sense of emotional security

This oil is photo-toxic; use only the distilled variety.

Mandarin Essential Oil : Citrus reticulata

Calms the mind and body

Makes an ideal substitute for Lavender Oil

Uplifts the mood

Is not photo-toxic

Promotes restful sleep

Neroli Essential Oil : Citrus aurantium L.

Balances mood for emotional upliftment

Supports digestive function

Sweet Orange Essential Oil : Citrus sinensis

Has a relaxing effect

Promotes restful sleep

Encourages positive mood

Tangerine Essential Oil : Citrus reticulata blanco var tangerine

Supports digestive function

Soothes reduces or prevents spasms

Helps to relax body and ease mind

Chamomile Essential Oil (German or Roman) : Matricaria chamomilla Chamaemelum nobile

Soothing effect on mind and body

Promotes better sleep for sleepless babies

Eases discomfort of colic

Uplifts mood

Strengthens sense of emotional security

Clary Sage Essential Oil : Salvia sclarea

Soothes reduces or prevents spasms

Uplifts mood

Supports digestive function

Promotes easier breathing

Jasmine Absolute : Jasminum grandiflorum

Uplifts energy and mood

Strengthens sense of emotional security

Enhances alertness

Relaxes the body and calms the mind

Lavender Essential Oil : Lavandula angustifolia

Sedative property helps to relax the body and calm the mind

Encourages sleepSoothes itchy skin

Eases discomfort of colic

Marjoram (Sweet) : Marjorana hortensis

Supports respiratory and digestive function

Promotes restful sleep

Strengthens immune function

Strengthens sense of emotional security

Rose Absolute/Rose Otto : Rosa damascena

Sedative quality helps to calm the mind and relax the body

Strengthens sense of emotional security and resilience

Uplifts the mood

Yarrow Essential Oil (Blue) : Achillea millefolium

Calms inflammation

Promotes mental clarity to reduce feelings of confusion

Reassuring scent strengthens the sense of emotional security

Basil, Sweet Essential Oil : Ocimum basilicum

Refreshing scent

Helps to eliminate or reduce airborne bacteria

Relaxes the bodyEases discomfort of cold and flu symptoms

Hyssop Essential Oil : Hyssopus officinalis

Relaxes body

Soothes cough and other cold and flu symptoms

Promotes easier breathing

Supports digestive function

Marjoram (Sweet) : Marjorana hortensis L.

Supports digestive and respiratory function

Encourages restful sleep

Strengthens immunity

Patchouli Essential Oil : Pogostemon cablin

Uplifts mood

Supports immune function

Calms inflammation

Eases discomfort of dry, irritated skin

Petitgrain Essential Oil : Citrus aurantium L. var amara

Encourages sleep

Strengthens sense of emotional security

Calms inflammation and spasms

Relaxes the body

Tea Tree Lemon Essential Oil (avoid topical application) : Leptospermum petersonii

Helps to reduce or eliminate airborne bacteria

Promotes easier breathing by helping to clear or reduce mucus that causes congestion

Copaiba Basalm Essential Oil : Copaiba spp

Calms inflammation

Reduces the likelihood of developing infections

Strengthens respiratory function

Frankincense Essential Oil : Boswellia carterii

Uplifts mood and promotes positive sentiments

Strengthens immune function

Helps to clear or reduce congestion

Calms the mind and helps to relax the body

Myrrh Essential Oil/Resinoid : Commiphora myrrha

Strengthens sense of emotional security

Uplifts mood

Increases alertnessEases digestive discomfort

Turmeric Essential Oil : Curcuma longa

Helps to relax the body

Encourages positive feelings and emotional balance

Calms inflammation

Helps to reduce or eliminate airborne bacteria

Clears or reduces congestion

Vetiver Essential Oil : Vetiveria zizanoides

Uplifts energy

Promotes a sense of tranquility

Helps to keep the body cool when experiencing high temperatures

Strengthens sense of emotional security

More About Essential Oils

As I am no expert on essential oils, this chart was taken from another site…..They gave me permission to share their knowledge. You can find useful information on their site: www.newdirectionsaromatics.com/blog/articles/safeforbaby-essential-oils-readytouse-products.html

All I wanted was to share my experience, and how much aromatherapy has helped me and my family with kids flu, cough, and supporting our immune system. I am stunned by the power of essential oils and all the benefits that it has brought to us.

As a mum, I want to help other mums….. Cause together….


For more useful articles visit amumtomum.com

Do you use essential oils? Tell us in the comments below.

  • I love essential oils, I use a lavender roller every night to be able to get to sleep, I suffer so bad with sleep issues and it helps me drift off no worries


  • I didnt often use essential oils except for when the kids were sick. I too have recently read that they can be toxic to pets


  • I don’t use essential oils in our home because I’ve been told it’s bad for animals. Apparently some can be quite toxic to dogs and cats. I’ll give it a miss but good to know


  • I use essential oils all the time at home but recently came across an article that claims they can interfere with the body’s hormone production. It claimed to be unsafe for children. Will be reading more into this but just a word of caution. Such a shame, the oils work a treat before bedtime and when we’ve got a cold.


  • We use essential oils in our home … not all the time, but I do love to use them moreso in winter. We have moved recently so I have just put everything away for now until we’re more settled.


  • Over the years I have used herbal oils for colds in a diffuser during the “colds” season.
    I have always had them in the house, using them to uplift the mood in the house during winter and lemony scents in summer to invigorate us on those hot days.
    This is a great article and so informative on the scents and their uses. Thank you

    • Glad you find it informative and yes we do have to be extra causes, especially with kids.


  • This list is really helpful, thank you!

    • I’m so glad you find it helpful. Thank you for reading


  • What a fantastic post – have used essential oils in the past but your list was very enlightening. Must do some more research to see how this could help us.

    • Thank you so much, comments like this drive me to write even more! I also have my site and hope you visit and enjoy my stories. Stay safe


  • I agree. It is so easy, the kids love the lights and I can not get enough of the nice aroma. It is a win win.

    • You described it great…. its a win win… Thanks for reading hun


  • I had no idea of what essential oils could do!

    • Niether did I…. please do try, and be amased like me. You won’t regret it.
      Thanks for reading


  • So love essential oils, my husband was skeptical about it first (given the price and how small it was) but he loves it now and know it is worth every penny! I love how it protects our family especially from getting sick, it really did boost up our immune system

    • Hello there! Thank you for comment. As you read it I was very sceptical. I didnt belive it was that powerful. Boy was I wrong haha


  • Love essential oils, used to be into them a very long time ago and now recently getting back into them. Great for so many things.

    • Hello CasLee… I see you like my articles. Thank you so much for comment


  • I totally agree, I love the oils. But dont often use them since reading they can be poisonous for pets

    • Yes, its no good for pets. As you read it you can dilute them and massage your kids chest and spine when sick. Or your self. Thank you for reading


  • I love my essential oils but I don’t use neutralizer or ultrasonic diffusers as they are not safe for pets. The release oil particles directly into the air that can settle on surfaces or your pets fur risking ingestion and with most oils being toxic to cats & dogs I don’t take the risk. I use passive diffusion instead; oil burners, seed pods, wooden balls or ornaments etc

    • Yes, its a pitty you cant use a diffuser. But, of course safety first. Its great you found other ways to use them


  • I’ve benn using essential oils for almost 2 years and wouldn’t be without them. I have one blend in particular that I would be lost without. I use it whenever miss 4 is in a “funk” and it turns her mood around within 5 minutes

    • Dear Mushroom, thank you for reading. And please, do share your mix oils. I love to hear new recepies and would love to try your mix.????


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