Are you running out of time every day? Too many things on your to do list and not enough time to get everything done? Welcome to the “busy mum” club!

If you are like me, you are the queen of multi-tasking and have perfected the art of cutting corners and doing just enough to get by, simply because you don’t have enough time to do all the things you would like to.

An important concept to remember is that “time is limited. Money is unlimited”.

Now to many of you, this may sound like a contradictory statement. Who has unlimited money? What a crazy notion! But, if you think about how many hours you have in a day, you will quickly realise that we have all been given the same 24.

Maybe we use them differently, some of us to maximum effect, others with no plan at all, just a scattergun approach of getting jobs done, going out to work, jumping from task to task with no real plan. But, no matter how we use them, we all only have the same number of hours to spend each day.

Money on the other hand is an almost never ending commodity. No matter how much is spent, there is always more to be earned, won, inherited etc so, there is always the possibility that you can have more. So expand your thinking and think abundantly.

But, let’s get back to time. How can you make the best use of the time that you have? How can you be more efficient with your tasks? How can you structure your life so that you can get everything done and still have time to spare?

Well, let me give you some strategies that can potentially save you 10 hours a week:

Strategy #1: Social Media.

Social media can be a real time waster.

Sure, it is fun to catch up with friends, see what they are having for dinner and who is tagging who in photos. However, if you have a lot to do, it can be very time consuming, and it is easy to waste an hour scrolling through your newsfeed, making a few well-timed comments and likes, and lose yourself in it completely.

In order to combat this, set yourself some guidelines. If you limit yourself to 2 sessions of 15 minutes a day, one in the morning and one at night, rather than constantly checking and updating your status throughout the day, you can potentially save yourself 30 minutes a day (3.5 hrs/wk).

Strategy #2: Prepare meals ahead of time.

If you can make a few extra meals on the weekend, you can save yourself a lot of time each night during a busy week by simply being able to pull out a frozen casserole or pasta sauce and reheat it.

A small time investment on the weekend when you can simultaneously cook a few meals to freeze will be a godsend during the week.

Prepare 3 meals ahead and save yourself 30 minutes a day 3 days a week (1.5 hrs/wk)

Strategy #3: Cluster tasks.

By clustering your tasks together into a block each week, you can save yourself a lot of stop and start time when jumping from task to task aimlessly.

Instead, put aside a one or two hour block and do your entire “like” tasks together. Admin, phone calls, answering emails, even housework. You can save at least 20 minutes a day 3 times a week (1hr/wk).

Strategy #4: Menu planning.

Create a menu planner and shop once a week with a shopping list based on the menu planner – save 30 minutes 3 times/wk thinking of what to cook, making small trips to the grocery store etc. (1.5 hrs/wk)

Strategy #5: Write a list.

Create a “to-do” list of tasks the night before – save 15 mins each work day fluffing around before starting your day – 5 X 15mins (1.25 hrs/wk)

Strategy #6: Get up earlier!

You knew this one was coming didn’t you. But, getting up only 15 minutes earlier a day will give you an extra 1.75 hrs a week. Just think of what you can do with those extra few minutes each day.

So, adding all those saved minutes together gives us a grand total of 10.5 hours. So, it is possible.

I hope that you can integrate some of these time-saving strategies onto your own life, and I would love to hear your own tips on saving time.

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  • Im up at 5.40 every morning to go to work. No way am i getting up earlier.


  • I save even more time as I am not on any other social media sites – if you call this one.


  • For me, social media is the greatest time waster ever!! If I removed that from my life, I would have so much extra time. Unfortunately, I need to look at social media at the end of each day for work, and I find it to be painstaking.


  • Waking up earlier to get more done ? Building up lack of sleep might not be the best of advice.
    And wasting our time on Social media ? A bit of connecting with oversees family and friends is also relaxing, something what we also need to do.
    But yeah, we can run around all day busying ourselves with all we need to do and have that feeling that we never have enough time. Being organized and time efficient certainly helps, but we cannot do that all the time. Living our lives whilst running a race isn’t healthy, there should be times we can and may slow down and ditch time-efficiency in the bin.


  • I think organization is key here.


  • hahaha, social media. YES, I find I do so much when I won’t get on because there are things I need to do. How awful it is to have in our lives, yet so wonderful at the same time


  • I try to sleep less, up earlier, down later – and I have found that I can get more done with these hours


  • yes giving up Facebook would really help… not sure I could get up earlier, I am a zombie at the time I drag myself out of bed as it is.


  • Extra time! I would love an extra 10 hours a week. Only I don’t think it would still be enough to do what I need to do


  • Oh yes! This is interesting! Thank you for sharing this!


  • 10 hours a week?? I think I need an extra 10 hours a day!!


  • i am definitely wasting too much time online, even worst some days i can start from browsing and end up on sites like youtube and waste few hours watching shows!


  • I too spend too much time on social media. Where did those hours go??


  • Love this article. I never seem to have enough time to do stuff but I have to prioritise because as you say there is only 24hrs in a day.


  • Yes, social media is a killer for me! lol


  • Some great tips! My favourite is the ‘To Do List’- spending just 10 minutes the night before, ensures I hit the ground running the next day!


  • Yes , planning is the key.


  • sounds awesome and looks great


  • If i didn’t have social media so much more would get done. My day consists of trying to put baby to sleep, reading the news, facebook, feeding baby, trying to feed myself, cooking dinner, having some me time very rarely.


  • Love them all except having to get up earlier!


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