A woman who thought she was constipated gave birth on the toilet after doctors allegedly failed to notice she was pregnant.

Charlotte Bryant, who was 20 at the time, said she was misdiagnosed by three different GPs after suffering from constant backache in 2016, The Mirror reports.

Charlotte from Cardiff, Wales was sent home with a big box of laxatives to treat her suspected constipation, but later felt a sudden urge to go to the toilet.

Within seconds, she had given birth to a baby boy.

“I’d had really bad backache and I’d gone to the doctors,” said Charlotte, who works as a teaching assistant.

“I’d been diagnosed with inflamed muscles and given painkillers and Diazepman.

“Then another doctor at my surgery examined my tummy and told me I had constipation. She didn’t have any idea that I was nine months’ pregnant!

“I was prescribed with a big box of powder laxatives. I went home and took one and then a short time later, I felt an urge to go to the toilet.

“I sat on the toilet and I felt something really odd between my legs. It was like a poo but it felt like it was coming from the wrong place.

“I felt the urge to push and then as I looked down and I saw a face looking at me. It was absolutely surreal.”

Fortunately, Charlotte’s brother, Adam Bryant, 26, was also at their home in Llanederyn at the time of Joshua’s birth.

“I screamed for my brother and told him I’d had a baby,” Charlotte said.

“He told me to stop being stupid until he came downstairs and saw a baby in my arms.”

Charlotte says she wrapped her baby in a towel before calling an ambulance, which arrived at the house ten minutes later.


“Six paramedics came through the door. One of them cut the umbilical cord and checked us over and then we were taken straight to hospital,” she said.

“Obviously I didn’t have a thing for him – not even a packet of nappies.”

Joshua, who weighed 3.3kg, was rushed to Intensive Care at University Hospital of Wales, where he was found to be suffering from a chest infection.

After the infant was treated by doctors, Charlotte texted a photo of him to her boyfriend of two years, Daniel.

“I texted him a picture of Joshua and told him he had a son. He was in complete shock as I was,” she said.

“I really had no idea I was expecting – I’d put on a few pounds but I thought I’d been eating too much cake,” she said.

“When my back began to ache I would never have believed it was the start of labour pains.

“It’s funny the doctor thought I was constipated and gave me laxatives and hours later a baby popped out.”

“People have been so kind and brought lots of lovely things for him. He doesn’t want for anything. We all call him a little miracle – and he really is too.”

Is it wrong to say I am kind of jealous? I suffer from that very first week of pregnancy. What was the first symptom for you?

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Via The Mirror

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  • Oh my. I dont know how you would handle the shock of something like that.


  • Lovely way to have a baby. It can happen if you are not regular in the first place and have small menstrual bleeds that you might not know.


  • i still dont understand how u can not know that u r pregnant. but what a lovely suprise


  • yeah apparently this happens. there is a show about women who didn’t know that they were going to have a baby


  • That’s incredible! I’m surprised she didn’t feel the baby kicking, or the doctor that examined her stomach didn’t find something. Crazy! Seems like she didn’t have the incredible amount of pain most women have during labour, either. Hope the meds she was prescribed didn’t hurt the bub.


  • Wow, what an amazing story. And for so many Doctors not to pick up on the pregnancy?!


  • Aw, this must have been such a shocking surprise !!


  • Can’t say I’m jealous as I had very easy births too and I remember with my first a friend asking me if my hubby and I were ever going to start a family – I was 8 months pregnant at the time and still going swimming – so I fully understand how this can happen.


  • I actually know someone who had a similar situation, but she went to hospital because she thought she was so badly constipated and when the doctors examined her at the hospital they told her to get ready to push. It must be a real shock in some aspects and in others a blessing (definitely didn’t have to suffer some of the less pleasant sides to pregnancy)


  • I was nearly at the end of my first trimester before I realized I was pregnant with my daughter. I was very tired and quite nauseous, but I wrote that off the glandular fever. It wasn’t until one of the girls I worked with convinced me that I may be pregnant and that I should do a test that I found out. I was shocked when the test was positive. Even still, I lost weight, probably because I was so sick and had terrible heartburn. I really didn’t believe I was until I had an ultrasound at 21 weeks gestation and there she was, I hadn’t felt any movement or anything, and I sure didn’t look pregnant, but the proof was on the screen. About a week later I finally felt her move for the first time.


  • She’s an incredibly lucky girl that he came out fine. Congratulations to them both but what were the doctors thinking about! Perhaps they need to go back to medical school for a resit.


  • This happened to my sister in law. She didn’t know she was pregnant, she stayed at her mums place as she had real bad back pain and didn’t want to walk home. Later that night she had her baby on the bed! Crazy!!


  • Wow. Congratulations to her!


  • What an amazing story. Someone I know had a similar thing happen


  • Incredible that she made it full term without the doctors picking up that she was pregnant. Its wonderful that she calls him her little miracle. I made it into my second trimester before one of my bubs were confirmed – a home test was wrong at 5-6 weeks, a blood test wrong at 10 weeks, and glandular fever accounted for my pregnancy symptoms being dismissed by doctors until 16 weeks and I insisted on another test.


  • Oh my gosh! So jealous! I even feel implantation every time! it’s excruciatingly painful! There’s no possible way I could be pregnant and not know about it! Last pregnancy, I had so many complications, I ended up in a wheelchair until I gave birth! Crazy!


  • How amazing. It would be tricky to not be mentally prepared. But she must have had a good labour! Surprising the doctor missed it too…


  • Wow that’s crazy how could they not know!


  • I always find these stories astonishing – this one doesn’t reflect too well on the doctors!


  • I am amazed that it possible for a woman to be pregnant and not realise until the baby is born… weird!

    • It is most peculiar that no one picked up on it!


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