Oh gosh, we can so relate to this horrible feeling of mum guilt. You?

Actress and mum-of-two, Busy Philipps, shared an emotional video to her Instagram story, revealing she had left her 9-year-old daughter’s beloved teddy bears behind after a family holiday.

She cried as she recounted the story.

She shared that she’d left Birdy’s favourite bears, Radar and Flat bear, back at the hotel room in Hawaii.

Saying she tried to make amends by immediately calling the hotel but housekeeping couldn’t find anything.

The desperate mum then explained that she hoped they’d been tangled up in the sheets and bundled off to the ‘place where they wash the sheets’ and that she felt like a ‘complete a–hole’.

“It doesn’t make it better that of course, all of Cricket’s animals made it back,” she said.

“I knew it as soon as I opened up the suitcase, I didn’t see Radar and Flat bear. I was like f–k, f–k, f–k,” she said.

Revealing the special meaning of the bear made it all so much worse.

“Radar was my bear when I was a kid, and Birdie just wrote a whole thing in English class about how it was her most prized possession, because it had been mine,” she explained.

She did later updated her followers with some the news that one of the bears (Radar bear) had been found.

She found a photo of the two bears and posted it to Instagram calling out for anyone in Hawaii, on the Big Island, to keep their eyes open for him.

Even the pilot had a photo with the bear as he made his way home!

Have you had a similar thing happen to you?

Share your comments below.

Via instagram

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  • Oh my goodness….. My eldest had a Minnie mouse that my Mum gave her and that was her very special toy. She is an adult now and still has the toy which is kept in a box and I often wonder if she will give it to any future child she may have.


  • We’ve all done something like this at some stage. Glad Radar made it back home. He probably told Flat Bear to take another flight. Hope he gets back home soon.


  • It was good that at least one was found. Hope they can locate the other.


  • How horrible for her! I can’t say that I’ve ever had this happen. I’m always paranoid about triple checking any room I stay in on holiday.


  • Awww, I am so happy for them that Radar was found. Thank goodness. We all know too well how upsetting it can be when our child loses their favourite toy.


  • How lucky that they found it.


  • Aw, so good RADAR was found ! Hope Flat Bear will end up in the arms of the owner soon as well !
    My experience is that when teddy’s or objects become so very dear, make sure you buy an extra pair :)


  • I hope they fine flat bear. My son has sharky and teddy. Sharky is a shark I got in a Melbourne Aquarium prize pack I won and teddy is the caricare teddy they occasionally offer for free as part of the cariclub. Why he chose teddy over the millions of expensive beautiful teddy bears he was given when he was born is beyond me. But I live in fear of either of them going missing.


  • Oh, so good they were able to locate one bear. Le’ts hope they find the other one too.
    It can be very distressing for a child, in particular if it’s his favourite soft toy.
    My daughter lost her favourite beanie in a train once. I contacted the train company in two different occasions but nobody brought them in. What a pity. It was a lovely beanie and she was so disappointed. I then tried to find it in Internet but with no luck.


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