May 17, 2023


Before we know it our teeny babies become active movers – just try and stop them! As babies become more active and head into toddlerhood and toilet training, it’s worth considering switching from nappies to nappy pants.

While it’s not essential to make the change to nappy pants, there are a whole bunch of benefits to making the switch, and we’re going to take a closer look at all of them. We’re also going to reveal the products that mums adore – the ones that don’t leak, are supremely comfy and a cinch to use.

So grab a cuppa as we explore what you need to know about transitioning from nappies to pull-ups and list Australia’s best nappies for toddlers.

Tooshies Eco Nappy Pants
tooshies ECO Nappy Pants

Are nappy pants a good idea?

Nappy pants are a good idea once your baby or toddler starts to wriggle and squirm during nappy changes. You soon realise that anything that makes changing quicker and easier is a winner! And if your little one is showing interest in toilet training, pull-ups are the perfect way to transition between nappies and underwear. So while they’re not essential, and you can get through the toddler years without them, they do make life a whole lot easier!

How do you know if your toddler is ready for nappy pants?

There are a few telltale signs that your toddler is ready for pull-ups, and it all depends on the age and stage of your tot. Babies can be anywhere between six and nine months old when they switch to nappy pants, but it can be much later for others.

Here are some general things to look out for, that may just hint towards making the leap!

Nappy changes are getting tricky: Toddlers are having fun discovering the big, wide world, and stopping for nappy changes cramps their style! You may find that getting them to lay down, even just for a quick nappy change, is getting harder. Nappy pants can be changed while your toddler is standing up, so they make for super quick changes!

If it’s only a wet nappy, you can even just tear the sides, give your toddler a wipe, and then get them to step into a fresh one. Easy peasy!

It’s toilet training time: Nappy pants are a fabulous way to transition from nappies to undies, without worrying about accidents. Toddlers feel like big kids wearing their pull-ups, and there is no anxiety associated with those missed toilet stops.

Pulling the pants up and down when going to the toilet also teaches toddlers what they need to do once they switch to underwear. They are also great for night toilet training, which often takes a little longer to master. It means no accidents, and if they head to the toilet or potty at night, there’s no rush to get a regular nappy off – just pull them down!

Ecoriginals Nappy Pants
Ecoriginals Nappy Pants

What to look for in pull-ups

There are a few key things to look for when choosing the right nappy pants for your toddler.

Size: Just as with regular nappies, pull-ups come in different sizes. They range from toddler to walker and junior with the sizes determined by weight range. Toddler nappy pants tend to be for toddlers between 10 and 15kg, walkers for toddlers between 13 and 18kg and junior nappy pants are usually for kids 16kg and over.

Nappy pants are also available in separate boy and girl options, just the same as nappies, however, there are some brands that are suitable for both boys and girls.

Absorbency: If you’re planning on using pull-ups while toilet training overnight, make sure they have up to 12 hours of absorbency. (Pro tip: have some nappy rash cream handy to protect sensitive skin when wearing any kind of nappies for long periods.)

Comfort: Toddlers are far more aware of their comfort than babies, so look for nappies that are designed to be soft and comfortable on the skin and waist area.

Reusable: Just like modern cloth nappies, nappy pants are also available in reusable styles that can be laundered and used over and over.

8 Nappy Pants Brands Other Mums Recommend

We’ve researched Australia’s most loved products in one handy list for you. Any reviews included below are unbiased and submitted to our popular RATE IT or MoM Answers pages.

Tooshies Eco Nappy Pants, from $26

Tooshies Eco Nappy Pants

Made with 75% less plastic than conventional disposable nappies, tooshie’s ECO Nappy Pants boast a bamboo backsheet, bamboo leg guards and are made from 78% plant-based materials. They’re super easy to pull on and tear off, and with Ultra-Dry 12-hour leak protection, they’re just the ticket for tots toilet training overnight.

Why mums love them:

  • wetness indicator
  • 3D leak guard to prevent spills from the side
  • hypoallergenic, vegan

Sizes Available:

  • 4 Toddler (10-15kg)
  • 5 Walker (13-18kg)
  • 6 Junior (16+kg)

Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5 (447 reviews)

“Amazing nappy pants. So soft and comfy and easy pull ups. My son is almost 3.5 years old and he loves this. Very nice packaging and colour is the best. I wish I knew this earlier to try this brand. Apart from this this is made from bamboo no chemical damage. We have tried this day and night. It’s the best thing. Highly recommend.” (Tharsika Bruno)

“These nappies are the best for so many reasons: biodegradable elements (good for the environment), made with organic bamboo (soft for sensitive skins) and no harsh chemicals (protecting your little one). The nappy pants make changing nappies on the go so simple and easy. The pant style also makes it difficult for your little one to take these off without you knowing! I absolutely love this brand and this specific nappy style. Will definitely be restocking soon!” (Emilys)

“Great nappy pants good fit my toddler can pull them up easily which is helping with his toilet training they hold a reasonable amount also.” (mom490700)


from Amazon

Ecoriginals Eco-Friendly Nappy Pants, from $22.95

Ecoriginals Eco-Friendly Nappy Pant

We’re all more conscious than ever about the environmental impact of the products we’re using. Ecoriginals’ plant-based Eco-Friendly Nappy Pants are more than 90% biodegradable, but still do everything good nappies should! They’re 12+ hours leak free, which means overnight toilet training is sorted. They’re also made using sustainably sourced wood pulp, cotton layers, tissue paper, and non-GMO corn starch which provide softness.

Why mums love them: 

  • 3D leak guard to prevent leakage and side spill
  • technology that locks moisture away for 12+ hours
  • non-toxic

Sizes Available:

  • Crawler (6-11kg)
  • Toddler (10-15kg)
  • Walker (13-18kg)
  • Junior (16+kg)
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from Ecoriginals

Huggies Ultra Dry Nappy Pants For Boys/Girls, from $22

Huggies Ultra Dry Nappy Pants

Toddlers are on the go from sun up to sun down and these favourites from Huggies let them move freely while staying protected. The SlimFLEX™ Absorbent Core has been developed so that they aren’t too bulky for busy tots, and more flexible so they can still run, jump and play! There are also separate options for boys and girls, tailor-made to be absorbent where each needs it most.

Why mums love them:

  • two-layer leakage barrier to stop leaks from around the legs
  • tear open side panels for quick changes
  • comfy waistband

Sizes Available:

  • Size 3 (6-12kg)
  • Size 4 (9-14kg)
  • Size 5 (12-17kg)
  • Size 6 (15+kg)

Overall Rating: 4.54 out of 5 (756 reviews)

“Wow first these nappies keep bub’s bottom dry. It holds a lot of moisture without leakage or leaving absorbent crystals on the skin. The wetness indicator line is great when wanting to check if bubs is wet.” (mumma1401)

“These were such a great fit. Soft and no leaks, even overnight which was a bonus! Super happy and would definitely buy again.” (mom250920)

“Since my son was born we have always used Huggies and have never had any issues with rashes or leakage etc now my son is 4 and he loves the nappy pants especially overnight. He was comfortable and we’ve had no accidents. Would highly recommend to any new mum or mums that struggle with rashes or leakage you can always count on Huggies.” (Riss Nixon)


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from Amazon

BabyLove Nappy Pants, from $24

BabyLove Nappy Pants

Toddler tummies will be comfy thanks to BabyLove Nappy Pants’ 360 stretchy waistbands, ensuring a perfect fit for all little body shapes. Made from breathable material that doesn’t sag or leak, they also keep toddlers dry for longer with a fast-absorbing top sheet. They also have 12-hour absorption for overnight peace of mind.

Why mums love them:

  • easy tear side seams
  • snug fit
  • breathable material

Sizes Available:

  • Wriggler Size 3 (7-11kg)
  • Size 4 (9-14kg)
  • Size 5 (12-17kg)
  • Size 6 (15-25+kg)

Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (31 reviews)

“We stopped using BabyLove long ago in their nappies but recently needed pull ups and these were on sale. I was surprised to find they were fantastic. They were a great fit and very absorbent. Will now become a regular buy for us.” (kay1987)

“These nappy pants are easily accessible, and not bad value for money when they are on special. We have no trouble with leaking and often have cute patterns.” (mom490651)

“These are really easy to use and I find that they are larger than the other nappies out there. They have more room around the waist.” (mom479049)

“We have tried brand after brand of nappies and nappy pants and these are our winner! Now that we’re trying to toilet train we find these are easier to pull down than other brands and we never have accidents! We do find going the larger size is most helpful too.” (WestAusMum)


from Amazon

Lovekins Premium Pull-Ups, from $25.30

Lovekins Premium Nappy Pants

Famed as being incredibly absorbent, yet breathable and flexible for toddlers on the go, Lovekids Toddler Nappy Pants also use an Australian cotton topsheet for softness against the skin. The 360° Flexi-Bod stretchy waistband isn’t just about comfort – it also makes it super easy to change wriggly little rascals whether they’re laying down or up and about! They also have a leak guard for up to 12 hours protection so they’re perfect for naps or nighttime during toilet training.

Why mums love them:

  • easy tear sides for quick removal
  • wetness indicator panel
  • holds 50x its weight

Sizes Available:

  • Toddler L (9-14kg)
  • Walker XL (12-17kg)
  • Junior XXL (15+kg)


from Amazon

Rascal + Friends Pull-Ups, from $16.50

 Rascal + Friends Nappy Pants

No harsh chemicals, latex, lotions or fragrances are used in these cute and comfy nappies from Rascal + Friends – they’re made with soft materials and water-based inks and are perfect for toddlers with sensitive skin.

Why mums love them:

  • soft leg cuffs for comfort
  • double leak guards
  • easy tear sides

Sizes Available:

  • Size 4 (10-15kg)
  • Size 5 (13-18kg)
  • Size 6 (15-20kg)
  • Size 7 (17+kg)

Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5 (23 ratings)

“I was sceptical at trying this brand of nappy pants as we’ve always been a Huggies family, but I was amazed by them. My little one wears them overnight with no leakage, and one of the only brands that doesn’t give him horrible nappy rash.” (mom430808)

“Every pull-up I had tried for my daughter sagged in the crotch, she diddnt wet them often but when she did it would be a large amount, the R&F held its form excellent and her skin was always dry to touch come change time! Great news for sensitive skin.” (T.A101)

“Nice and soft , very absorbent , lots of room great price definitely my go too nappy for my kids and grandchildren great brand of nappies.” (Peachykeen)


from Coles

Huggies Ultimate Nappy Pants For Boys & Girls, $48.52 (72 pack)

Huggies Ultimate Nappy Pants

Made for boys and girls, Huggies Ultimate Nappy Pants are supremely comfy, with a  360° Cloud-Soft waistband and soft outer cover. They’re also thinner and more flexible so babies and toddlers can still keep getting up to mischief! Boasting 250+ reviews on Amazon with a 4.57 star rating, they’re also lined with plant-derived materials.

Why mums love them:

  • 12-hour overnight leakage protection
  • gentle ingredients
  • lock away moisture

Sizes Available:

  • Size 4 (10-15kg)
  • Size 5 (14-18kg)
  • Size 6 (16+kg)


from Amazon

Kit & Kin Eco Nappy Pants, from $24.95

Kit & Kin Eco Nappy Pants

Rated 4.6 out of 5 based on more than 2000 Trustpilot reviews, Kit & Kin Eco Nappy Pants are award-winning for a reason! Hypoallergenic, they have an all-around stretch waistband with a tearaway side and an inner that instantly draws away moisture and keeps it away from toddlers’ skin. They’re made in a carbon-neutral plant in the EU, with every pack sold helping to protect rainforests.

Why mums love them:

  • 12 hours of leak protection
  • liquid distributed evenly around the nappy for no sagging
  • made from 100% sustainable materials

Sizes Available:

  • Size 4 (10-15kg)
  • Size 5 (14-18kg)
  • Size 6 (16+kg)


from Kit & Kin

How should pull-ups fit?

Nappy pants should fit just as snugly and comfy as regular nappies. They come in a variety of sizes, usually ranging from toddler through to walker and junior, for tots weighing between 10 and 16+ kilos. So your first port of call is to check your baby or toddler’s weight and buy nappies within that size range.

To make sure a nappy pant fits properly, pay attention to the leg cuffs – there shouldn’t be any gap, and the waistband, it should be sitting not far under your toddler’s belly button. Just remember, because there are no adjustable tabs, they have stretchy waistbands so they can be pulled up and down easily.

Do nappy pants hold as much as nappies?

Nappy pants do hold as much as nappies. While pull-ups go on and off differently from nappies, they are just as absorbent. They are designed to catch wee and poo, and keep your toddler dry, so they should have all of the same absorbency as a nappy. You’ll find most brands have nappy pants that offer up to 12 hours of dryness because they’re designed to also be worn overnight.

Are nappy pants and pull-ups the same?

Yes, nappy pants and pull-ups are the same thing! They are nappies that are for older babies and toddlers, in larger sizes, designed to be pulled up and down like traditional underwear. They don’t have adhesive tabs on the side like nappies.

How to change pull-ups

Changing nappy pants is just as easy as changing a regular nappy, even without the side tabs. If your toddler has only wet themselves, you can change the nappy pant by either pulling it down while they’re standing, or sitting. You can also just tear the sides and remove the nappy pant. If they have done a poo, laying them down is still the best option, just tear the sides and the mess will stay in the bottom of the nappy pant as you slide it down.

Are pull-up nappies better at night?

Nappy pants are better at night if you’re toilet training and want to be able to get them on and off quickly, but still be assured you won’t wake up to a wet bed! There’s no chance of an accident wetting through the entire bed because they are just as absorbent as regular nappies.

Looking for more must-haves for your fast-growing toddler? Check out our Top Buys For Toddlers – complete with exclusive discounts just for you!

We may get commissions for purchases made using links in this post. Learn more.
  • For our boys we found Huggies, babylove and rascal and friends were best. Haven’t tried nappy pants with my daughter yet, but will try the same brands first!


  • I like the aldis brand mamia my toddler loves the fun prints and I love the price the fit and the overall performance this ones a winner for us


  • We love the unisex babylove so we don’t have to get boys and girls for our two little ones now. Makes life so much easier.


  • So brands and choices to pick from now


  • We loved Babylove nappy pants, we probably transitioned from nappies to nappy pants a little early but we found them to be so much more convenient – and Babylove seemed a lot more comfy (compared to Rascal and Huggies) for our daughter who had a huge pot belly for a couple of years!! From there it was a fairly natural shift to toilet training. Love the look of the more eco-friendly ones, hopefully will be trying those out for my second! but cost is also a defintie factor.


  • So many brands and choices.


  • We use tooshies now after one of the samples we were given!


  • We found it easy to shift from nappies to pull ups – it was moving to the toilet taht was a little tricky!


  • As a mum that used only cloth nappies, disposables were too expensive back in the day, im overjoyed to see products making life easier for mums and their babies


  • I love Nappy pants, so much easier than nappies. My youngest is pretty much toilet trained but I still often pop on some nappy pants if we are out, or at bed time just in case.


  • I still use nappies instead of nappy pants. Only because they are cheaper.


  • The price was always on impact of my choice


  • I always buy Huggies as they’ve been really reliable for my kids.
    I found Rascal and Friends to be the worst!!! Can’t believe this made it onto the list in my honest opinion. They’re quite thin and don’t provide anti leakage for long periods of time if you’re out and don’t get to change your bubs nappy within a certain period of time.


  • Thanks for sharing.
    My 9yr old still wears a nappy pants during the night (she has Down syndrome). It’s hard to get larger sizes, not much variety on the market


  • We definitely agree with #1! Tooshies are the best.. and eco friendly! We also love aldi pull ups as the cheaper brand.


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