From placenta pizza and sunscreen complaints to a Brisbane police officer charged with murder. We have the scoop.

Brisbane police officer charged with murder of two-month-old child

9 News reports - “Queensland police have charged a 38-year-old Senior Constable with the murder of a two-month-old boy.

The officer, who is suspended from duty but was previously assigned to the Brisbane area, was today charged following a joint Sexual Crime Group, State Crime Command and the Ethical Standards Command investigation.

A Queensland Police Service spokesman said the “investigation related to the death of a two-month-old boy at a residence in Victoria Point on June 28, 2014”.

Queensland Police Service Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski and Detective Superintendent Cheryl Scanlon from the State Crime Command addressed the media, following the arrest.

The deputy commissioner said police would allege the baby had suffered “fairly significant injuries”.

“I’m a father, these sorts of crimes – regardless of who commits them – are tragic and terrible,” Mr Gollschewski said.

“These sorts of investigations are very difficult and challenging and in this instance, protracted.”

The accused officer was suspended from duty about a month after the alleged incident “for the integrity of the investigation”, Mr Gollschewski said.

Kelly Slater rescues Perth baby swept up in ‘freak’ Hawaii wave

ABC News reports “US surfer Kelly Slater has rescued a Perth infant who was swept along a bike path by a freak wave on Hawaii’s famed North Shore.

He watched as a wave swept up the sand, catching Perth woman Sara Whitey and son Van in its path.

The surfer then sprang into action, plucking the infant — strapped into a pram — from the tumbling white water.

The child’s father, photographer Chris Whitey later posted on Instagram:

“So thankful the surf gods denied @kellyslater today ‘cos for whatever reason he was right there to save my wife and kid who were swept across a road by a freak wave today,” Mr Whitey posted.

“Forever grateful to the great man and so thankful my family is alive and safe.”

Slater later replied in the comments:

“@chris.whitey, thank you! I didn’t look at it that way but for some random reason I stopped there when I normally don’t and happened to be there,” he wrote.

“So glad all is well and we can laugh about it. Van’s first wave was a huge one! Definitely a WA baby!”

Chris later posted again –

“Thanks everyone for all the well wishes, I’m so fortunate to have so many people that care for my families wellbeing. They’re a little shaken still, but doing great considering.

The North Shore life guards are something else, they were saving lives all day, whilst endangering their own. When the accident happened I was shooting at Waimea and it was pretty wild with close out sets across the Bay. The guy pictured here ended up getting sucked out the back and towards the rocks without his board. The lifeguards got a ski straight to him and rescued him from a potentially life threatening situation. As a visitor to Hawaii I’m in awe of the quality of watermen that are life guarding – surf legends like Tamega, Skippy, Wassel, Booth the list goes on, they are elite watermen and I’m shocked to hear that they’re not looked after better by the Mayor or whoever is calling the shots. Anyway my hats off to Kelly and all the lifeguards over here! Thanks for keeping my family safe and I hope someone listens to your requests with more towers, pay rates and longer hours cos you deserve it.”

Complaints about Banana Boat products

News.com.au reports mother Melliiee Hunter claims the Banana Boat 30 SPF sunscreen failed to protect her and her nine year old son after a day spent in the sun for Australia Day.

“Being responsible and trying to protect them, and myself, from the harsh, damaging affects from the sun, I thought I’d done pretty well until 3.30pm came around and all of us started complaining about being hot and sore,” she wrote in a Facebook post to Banana Boat.

“Not hot because it was a hot day, in fact it was a pretty mild day, hot as in our skin was burning!”

The next day, she claims her son had sunburn over his face, arms and lower back; and his lip, chin and cheeks began to blister.

“He was crying from the pain and I was ready to walk into every shop that sold your product and dispose of it in a not so calm manner.”

They visited a pharmacist to check there would be no permanent damage or infection.

“The pharmacist was disgusted by the result and described his burns as second degree. Second degree burns to a child’s face.”

Her Facebook post has been shared over 11,200 times.


So here’s my little letter to the one and only Banana Boat Australia. I’ve also added a photo so the people blaming can see exactly what he was wearing!

To whom it may concern,
 2 days ago, 26 January 2016, I made the decision to take my 9 year old son and his 9 year old friend to the beach to celebrate Australia Day. After recently moving to the coastal area I thought why not! It’s a fairly typical thing to do on Australia Day or any day really when you live near the beach. So before leaving to start our celebrations and appreciate this wonderful country we call home, I lined them up, including myself, and lathered on your sport performance 30 SPF sunscreen that is apparently one of the best! That was at 10.45am. At 1pm I dragged the boys out of the water and reapplied the same product. Being responsible and trying to protect them, and myself, from the harsh, damaging affects from the sun, I thought I’d done pretty well until 3.30pm came around and all of us started complaining about being hot and sore. Not hot because it was a hot day, in fact it was a pretty mild day, hot as in our skin was burning! By 3.54pm, my sons face was pinkish red and was clearly sunburnt (see picture 1) Now one would think after applying your “top notch” sunscreen, this would be near impossible right?

Wrong! His face, arms and lower back were still continuing to burn! At 8am the following morning, 27 January 2016, he was glowing red (see picture 2 and 3) so were my legs, chest and back. At 11.34am, his top lip and left cheek began to blister, less than 24 hours later (see picture 4 and 5) as you can imagine I am far from impressed. Actually I was furious! Furious that I had put my trust in a product, your product, that for years has been marketed as a reliable sunscreen. By 4.45pm, his lip had multiple blisters, his left cheek had multiple large blisters, his chin has small blisters and his right cheek had also began to blister (see picture 6, 7 and 8) by this stage he was crying from the pain and I was ready to walk into every shop that sold your product and dispose of it in a not so calm manner. At 8.50pm I had finally convinced my son to shower, trying to get a 9 year old boy to shower when his body is radiating tremendous amounts of heat and can barely touch his own flesh is impossible, but I managed to get him in there, promising that it will get better and it will NEVER happen again. The screams that came from our shower were bad enough to make you think that something unimaginable had happened. Hearing him scream in agony and finding him sitting on the shower floor brought me to tears. I had done this to my child! I trusted your product to do its job and it clearly has not! It hasn’t even come close to protecting my sons skin from damage caused by the sun. Now during the day I did more than just monitor and document the changes to his burns.

We did our normal day to day things. Only today, my son was stared at for looking like an overripe tomato and I was stared at for what appeared to be not applying sunscreen to his precious body! I could feel the eyes of every person we passed burning into my skull and cursing me for being so irresponsible. Well bless his little cotton socks, he told everyone, and I mean everyone, why he looked how he did. As I’m sure you’re aware, word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising, and he was doing a fantastic job of warning others of the dangers of using Banana Boat sunscreen. Now you’re probably thinking that one little boy couldn’t possibly do too much damage to your reputation, however, he must have told at least 30 people and what if they each tell 30 people? It all adds up.

We even visited a pharmacist to make sure that there would be no permanent damage or infection. The pharmacist was disgusted by the result and described his burns as second degree. Second degree burns to a child’s face. A child who is already having body image issues. SECOND DEGREE BURNS! This is not at all right or acceptable and Banana Boat needs to be held accountable and take responsibility for what has happened. He is a child. A child who is too scared to take a shower, too scared to wear clothes because they cling to his back, too scared to go back out into the sun!!

How can you mass produce and market something that is doing this to people? Your product isn’t repelling the sun, it’s attracting and causing serious damage to people. To children! What if this was your child suffering? Listening to your child scream in pain? Sobbing on the shower floor because the lukewarm water was burning like acid? I can’t imagine any parent sitting back and doing nothing about it! So tell me Banana Boat, what are you going to do about this? Are you going to offer me a refund? Or something more than that? I don’t think $18.50 is going to cover the amount of distress, scarring and fear that this one day has caused my son.”

Mother and daughter beaten in terrifying home invasion in NSW


It has been reported that a mother and her teenage daughter have been savagely attacked by an intruder who broke into their home north of Newcastle.

Police say the 38-year-old woman was woken by a man who’d forced his way into her Shearman Avenue home at Raymond terrace shortly after 5am on Thursday.

The man allegedly attacked the woman, who woke to find him standing in her room, with a glass bottle.

The woman’s 17-year-old daughter raced to her aid but was chased by the man into another room where it’s alleged he beat her with a piece of furniture.

She eventually escaped and attempted to rescue her two younger brother’s from the home, aged just two and 11, but was again chased down and assaulted by the man.

Police say the attack continued until a neighbour intervened and rushed to the family’s aid, scaring off the intruder.

Both the 38-year-old mother and her teenage daughter were taken to John Hunter Hospital for treatment to non-life-threatening injuries.

Fortunately, the toddler and 11-year-old boy who were also inside the house at the time were not physically injured.

Police established a crime scene and as a result of inquiries, arrested a 38-year-old man at Raymond Terrace Police Station on Friday afternoon.

He’s since been charged with special aggravated break and enter and possession of a prohibited drug.

 One punch victim’s heart beats on inside young boy

cole miller

9 News report that the heart of one-punch victim Cole Miller continues to beat in a young boy’s chest after the Brisbane teen’s family consented to donating his organs to six needy individuals.

The eighteen-year-old’s lungs were donated to another boy and a little girl while his kidneys and liver were given to three adults, The Courier-Mail reports.

Cole’s eldest brother, Billy Miller, said the decision to donate his sibling’s organs was an easy one for the family to make after he was killed in an alleged unprovoked attack in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley at the start of the month.

“Ever since we were young, mum has always said that we would be organ donors,” Mr Miller told the newspaper.

“So when the time came, and the doctor said we had to make another hard decision, and that it was about organ donation, we sort of all looked around with a smile. We already knew what the answer was.”

Mr Miller said his family did not know exactly who received his brother’s organs but when they learnt that his death had helped improve the lives of six other people they broke down in tears.

“To think that at the age of 18, he could save someone else’s life — even though we were going through this tragedy with our own family, the fact that we could help someone else was amazing,” he said.

“It’s magical. It really is.”

 Placenta pizza anyone?

Manchester Evening News reports parents Amanda Maddock and husband Tom decided to dine on placenta pizza and cocktails and even invited their friend Cat O’Keefe for a quick taste.

They had decided to prepare the dish to celebrate the arrival of their second child Nellie.

“Tom fried the placenta in onion and garlic and put loads of seasoning on so it just tasted like spicy liver. It was really tasty though,” Amanda said.

“And then he made a strawberry daiquiri, put some pepper in it and added some more blended up placenta – thankfully not breaking the blender this time.

“It was delicious. It just tasted like strawberry daiquiri.”

Tom Maddock described the pizza dish as “lovely”.

“I’m not squeamish so it didn’t bother me cutting it up. I used to do a lot of fishing so I was used to cutting things up.

“I’d definitely do it again, and anybody that eats meat should definitely give it a try.”

“Some friends thought I was a weirdo for eating it, but it’s no different to eating something like black pudding.

“At least you know where it’s come from, and you don’t get more organic than your wife’s placenta.”




Tom made the pizza base, chopped up the placenta in tiny bits and fried it in garlic and red onion and then added it to the pizza with tomato purée, peppers, red onions and mushrooms.



For the daiquiri Tom used a daiquiri mix and added the blended placenta with pepper and sugared the top of the glass.

Are you game enough to try?

Share your comments below.

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  • Sorry but pizza should have ham and pineapple. Not bio materials. Gross on way too many levels. I wonder if it counts as a form of cannabilism?


  • no, i think that i will pass on that placenta pizza. gee these stories are incredible and i missed them all. lol too busy with the back to school stuff i suppose.


  • Just because suntan lotion has been applied, doesn’t mean you are 100% protected. Remember -slip slop slap And seek shade during the heat of the day…

    • I am wondering of the Banana Boat is out of date. All sunscreens can be dangerous if out of date. I does seems as though that brand is getting a bad reputation though. A case I personally know of was a new container.


  • I wish it hadn’t ended on the placenta story – I’m far too squeamish for such things.


  • The placenta story made my stomach queazy.


  • Thanks for the news update, Tracy. Sitting here reading, I’ve been horrified, relieved, disappointed, and shocked. Smiling to myself at the emotional ride this article has taken me through, and wishing my coffee cup would refill itself. And what am I left with? Images of domestic animals like cows eating their placentas. And now our kids want to play in the rain…..


  • Some horrible and wonderful stories but I still cannot get past the placenta….ewww haha


  • The first news story is just horrible. As for the placenta story… not for me…


  • such a lot of news articles – can’t believe the placenta one tough!

    • I know! I told someone about the placenta story and they thought I was joking!


  • Thanks for the news update mom’s :)


  • Lots and lots of news.
    I read the policeman was the baby’s father. Absolutely disgusting..

    Great news ‘re the toodler being saved
    Absolutely terrifying regarding the home invasion.
    They will never get over that.

    The placenta. I think that’s not for me lol


  • So many news. The one of the placenta.. I don’t know.. it doesn’t inspire me much!! :-)
    Atrocious the first news! :-(
    I read this morning about the Perth toddler rescued in Hawaii. The wave was so huge! So glad he was saved. It could have ended really bad.


  • Thanks for sharing these articles


  • Lke it


  • Some of these news stories are quiet sad and one is rather peculiar. I would decline the placenta pizza and cocktails!


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