Do you actually personally know someone who has had a confirmed case of COVID-19? No? What about a friend of a friend? Or even a friend of an ex of a brother’s illegitimate child’s best friend’s dog’s breeder? Still no? That’s because COVID-19 is just a conspiracy (clearly)!

You’ve seen cases on the news though right? Read horrific stories? Witnessed the carnage if not in first hand at least through the screen of your device… in case you didn’t realise, all those COVID reports are FAKE NEWS….apparently!

Nothing To Worry About!

According to a scary number of people, there is currently nothing to fear. No need to follow the guidelines that health officials are begging us to abide by. There is absolutely no real threat to anyone’s health. Isn’t that just fabulous news!

My dad was sanitising his hands at the shopping centre when a passer by stopped to let him know that he didn’t have to do that. The gentleman informed my dad that COVID-19 didn’t actually exist. In fact, it’s just a scare tactic invented by all governing bodies to control everyone. Yes, he actually said that COVID-19 is just a conspiracy.

Do you know someone who has had COVID?

He then went on to ask my father if he actually knew anyone who had received a positive COVID-19 result. His point being that with all the thousands of people supposedly impacted, surely most of us would know someone or even have a friend of a friend who knew someone.

At the time my dad didn’t know anyone, but of course, to us this is more of a blessing than a conspiracy theory. We feel fortunate to not have to see anyone’s lives being tormented by COVID.

Ask the nurses and doctors!

One of my closest friends is an incredibly brave nurse with a gorgeous young family and a heart of gold who fearlessly and courageously takes care of all the patients in her COVID-19 ward, with the utmost compassion. She sees it every single day and prays that the rest of us don’t have to.

If this deadly strain of coronavirus does not truly exist, then where in heavens did all these people appear from in hospital? Are they just paid entertainers? Because I’d love to relax and not fear for the life of my friends who put not only their lives, but that of their families at risk each and every day that they show up to work to care for these patients in particular.

I’m still isolating- yeh yeh yeh!

Heck, I’d even like to stop self-isolating myself and my family. See, I never actually fully stepped out of lock down. I was sadly anticipating the second wave and not only did I not want to put my family’s lives on the line, but guess what? I wanted the best of health for everyone else’s loved ones also, remembering that children are said to have a better chance of survival in comparison to the older generations. So yes, I keep my little ones out of YOUR parent’s and grandparent’s way especially when it comes to public places where my children simply don’t need to be.

What if COVID-19 is just a conspiracy?

Perhaps I’m just incredibly gullible, but I genuinely believe that COVID-19 exists. But for arguments sake, let’s say that it doesn’t and this is all just one massive conspiracy. Even if it isn’t real, what’s the harm in looking out for our health as well as other’s, considering how a majority of diseases could impact other people’s lives even if we are fortunate enough not to have any underlying health conditions to stress about ourselves?

Is washing our hands, using hand sanitiser and face masks where necessary really that detrimental? If anything it may be mildly inconvenient for some, especially if you aren’t used to feeling empathy or exhibiting basic hygiene.

Let’s pretend this is all just a game- what’s the worst that could happen if we all just play along? If we all just be considerate of others and follow the rules? How bad could our lives become from doing that in comparison to if we choose to ignore the guidelines play by our own set of rules and then find out that COVID-19 is in fact extremely real and seriously deadly?

It’s not worth the gamble!

Do we really want to gamble with lives like that? Well, apparently so. I mean there are even anti mask activists protesting over mask wearing in Victoria, so clearly it’s a risk some are more than happy to take.

It’s not fair to stop others from doing the right thing however! Believe whatever you want, but don’t try and convert others to follow in your own stupidity. If you don’t want to wash your hands or wear a mask, so be it. But to approach others who are doing the right thing in an attempt to persuade them to believe your conspiracy theories is utter idiocy!

In the unfortunate and unlikely (according to you) event that you catch COVID-19, and if you do end up having to be treated in hospital – would you still want your life to be saved?

Just imagine if everyone who chose not to believe that COVID-19 exists had to relinquish their rights to a hospital bed if they did contract it… would we still have so many conspiracy theorists if that were the case?

What would you say back to someone who believed that COVID-19 is just a conspiracy? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • YAWN … there will always be people who feel that the world is out to get them.


  • There was a lot of people also saying it was a us and chinese government made virus to cull the world population. Who knows really it is here and scarily taking a lot of lives.


  • That’s when you back away slowly from the delusional man


  • It is real!


  • People who think it’s not real have their head in the sand.


  • Well if it’s just a conspiracy, I certainly hope that they don’t have to suffer from any family members passing away from it then!

    I am not even sure how anyone in their right mind could think that this wasn’t a global pandemic!


  • I think we’d have to cough on them and see if they flinch…lol


  • I would just quietly ask who ever said to me it was a conspiracy to please go away. My family are treasured and they could easily die if they caught this disease, so why would I take the chance?


  • I think it’s great that they’ve charged those girls in Queensland. It might really force people to take it seriously.


  • I would be curious to know what is causing the illnesses and deaths. It’s insane that there are people who don’t trust the knowledge of experts.


  • Some people put a wall up and you can talk to your blue in the face. It will not convince them otherwise.


  • I do know a couple that had Coronavirus in the first stage – on one of the cruise ships. It was so traumatic for them and there are still lingering effects from it. Not to mention the trauma for their family, etc. I would say to someone – just hope that someone you know never does contract Covid. And perhaps take a visit to the ICU ward in a hospital and tell those patients and their families that it’s all a conspiracy.


  • This is real.Most of people don’t know about it as they got mild symptoms.That’s why it’s spreading so fast.


  • I’d tell them to go and speak to the families who have lost loved ones through this virus. A friend of ours told us her Mother had just been diagnosed with cancer and within a month she contracted the COVID-19 virus because friends didn’t think it would be an issue to visit her. I prefer to follow the recommendations so I can make sure everyone I love and care for stay safe


  • I’d show them this article … I’m going to post it to my Facebook page!


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