Brad Kearns from DaDMuM has a message for all the judgemental type out there.

Brad Kearns from DaDMuM first went viral when he shared what it is like to be the mum. “You know when your wife always says “I wish I could be the dad” and you’re like … It’s the same thing…”

Brad was thrown into the world of DaDMuM life when his wife was laid up in hospital and he was left in charge of the kids.  He soon realised he would much rather be the dad.

Brad has shared a few posts since, our favourite one being the original – “Today I had to be the mum…” #iwanttobeadadagain

He has also recently jumped to the defence of SAHMs saying, “There’s nothing f*#*g wrong with being a SAHM” and had a dig at the perfect parents as well.


Brad has also shared a message to all the people out there judging parents for doing things different.

He wrote on his Facebook page DaDMuM:

“When it comes to parenting, we all have a different circumstance. A different family make-up. Different core values and a different outlook. But let me tell you something. Shut the fuck up and stop judging the people that are different to you. Because today all of our days are different.

Today, some of us are going to work. It doesn’t mean we’re bad parents who are missing out on their lives… It means we need to put food on the table and pay our fucking bills.

Today some of us are staying home. It doesn’t mean we’re lazy… it means we can’t be away from our kids or our circumstance is a bit tough so we need others support through the next little while.

Today some of us will raise angels who will stick to a routine. It doesn’t mean we’ve got our shit sorted and are better than you… It means we emphasise structure in the day and today it happened to work.

Today, some of us will raise nightmares, it doesn’t mean we’ve failed… It means kids are unpredictable and sometimes there’s nothing you can do.

Today, some of us felt great. We went to the gym and played in the sun with the kids. It doesn’t mean we’re Instagram parents, it means we value health.

Today, some of us put the kids in the crèche, sat in the car and cried… It doesn’t mean we’re weak, it just means things are especially tough today.

Tonight, some of us will be with our family. It doesn’t mean we have it easy… It means we have others to worry about.

Tonight, some of us will be home alone with the kids. It doesn’t mean we’re alone… It just means we’re trying to do two jobs.

We’re all just players in the game of life. Let’s all take a backward step, get off our high horses and start accepting others. I don’t care if you’re married, single, working, unemployed, black, white, gay or half unicorn. Id like to think my boy will meet your kid in class and be nice to them because they are another little person deserving of a chance to be accepted. And if he can do that, well I can accept just about anything.

Be nice to others, you just don’t know what kind of day they’re having. Have a great day!”

Round of applause for Brad please. Well said!

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  • This dad is inspirational in his posts – do hope his message is getting out there loud and clear. And I love that he does these posts in quite a humorous way many of the times.


  • What ever happened to just supporting one another? Everyone knows it’s the hardest job you’ll ever do. Fortunately I’m mostly surrounded by people who get that, because they’re in the same boat! I can honestly say that there is only 1 person in my life who seems to only criticise me for anything I do, and I constantly butt heads with them as a result, but at the end of the day I just see them only when I have to, with full support from my husband, fortunately!


  • How true. Sometimes we need to just shut up and stop judging others


  • Not a new message, but a good one.


  • Well said indeed!!


  • I couldn’t care less about the people who judge me. They aren’t living my life and walking in my shoes so their opinion isn’t needed!


  • Well said Brad!!


  • Amen! Back off and worry about your own families.


  • Yes stop the judging!! Everyone thinks they’re an expert these days..and they are…in their own family. They’re not an expert in anyone else’s so leave opinions to yourself unless you’re asked for them and even then, provide opinions with respect. There is so much negativity these days, it does my head in.


  • A beautiful article!!


  • So true ! And yes, let’s be nice to others, we don’t know their circumstances or what day they’re having !


  • I have never cared for what anyone one else thinks or says and never ever will!

    • It is important to have confidence in what you do and not be impacted by the comments or looks from others. Believe in you!


  • yes!! And he is an awesome writer, he and his wife are hilarious!


  • Love it and it’s so true you never know what someone else is going through.


  • Why can’t we see the Facebook post anymore? But well said, we need to lay off those that do things differently to ourselves


  • Well said Brad! I’m so lucky to work in a situation where I get to support parents on a rough day and high five them on a good & discourage gossip. Keep spreading the love! & have a great day :)


  • A great rant from Brad – and oh how so true. Fully agree with him. You can’t walk in another’s shoes, so if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.


  • Families have a variety of circumstances and most do the best they can for their children and their partners. There are dads that stay home because of family sickness. I remember my Dad was criticised by his work colleagues for staying home when my Mum are really sick, so sick that she couldn’t walk more than struggle to go to the toilet. She had chronic eczema, her rash was peeling leaving flaky skin wherever she walked and the medication she was given was so strong she slept a lot and couldn’t walk, or should I say stagger as she had an allergic reaction to it as well. She later found out that the specialist admitted other patients to hospital before they started taking it. She certainly could not care for her youngest baby.


  • Good on Brad for telling it like it is!


  • Well done Brad. Your right on the money. People need to learn to mind their own business.


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