Dear MKR, with the growing bullying epidemic in Australia and teen suicide rates rising – why are you even promoting this?

One in 4 school kids are being bullied every day, so WHY is this being shoved in their face?

My Kitchen Rules judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans have spoken for the first time since reportedly being forced to kick contestants Sonya and Hadil off the show.

In a piece to camera, the pair appeared sombre, explaining they’ve ‘never had to deal with anything like this’ over the shows eight-year run, reports Daily Mail.

‘After continued warnings and an unprecedented attack on other teams, we had to act,’ Manu said in footage shared on Wednesday.

Although it has not yet taken place on the show, Sonya and Hadil are widely expected to be the team who will be kicked out.

‘We would like to take a moment to talk about the events that led to one team being removed from my kitchen rules,’ Manu began.

‘Over the history of the show, we’ve never had to deal with anything like this, the removal of a team from the competition,’ Pete added.

Footage of Sonya and Hadil calling ‘botox sisters’ Jess and Emma ‘Bubba Gump’ and threatening to ‘come for them’ was then aired.

When the video cut back to Manu, he explained that the show had no choice but to remove one team from the competition.

We think it is important to note that the video is being used as promotion for My Kitchen Rules. Obviously scenes are edited, cut and pasted to create controversy.

Poor Kim and Suong are even told to wait before they can serve their guests a meal due to the fighting going on in the dining room.

Channel Seven released the video on the show’s website, (watch it HERE) and are promising the ‘MKR Scandal begins Sunday at 7pm.’

Despite reports  Sonya and Hadil will be the team to get booted, the network is still yet to confirm these claims.

Comments on the promotion are certainly getting feisty.

– One person wrote, “What a bunch of hypocrites- they say the behaviour is unacceptable and then proceed to use it to market the show on ads. This show stopped being a cooking show a long time ago- more like the Housewives of Melbourne!

– Another said ” it amazes me how some people in reality shows don’t consider or care about how their reputations will look after their shows have ended. if once respected and successful in their careers, they’ll possibly just be known for being ‘that’ horrible person from ‘that’ reality show…”

– Another commented as parents both Pete and Manu should be ashamed, “I used to love MKR, but every year its now getting away from food and becoming school yard bullying.. what type of example are you setting MKR. It’s all about ratings, but yet we try to teach kids not to be bully’s, and that is all we are seeing on your adds and when I’m changing channels that’s all I see on your show now.. very sad, you should lead my example or is the show that boring that it can’t hold its own.. Pete and Manu, u both have children get real please.”

– “OMG…Pete and Manu how could you align yourself with this crap….”

– Another said, ” We try to educate our children on bullying, this is an absolutely disgraceful series. How Pete n Manu can sit there n not react is appalling. producer of this series should be soooo ashamed of themselves scripted or not. ”

– “I’m actually so sick of the bullying this show allows. Last year they allowed it and now this year. It’s bloody ridiculous. ”

– “MKR have stooped to a new low with this crap……kids see these ads on TV. MKR are obviously okay with bullying behaviour.”

Stats on bullying in Australia

  • Roughly 1 in 4 students (27%) have reported being bullied, from elementary to high school. This is lower than the 38% reported in 2006
  • Hurtful teasing was reported as the most common bullying behavior, closely followed by lies.
  • Bullying was more common for Year 5 students (32%) and Year 8 (29%).
  • Bullying by females tended to be more covert, while males were more “in your face” about it.
  • Peers are present in 87% of bullying interactions, mostly as onlookers who do nothing to help the victim.
  • Racial bullying against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders has actually improved compared to the 31% rate reported in 2005. Three years later the figure was down to 10%.
  • While there is improvement in some of these figures, it is clear that a lot remains to be done to control bullying in Australia.

Cyber Bullying Statistics in Australia

  • Over 80% of those who bullied others online would also do so offline.
  • 84% of those who were bullied online were also victims of bullying behavior offline.
  • A quarter of all cyber-bullies target people they do not even know.
  • 64% of females from Years 6 to 12 reported being cyber-bullied.
  • High cellphone usage makes cyber-bullying easier.

So MKR please, for the sake of our children, don’t ever produce another series like this. There has to be better ways to get ratings, surely?!

*Readers suffering from any form of bullying in need of support and information can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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  • A lot of shows sadly show adults behaving badly and this is where children learn this type of behaviour from. Not acceptable.


  • I never watch this type of show but have seen a few ads for it. Where I work the TV is on for residents and I’ve caught a few patches of it. Must say I am ashamed to see adults acting this way on TV. Now I know why I don’t watch. Grow up and set good examples people.


  • Channel 7 are clearly using the footage to help get more ratings. People like to watch controversy. Naturally, it’s exciting. I enjoy watching the show but have noticed this season there has been a lot of bitchiness and more than one team that I have hated and wanted to see go.


  • Never promote bullying. I don’t watch this show but very sad to hear.


  • I have watched this show from its first season and continue to do so, in the hope it will improve and the bullies will be removed from the show. Like most TV shows, it has become more about the shock value than the program’s reason for viewing. I’m often yelling at Manu and Pete to do something, and to control the behaviour, but they don’t. However, it is the viewers that tune in, in extra numbers, when there is controversy. The ads for these episodes are purely aimed at increasing viewers. I would like to think we have had enough, and the TV programmers will rethink things.


  • I dont watch the show as i dont see true food cooking from the heart only bully cooking. Thought adults were supposed to try and be a role model for the society we live in not promote bullies to happen. My son gets bullied enough and im now having to be more aware on his well being.


  • I don’t watch this show, but isn’t this “normal” for it?


  • I totally agree with them being dismissed from the show as it went on for quite few episodes. I t spoild the viewing of this show and I did in the end stop watching due to this. Not adult behaviour and did spoil the running of show for me. Think to go on tv and hav to work under pressure is sufficient enough as it is. Some of the other contestants were wonderful.


  • Shame on Channel 7 for using that clip to promote the show.
    The show could have been edited and left out out part of the bullying though.
    Surely Channel 7 realised it would cause some controversy.
    Some will watch it to see how it all happened and others will no longer watch it.


  • Can’t stand this show – and this seasons promos make me want to watch even less. Bullying is wrong at all times – don’t promote it.


  • I think it is good that we were able to witness the disgraceful behavior of the two bullies on this show, right along these two have been far too cocky about themselves.


  • Sadly a number of cooking shows went from being about cooking to drama and I switched them off. Bullying on reality tv shows is offensive to me and goes against my code of beliefs.

    • I agree with you 100%.
      I want to write to Kerry Stokes and ask him has he ever watched the show. In my opinion he should pull the show from the lineup. It appalls me that they could take what once was a really enjoyable family show, to the disgusting level of so called entainment that it has reached now.
      I know there are people who watch it, but I sincerely hope they don’t have any children watching it with them.
      I stopped watching it a long time ago, infact it was the series before Ash Pollard participated, because it’s just gone from to bad to worse in my opinion.

      • Such a brilliant idea to write in and complain as maybe the format will change and cooking shows will return to original format. I truly know so many people that have switched off as bullying is so off putting and not to be tolerated by the community. I used to buy cookbooks from cooking shows but now as the cooking component is minimal there is no inspiration to buy a cookbook.


  • I used to love that show , but it’s not a cooking competition anymore , it became a bullying competition.It is sad to see that behavior is tolerated for the sake of ratings.


  • I have never watched more than a few minutes of a few episodes over the years. I didn’t like the behaviour of some of the contestants so don’t even try to watch any more.
    It’s a shame how bad behaviour has become the thing that apparently brings good ratings. No wonder we see rudeness and bullying more and more in society.


  • I never heard of this show, but bullying either in shows or real life, is so not ok.


  • I used to watch this when it first came out, purely for the cooking and to see people develop and improve as the competition went on. I haven’t watched it for years and it looks like I probably wouldn’t like what it has become. I generally don’t waste my time on reality tv shows.


  • I understand all the bullying comments however it is a reality tv show. Drama kind of goes with the territory.


  • All reality shows are not real, they are manufactured drama to keep people watching. From what I’ve seen of the promos, the fighting between contestants is distasteful but there are those who are standing up to the bullies.


  • This series has definitely been more like a Housewives show than a cooking show!!! Sad for the Contestants who really want to compete and not be surrounded by the additional drama.


  • Since when is bullying on reality TV new? Gordon Ramsey screams and swears at young chefs and he’s a hero. If an employer ever treated me like that I’d be getting fair work aus involved as well as work cover. But if its on TV its entertainment.


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