The must have games for your kids to get them off the devices and interacting together again.

rubiks battle

Rubik’s Battle ($10.95) brings the quick-thinking brain teaser challenge of Rubik’s to a fast-action Card Game that’s fun for the whole family. Earn Rubik’s Battle Cards by shouting out the unique Cubie colour first. The player holding all of the Rubik’s Battle Cards at the end wins! Suitable for ages 7+.


A triangular Rubiks puzzle – but with some key differences. In Rubik’s Triamid ($24.95) there are of 10 individual pieces, four joining sections, and four colorful sides that need to be solved. Keep splitting the Triamid in half, rotate, then put it together again. Solve it by having each side its own colour. Loads of fun for those that love the original Rubik’s! Suitable for ages 8+.


Rubik’s Tower ($24.95) is a fun twist on the original 3×3 Rubik’s Cube! Imagine two 2×2 Rubik’s Cubes that rotate around the central axis allowing the puzzle to shape-shift . Are you ready to take on the tower? Suitable for ages 8+.

RUBIKS bunny

The Rubik’s Junior Bunny ($19.95) is the perfect puzzle for little problem solvers! The cute twist-able bunny character is super easy to grip and turn. Twist the blocks to create a crazy mixed-up animal! With few combinations, it’s easy to solve whilst providing hours of entertainment for kids! Suitable for ages 4+.

These four Rubik’s games are available at all leading retailers.

More great games

Zoom Ball Hydro, Rubik’s Race, Shark Bite, Pass the Pen, Pokémon Guess & Googly Eyes – are just a few of the new games available just in time for Christmas. Add these to the good old favourites like Scrabble, Monopoly and Snakes and ladders and your kids will never be bored!

Zoom Ball Hydro
Available exclusively at Kmart.

zoom ball

Zoom Ball Hydro provides H2-OH so much summer fun! Hold on to one set of handles, while your friend holds the other. Open your arms quickly to send the Zoom Ball over to your friend. Be ready to send the Zoom Ball back- you never know when the balloons will pop, and soak you in water!

RRP $19.95. Suitable for ages 8+.

Rubik’s Race
Available at all leading retailers.


Rubik’s Race is a fun new puzzle game that combines the strategy of the Rubik’s Cube with face-to-face play. Shake the Scrambler to create a new Rubik’s pattern, then slide the tiles to match the pattern on your board to the one in the Scrambler. The first player to complete the match and slam down the center frame wins!

RRP $29.95. Suitable for ages 8+.

Shark Bite
Available exclusively at Kmart.


Shark Bite is the awesome new game with real bite! Snag the fish and be the winner, but if the shark jumps, you’ll be his dinner! Place the sea creatures into the game and take turns rolling the die and fishing for the sea creatures. But watch out – you never know when the shark is going to bite!

RRP $39.95. Suitable for ages 4+.

Googly Eyes
Available at all leading retailers.


Googly Eyes has the perfect formula for family fun! A twist on the classic game where a team member draws an object and the others guess what it is – this time the person drawing has to wear the vision-altering glasses! Get your teammates to guess the right answer by drawing clues before time runs out. The first team through to the finish wins! The large wacky glasses have three sets of vision altering lenses that go from easy to hard.

RRP $39.95. Suitable for ages 7+.

Pass the Pen
Available exclusively at Kmart

pass the pen

Pass the Pen is the world’s fastest drawing game! With the pen tip disappearing as you play, you only have 10 seconds to draw while all the other players guess. Is that a hamburger? A snowman? A sumo wrestler? You earn points if someone gets it right; if not, you Pass the Pen to the next player, and they pick up where you left off! With over 500 objects to draw, it’s fast, fun and guaranteed to draw plenty of laughter from the whole family.

RRP $39.95. 3 or more players ages 8+.

Doggie Doo
Available exclusively at Mr Toys Toyworld

doggie doo mf

Doggie Doo is the hilarious pooping dog game! Easy to play, you just feed and “walk” your pup and if he makes a mess, you clean it up. When you squeeze his leash, he makes a gassy sound that gets louder and louder until Doggie does what doggies do…The first player to clean up after Doggie three times wins the game, which comes a plastic Dachshund, leash, four pooper scoopers, a can of ‘dog food’ and a rolling die.

RRP $29.95. Suitable for ages 4+.

Super Sand
Available exclusively at Toys R Us

super sand
Super Sand is an all new, 100% natural alternative to traditional dough, designed to create the ultimate sand moulds! Each Super Sand Set includes a variety of moulds to create all kinds of sand designs including mega sand castles and super cute sand animals. Best of all it never dries, so you can use it time and time again!

Super Sand Starter Pack RRP: $19.99, Super Sand Classic Pack RRP: $29.99, Super Sand Animals Pack RRP: $39.99, Super Sand Castle Pack RRP: $39.99. Suitable for ages 4+.

Pokemon Guess?
Available exclusively at Big W

pokemon guess

Pokémon Trainer Guess is the all new amazing electronic guessing game! Just think of a Pokémon and answer the questions, and Trainer Guess will figure out what Pokémon you are thinking of. This awesome game features voice recognition so you can talk to it too. There’s all 151 original Pokémon to capture, add to your collection and tick them off in your guide book. How many Pokémon can you catch?

RRP $29.00. Suitable for ages 6+.

What’s your fave family board game?

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  • Rubiks race is a great f.amily game to train co-ordination of hand and eye skills as well as being a fun challenge for the family together


  • All these games look great and will suit different age groups.


  • So many family favourites above already, and regularly played, in my home. I love hands on games


  • Wow great ideas there I like the Pokémon guessing one I will be buying it I have seen it at big w


  • Lately we got to know “Phase 10″ and it has become one of our favourite games!!


  • Pass The Pen is a great game – we all enjoy it!


  • I wish I could keep my kids playing longer and more of these games. They always love it when they get them and play it lots for a while, then they get bored with it and don’t want to do it anymore….


  • I’ll have to check out the Super Sand but check what the ingredients are. Ordinay Play Doh is made from ordinary flour, no good if you have a family member who has an illness and must not come into ordinary flour at all.


  • For This Christmas, already bought pass the pens. Kids loving it, sometimes I also love to play with them.


  • Won’t be buying the doggy do one, but the rubies cube one sounds great


  • Argh, it really is that time of year again isn’t it!?! I am definitely looking for ideas now.

    A couple of years awful I purchased Rubik’s Race. It has a lot of pieces and I have been ‘finding’ pieces for over a year now. I’m not sure it’s been played in almost that long either.


  • The kids love a large stocking stuffed with treats and surprises – wish list favourite. A family tradition for adults and kids is to drop little hints throughout the year for stocking stuffers! The Hydro Zoom Ball is on their wish list – perfect cool fun on a hot Christmas Day!


  • Games are such a great way to connect and have fun. My kids would love Rubik’s Race, Zoom ball hydro and pass the pen !


  • Pass the Pen sound’s like a great christmas pressie!


  • We already have Doggy Doo and the kids love it. Pass the Pen looks good fun.


  • We won pass the pen thanks to MOM and we absolutely love it! I’ve been looking at the super sand so it looks like it may be on the list now.


  • Pass the pen will not only be fun yet can be educational without your child knowing.


  • My daughter would love the Pokemon game. She’s crazy about Pokemons!! :-)

    • We have some friends that are mad about Pokemon too.


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