A Melbourne mother-of-five has revealed how technology is threatening to make this her toughest Christmas yet!

She explains how her children have joined forces to catch Santa on camera.

Jackie Grixti, 40, was stunned to hear her nine-year-old Annabella and 12-year-old James discussing their Christmas Eve plans recently –  as they revealed they planned to finally snag Santa.

‘In previous years the kids have just tried to stay up to see him in person,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

‘This is going to make my night a lot more difficult.

‘Last year they both fell asleep at about midnight, when they woke up a few hours later I had already managed to put their presents out.

‘They were spewing that they had missed him.’

The children, who don’t want to miss out again this year, have been scoping out the best camera angles over the last few days and will be setting up their iPads and a mobile phone to catch Santa.

‘I started to wonder whether I had done the right thing by telling them Santa is real all this time,’ she said.

The mother plans to get caught on camera dressed as Mr Claus to keep the fun going this year.

‘It will be the last year for these two though – I will have to sit them down and let them know Santa isn’t real – but that they have to keep up the lie for their little sister.

‘It has made Christmas a lot harder – all they really want is to be able to show the videos to their friends at school to show them that he is real.

‘I am shocked by how many kids I have met who tell me they know the truth about Santa,’ she said.

The mother is determined not to let the threat of cameras and being caught-out ruin her Christmas.

Do your children have an elaborate plan to catch Santa in the act this year?

Share your comments below.

Image via Daily Mail

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  • I don’t like santa’s idea for kids because it’s not real


  • nealsq, you have the perfect solution. You can turn them off if the kids pre-set them. If the things are confiscated the older children are more likely to pretend they are asleep, get up when they shouldn’t make a lot of noise and spoil it for the little ones. I know 2 kids who were given mobile phones for emergencies only. Selected numbers have been put in their phones and them “locked” so no other numbers can be used. Apart from that the children are too young to be responsible for not using them needlessly. The elder one would be more likely to abuse it than the younger one.


  • I’m honestly shocked that a 12 year old is still being told that santa is real. If you want your kids to be critical thinkers it is important to tell them the truth when they ask questions. If they can always trust you with the little things, they will trust you with the big things too. Don’t get me wrong, we love fantasy and always encourage active imaginations but there is a difference between make believe and lying and I worry that so many people see the latter as ‘the norm’.


  • How terrible that older children are trying to catch Santa out this is the first I’ve heard of it. Wow what a shame that things like cameras and ipads can ruin the believing of Santa in some homes.


  • Everybody knows that Santa only visits when the children are asleep and his reindeer radar will certainly alert him to any sneaky attempts to catch him out!

    • Exactly! sleep is the only way for those pressies to ever be delivered!


  • Her kids are ingenious. Hope she gets away with it this year. Love to know the outcome of their attempts.


  • Wow, if this isn’t “first world problems” I don’t know what is.


  • Simply remove the technology – no sleep = no Santa!


  • If I was aware of this elaborate plan, I would let the children know that Santa only comes to those houses where no electronic devices can attempt to see him, so there won’t be any presents for you if you try to do this.


  • I’d leave the presents out of camera range and just find a selfie of santa with a dark enough background that you can’t tell it wasn’t taken there, then write “nice try kiddos, maybe next year” on it.


  • that’s some very smart kids she has on her hands – I wish her all the best – I have a 10 and 6 year old girls and I think the 10 year old still believes and I don’t want to break that bubble yet – she isn’t so convinced that elf on the shelf is real and that’s my bad for being so crap at it lol!


  • How about stopping the recording just as ‘santa’s is about to place the presents under the tree, why not give it a go!


  • Think I would just set the presents at the frontdoor. But no, I can’t remember when my kids stopped believing in the Santa magic. My 7 year old knows already for many years it’s just a story and my 4 year old has Down Syndrome and doesn’t have a clue what the word Santa or it’s person means.


  • No lol! If that was me I would have told another lie telling them Santa can detect if he’s being filmed and won’t come near the house if he gets a whiff of any recording devices that are left on. Also just confiscate all recording technology. Simples.

    • I agree with you on this one Saffron …and besides all children should be told Santa does not arrive till they are all sound asleep.

      • That’s quite a good idea. It could function!!


  • maybe she could help set the cameras up then they could all fail at recording santa or set the presents up somewhere else with a note from santa saying he doesn’t like being recorded


  • Fortunately, this hasn’t occurred to my kids yet!


  • Oh my. Yes, I think that technology is taking away a little bit of the magic related to Christmas. My daughter never tried to catch Santa. Very difficult to put the gifts under the Christmas tree this way!!


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