Our bodies go through a phenomenal amount of changes during and after pregnancy, including discharge, irregular periods and even milk leakage. You can’t predict when it’ll happen, but you CAN be prepared with the right type of absorbency!

If there’s one thing we learn as mums, it’s to be prepared – but this can be tricky when we have no idea what our bodies are doing from one day to the next. So we’re taking a deep dive into the different types of maternity and postpartum leaks we experience and the best way to be prepared for all of them.

From erratic periods to escaping pee and breastmilk seepage, here are five maternity and postpartum leaks you may experience and what to do about them.

1. Incontinence During Pregnancy


A growing baby puts pressure on the bladder and the pelvic floor muscles, which support the bladder. And this increased pressure is the most common cause of urine leakage during pregnancy.

It usually happens as the baby gets bigger, so later on in pregnancy, but if your pelvic floor muscles were already weak before pregnancy, it may start earlier.

What to do about incontinence during pregnancy

Firstly, have a chat to your doctor or midwife just to make sure there are no other causes of your bladder leakage. You may then be referred onto a physiotherapist who can give you pelvic floor exercises to help strengthen the muscles. Generally the pelvic floor muscles will go back to normal somewhere between three and six months postpartum, but if the incontinence continues, you need to see your doctor.

And to help keep yourself comfortable, make sure you’re wearing maternity underwear designed to absorb light bladder leaks, like Modibodi Maternity Briefs. They fit perfectly under your bump and there’s no need to worry about liners, because they absorb up to two teaspoons of flow.

2. Breastmilk Leakage During Pregnancy


It’s perfectly normal for breasts to leak during pregnancy, particularly in the third trimester as your body gears up for birth. However, what is leaking is probably not breastmilk, but colostrum. This is the nutrient-rich first form of breastmilk that will be your newborns first nourishment.

There’s no rhyme or reason to breastmilk leakage during pregnancy – some women have it, others don’t. It has nothing to do with how well your body produces breastmilk or how much breastmilk you’ll have. It’s just one of pregnancy’s little mysteries!

Of course, breasts also leak while breastfeeding – letdown can happen if you hear your baby (or any baby!) cry. Your breasts can also leak just by looking at a photo of your baby – our hormones are that powerful.

And then there’s breast leakage beyond breastfeeding, during the weaning stage. Just because you’ve made the decision to end breastfeeding, doesn’t mean your body gets the memo! Depending on how long you’ve breastfed for, your breasts can continue to leak milk for weeks, months or years after weaning your baby.

What to do about breastmilk leakage during pregnancy (and beyond!)

Again, comfort is key during pregnancy, and you don’t want to be worried about breastmilk soaking through your top. Modibodi’s Breastfeeding Bra is a leak-proof, supremely comfortable bra that combines a supportive design with superior absorbency with leak-proof cups. There’s no need for breast pads, and the wirefree design makes it perfect for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

And beyond breastfeeding and through weaning, Modibodi’s Breastfeeding Bra will keep you dry and comfortable as your body adjusts to no longer breastfeeding. Whether you’re still leaking regularly or just a few drops here or there, the bra’s absorbency will ensure no leak escapes!

3. Postpartum Exercise Urine Leakage

Modbodi Active

Once your baby has arrived and you’re cleared to start working up a sweat, it can come as a surprise that you may still leak urine. Certain exercises may cause some bladder leakage – or something as simple as sneezing or coughing  may have you quickly crossing your legs!

It’s called stress incontinence and if you already had some urine leakage during pregnancy, you’re more likely to get it postpartum. It’s also more common if you had a large baby, had a long ‘pushing’ stage of labour, had some intervention like forceps or vacuum, or had three or more c-sections.

This sort of bladder leakage usually goes away a few weeks postpartum, with the muscles and tissues recovering from birth. Sometimes it takes longer – but if you find that six months postpartum you’re still having some stress incontinence make sure you see your doctor.

What to do about postpartum exercise urine leakage

Wearing activewear designed to absorb leaks and sweat is the ultimate way to make sure you can still do the exercises you love, while feeling comfortable and protected.

Modibodi’s Active range includes leak-proof thongs, boyshorts, briefs, running shorts and leggings that are specifically designed to absorb any leakage or sweating while working out, doing yoga, walking, hiking – whatever takes your fancy. It’s a confidence-boosting way to get back into the activities you love, after having a baby.

4. First Postpartum Period


Just when your period is going to return after giving birth is anyone’s guess! It can be weeks (urgh) or months before your menstrual cycle kicks in again, and when it happens it may be completely different to your pre-baby periods.

Of course, after birth you’ll have some bleeding, which can last up to six weeks – but that’s not considered your first period. It’s called lochia and it’s a mixture of blood and uterine tissue.

But once your actual period returns, be prepared for it to be not what it was before. It may be heavier, it may be more painful (or less – fingers crossed!). There may be more clotting. For some new mums, periods are better after having a baby.

What to do about your first postpartum period

The thing is, you’re not really sure what’s going to happen with your first postpartum period. So be prepared with Modibodi’s Classic Full Brief in heavy-overnight absorbency.

Perhaps you’ve started to feel some cramps or breast tenderness and you’re not quite sure if it’s your period returning. Just pop on a pair of Modibodi briefs and you don’t need to worry about being caught out. Supportive and absorbent, it means you’re stress free while waiting for the return of your period.

5. Irregular Postpartum Periods


As we mentioned, periods don’t always return the same way postpartum. Periods might not only be heavier or lighter, they may become irregular.

Even if your menstrual cycle was like clockwork before falling pregnant, your period may take some time to adjust back into a more predictable cycle. And the period itself could be longer or shorter. Your body needs some time to regulate itself after going through such huge hormonal and physical changes.

Just make sure you have a chat with your doctor if you’re concerned about the irregularity or the heaviness of your postpartum periods.

What to do about irregular postpartum periods 

While it’s impossible to predict the length of your postpartum cycles, it is possible to be prepared. Having irregular periods makes things like swimming a little trickier, but Modibodi’s Swimwear collection gives you protection even if you’re not sure you’re going to need it.

The briefs and one-pieces are designed to keep leaks contained even when wet, so there’s no need to ditch a day at the beach or some laps at the local pool.

Pregnancy and the postpartum period are life-changing, so it makes sense to invest in life-changing products like Modibodi. Designed for every body, in every situation – giving you the confidence to be who you’ve always been.

Mouths of Mums is proudly working together with Modibodi to bring you this article. Modibodi’s reusable leak-proof apparel provides a sustainable solution to manage life’s leaks. 

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  • Lovely informative article with alot of tips but also its nice reading other MoMs experiences and their recommendations of products too. If only I had known about ModiBodi years ago.


  • No, she had no right. If he had no formula and was crying to eat then ok, but he had plenty of formula feeds and the friend should have used it. The comments made by her friend are odd also.\” he felt out \” ? I doubt it ????. She has zero respect for her friends choices especially since she has said she doesn\’t agree with her decision to not breastfeed. You don\’t take it upon yourself to do what you want with someone else\’s child and force your beliefs and choices onto them.


  • Modibodi has been a game changer for me! Had an ablation and tubal ligation so only occasionally spot for a day or 2. Wearing modibodi undies means I don’t have to worry about pads, I’m comfortable and I’m dry! Also a lifesaver when I had the covid cough and my pelvic floor just couldn’t hold it all back! Very convenient having a few pairs tucked away!


  • I still remember when I was 6 months pregnant with my first child, walking down the main street and I just started leaking, omg, I picked up my little baby niece and carried her to cover my wet patches, until I got home.


  • Great to know about help offered when in need. We all need advise, support, and tips to alleviate problems.


  • I’m 6 months postpartum and I am having extreme cramping like going through labour all over again. I know my period is going to come any day now and I’m horrified. Not looking forward to it if these cramps are any indication of how it’s going to be


  • Great article and love the real bodies used and not size 8 models.


  • I’ll be looking into buying some of these. The little leaks here and there can be quite frustrating. My first post partum period was shocking. So heavy! I hope it’s not as bad after my next bub.


  • I’m glad I read this article. Very informative.


  • I wish I had known all of these things 20 years ago. It will have helped me greatly!


  • Great to see real size models used, rather than just size 10 fitness models!


  • Good to know there are products that can help.


  • It’s nice reading articles which prepare us for experiences to come. I’m pregnant with my first bub and enjoy reading them :)


  • Love the modi range but didn’t know they had bras! Thanks for the article… can be awkward!


  • Very interesting and informative post. Thanks, MoM.


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