Mum still breastfeeding her five-year-old daughter claims her child has avoided the usual viruses children are exposed to at school.

Emma Shardlow Hudson, 29, from Grimsby, in North East Lincolnshire, breastfeeds her daughter Alex, five, and son Ollie, two, in between other meals and even feeds them both at the same time.

Emma says she’s convinced that her daughter has dodged many of the germs that are often rife in nursery and school settings because of the ‘goodness’ of her breastmilk, shares Daily Mail.

Emma said: ‘It’s one of the biggest achievements of my life for sure, being able to nurture a child with my own body.

‘It’s a completely selfless thing to do, but it’s probably the hardest thing I have ever done in my life too.

‘When she started nursery there were quite a few bugs going around and she had nothing in comparison to her classmates.

‘My kids are rarely ill, and I’m almost 100 per cent positive that that is because of the antibodies in the milk.

‘She’s always been a comforted baby and wants milk when she’s upset but I do think there’s a lot about the antibodies which is really good for her.

‘She’s continuous because it’s not just for the milk – but I do think she’ll stop soon, she’s heading that way.’

We have previously shared the benefits of extended breastfeeding toddler and beyond including, how breastfeeding has long been associated with positive outcomes for children, such as higher intelligence, better gut health, and stronger immune systems. Read more HERE.

I think this post from Breastfeeding Mama Talk sums it up well…

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  • Each to their own. Now I dont know if thats an actual photo of the woman talked about in this article but who ever it may be might want to think about how its fine to do what ever you decide is best for your children but to blast photos like this across the internet might not be the most wise choice. I dont need to hear that its a natural thing…I understand this BUT just remember that their are complete weirdos out there that will find photos like that very enticing. If you are ok with some creepy dude in his basement entertaining himself over your “beautiful and natural” photos then so be it. I would rather keep these things private.


  • How are the children going to cope if their Mother gets sick, has to go to hospital and is unable to feed them? They may also have to stay with other people which would make the situation even worse. I’m know I’m being pessimistic, but children need to be able to have sleepovers etc. so they will cope if there is an emergency situation where she is unable to feed them.


  • Good on this mum ! I believe there are many benefits for extended breastfeeding indeed. This article explains some https://kellymom.com/ages/older-infant/ebf-benefits/


  • I’m not sure how I feel about this. Hopefully she doesn’t do this in front of others or else she’ll get a lot of flak. Saying that, it’s her body and her children so what she does is her business. I wouldn’t be able to do it though.


  • Ewww – so gross! You know there are other ways of staying healthy and avoiding viruses. You can get plenty of good vitamins from eating a healthy diet and staying active. There’s also a little thing called modern medicine and vaccinations. My kids are hardly ever sick too (my daughter is five and a half) and I don’t breast feed them, in fact they both stopped just before they turned one of their own accord.


  • Each to their own I suppose, cheers.


  • The longest I breastfed was two years, and if I had let him he would have probably still been having his ‘boobie’ I had to wean him, I thought 2 was old enough. Saying that, I was incredibly sad when I made that choice, it’s a special time breastfeeding, and a real bonding experience.


  • As long as she is producing milk, let nature takes it’s course, it is quite natural or many cultures to do extended breastfeeding and not shunned like in this western world. I only managed until two years old but we were down to only two feeds a day by then. I was disappointed when my milk dried up. I am sure the older child will wean herself, and there is only good benefits, no bad ones I can see, and there is no proof it does any harm. Babies getting sick while being breastfed is because the mother is not healthy enough.

    • Hi musicmum,
      It is fine for you to voice your own opinion on this matter but please respect other mum members opinions as well. You have made the comment of “Babies getting sick while being breastfed is because the mother is not healthy enough.” well my reply to this comment is : where is your proof?
      These mum members that have posted that their child/bub got sick while they indeed were breast feeding, and I am sure many other mums may disagree and may have something to say about that.


  • My baby caught a cold at 3 weeks old and I breast fed him, it just happens.


  • By the way, the Facebook post is no more available,


  • Personally I don’t like much the idea of breastfeeding so long. I don’t see many benefits in breastfeeding for more than 11-12 months.


  • All good to breastfeed your child if you can while your child is still young but there comes a time when children need to start being independent especially once they start school. By continuing this now the child is older she may be setting the child up for co dependency which is very hard to overcome. I have to wonder if it is not the Mum who just does not want to let go of her child & without realising that it’s an emotional support for herself because she doesn’t want to let go . At 5 yrs old she would be ready for school which can be a difficult time even for the most stable & independent child so imagine Mum turning up at school at recess or lunch to feed her. It just adds to the adjustment your child has to make to start school. The bond between mother & child is strong while you are breastfeeding & it is can be hard decision for some to lose that connection.

    • Rubbish, kids who breastfeed long term and no more dependant than others, where is your proof?


  • She might be right about the antibodies, but I wonder what psychological effects there might be from breastfeeding older children.

    • What psychological effects, there is none.


  • Pretty sure the breast milk would be a definite immunity booster. Not sure I would be comfortable breast feeding kids at age 5 tho


  • Personal choice but not a conclusive study with a sample of one family.


  • I could just be luck or the breast milk might have helped. It certainly didn’t help my 10 week old baby, she still caught a cold even tho being breastfed.


  • Good on her !
    I believe extended breastfeeding has many benefits. It contributes to the childs health, nutrition, intellectual development, social and mental development and is has also benefits for mums health.


  • Why not express and give it to them. Each to their own but though


  • Each to their own, personally I think that is too long.


  • No I disagree. There comes a time when they need to stop breastfeeding. There is no need for it at school age.


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