A UK teacher allegedly told a ginger haired pupil to dye her hair because ‘orange is not a natural colour’.

Paris Lane, 12, was allegedly told to change her hair colour during a uniform crackdown labelled excessive by some parents, according to Daily Mail.

Her furious mother has now complained about the comment.

Paris says she had been walking down a corridor near to the maths department when a teacher made the comment.

She said: ‘I was walking around school and heard somebody say “oi”, I turned around and said “me?” I didn’t really see him.

‘He went “you need to dye your hair back”, he said “orange isn’t a natural colour”. I left and walked off.’

Mrs Lane said: ‘I had actually bought her a brown hair dye because she’s getting bullied.

‘She was already upset. She’s emotional anyway as she’s gets called all these ginger names.’

Paris added: ‘They should concentrate on our learning rather than what we look like.’

On the school’s website under the uniform policy, it says: ‘No extreme hair colours/ styles (the decision as to what is extreme rests with the principal).’

Mrs Lane said, ‘I told (the staff member) about Paris’ hair and she giggled and said, “that’s nothing to worry about, we know ginger is her natural colour”, but it’s not funny to someone who’s already conscious of their hair colour.’

Mrs Lane then had a face-to-face meeting with a teacher about her complaints and about Paris being told to dye her hair.

How would you deal with the situation if this happened to your child?

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  • If this comment was quoted correctly then I would be visiting that class and in front of the class i would want to point out that perhaps the teacher needed some further training as its very concerning to me that someone who is teaching children is lacking in knowledge of something so basic as different hair colours.


  • What a ridiculous, insensitive and nonsensical thing to say. And from a teacher? That teacher needs to be hauled in and spoken to and made to apologise.


  • That teacher needs to be severely reprimanded as it’s a form of bullying. Teachers are meant to help stomp out bullying not encourage it.


  • Unacceptable !!
    Strange though, as there are so many redheads and gingerheads in the UK and Ireland ! Wonder if this meant to be a misplaced joke


  • Why do people in the UK hate redheads so much? We have 2 redheads and are very glad we had them after we returned to Australia because of the way they are treated there. A woman at my husband’s work defended her choice of daring a “ginger” because he was “really nice”, she eventually broke up with him because of the taunts from friends about his hair. Its very strange and that teacher has taken it way too far. He should make a public apology at the least.


  • The teacher needs to be expelled.


  • I’d be so angry- the poor kid already felt embarrassed and sensitive about it.


  • I would be furious. Entirely inappropriate.


  • I would be worried about a teacher that is not aware of natural hair colours teaching my child – rather worrying.

    • Appears to be lacking in basic fundamentals.


  • I would go ballistic!


  • That teacher needs to be spoken to. It’s a big deal to children who get bullied. Poor girl I think it’s a lovely colour ????


  • I’d be angry too! Teachers have no right to comment on any childs’ looks whatsoever!


  • I don’t understand all this fuss about ginger hair. It’s a lovely colour. I would be so proud to have it.
    And that teachers make such a remark, is absolutely out of line! I think he should apologize to the student.


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