Mum shares her embarrassment at finding a funny picture her seven-year-old daughter had drawn of her.

The Scottish mum discovered her daughter, 7, had drawn a picture of her hungover in bed with a sick bucket.

Margaret Stevenson and her husband Scott, of Kilmarnock, found the drawing in among Lucie’s schoolwork during a parents’ evening, The Scottish Sun reports.

Lucie wrote next to the drawing: “On Sunday my mummy got sick. She had horrible juices to drink and she needs to rest.”

Her teacher had commented: “Oh I hope she feels better soon!”

Horrified, Ms Stevenson said: “I was mortified. Kids are truthful and they just say what they think. It is funny what they take in. I thought it was ingenious to include the sick bucket.

“Scott just couldn’t stop laughing. He thought it was hilarious. We are still laughing about it now.”

After a girls’ night out with the school mums in November last year, she woke with a terrible hangover and spent the day in bed.

She said: “I remember she was laughing about it at the time but she was quite concerned that something was wrong. She doesn’t know about drinking and hangovers.”

Her dad told Lucie her mum had just drank too much “horrible juice”.

Margaret said: “I’m sure the teacher would have put two and two together. I haven’t actually met her teacher yet but I’m pretty sure she will see the funny side of it.

“I had been drinking prosecco. It was lethal. I can no longer drink it because of that night. I don’t drink very often. It was a particularly bad hangover. I stayed in bed all day.

“It must have stuck with her because I don’t really drink so she hasn’t seen me like that before. Kids do the funniest things.

“It could have been worse. She kept walking in on me with my head over the toilet so at least that wasn’t in the picture.”


Oh no! haha Has your child done anything similar?

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  • Oh dear….our kids will always drop us in it ….so funny


  • Children just say it as it is. That’s all part of being a parent, and I’m sure no-one would have taken it any other way other than your child was worried about you. Lesson learned.


  • Lol, kids are so pure and honest. We can learn so much from them.


  • My eldest son went to school and told the teacher he couldn’t go home because Mum and Dad were in their bedroom making noises. We were actually removing the walls so our builder could replace them. I bet the teacher thought it was something different.


  • Lol that’s hilarious!


  • Oops, kids with no filter. My son has ASD and definitely has no filter. I have to keep reminding him to use thought bubbles.


  • Got to love kids hey – so brutally honest, sometimes a bit too much lol.


  • Children sometimes “stretch” the truth too. They make things either better or worse – mostly worse.


  • Kids certainly know how to embarrass their parents with their honesty.


  • Kids are just so honest sometimes! Haha ????


  • I would have thought food poisoning!!! … kid didn’t say ‘hang over’!


  • Aw lol, that put mum on the spot !


  • Seems everyone who is eating them is only having positive results. As another person commented could even be a placebo effect in the way that it is helping the Mum be more comfortable, stress less and be able to feed more.


  • I was actually sick and throwing up in a bucket and my son told his dad I was eating soup right out of a bucket. Because all he knew was there was a bucket and some chunky liquid. Kids notice everything.


  • That’s so funny! Love kids!!


  • Children really do take in everything.

    • They are like sponges – they absorb absolutely everything! :)


  • Lol! I’m not surprised the mum was mortified!


  • Ha! Ha! I can imagine the mother would have liked to be portrayed in a better way.
    I remember once, while reading my daughter’s exercise book, she wrote down that my husband and I had a fight and that she didn’t like it. And the teacher wrote something reassuring too.


  • I bet she was horrified! Children and their honesty!


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