A Sydney mother-of-three, whose four-year-old son likes to dress as Elsa from Frozen, has opened up about the reactions of strangers, and even friends and family.

Jennie Sager, 40, said her son Noah loves to wear an ‘Elsa’ dress and she doesn’t want to ‘squash his individuality’.

‘You see people roll their eyes or sigh at you or laugh at you as they walk past but we don’t want them to laugh at him and then he notice and start feeling ashamed,’ Ms Sager told Daily Mail Australia. 

‘We want him to be free to express who he is, we don’t want him to hear people say “what are you doing let your son wear a dress”, we don’t want to squash his individuality.

‘He has a huge imagination and we love that sense of purity. He doesn’t know that society considers it strange, that purity in children gets destroyed as we get older.

‘But who determined that blue is for boys and pink is for girls? It’s just something that society created.’

elsa dress

‘We just see it as a kid loving a movie and loving something bright and shiny, we never batted an eye.’

Ms Sager said that there has been mixed reactions from parents to Noah wearing the dress but some have come up to say how “awesome” they think it is.

‘Although it’s a compliment it’s a bit like, well they don’t go up to girls who wear superhero costumes and say the same thing,’ she said.

‘It seems to be that people think it’s awesome for a girl to be in a tough boy outfit but when boys do it and wear a girls costume it’s not treated the same way.’

Noah fell in love with Frozen two years ago and owns two Elsa dresses, Elsa shoes and pink Elsa pyjamas as well as a crown, Elsa and Anna dolls among other things, Ms Sager explained.

‘He often doesn’t answer me unless I refer to him as Elsa,’ she added.

‘He’s a preschooler with a future in stand-up comedy. He is also sensitive, playful, and an incredibly loving soul who is by far the most generous in our family,’ she went on.

‘He does not care what other people think. Noah well and truly beats to his own drum.

‘But, if society has its way, it will crush this individuality out of him and he will become just as boring as everybody else.’

She said family members have asked her if she thought Noah ‘would grow up to be gay’.
‘Others asked me why I wasn’t firmer with him and why would I let him wear a dress,’ she wrote.

‘Given the current state of society, where people are marching for gender equality, refugee rights, and global tolerance, it seems we’re forgetting about toddlers and preschoolers and the stereotypes we instill in them from a very early age,’ she continued.

Ms Sager said that she and her husband concentrate on showing their children the both of them doing a variety of different tasks and mixing up gender roles.

‘How you raise your children is clearly your choice, but my decision is to raise my boys… to be confident, proud, loving, kind, and accepting of absolutely everyone,’ she wrote for Yahoo.

We loved this story a while back – Mum tells boys they look beautiful wearing trousers or a dress

There was also an awesome story a few months back of the dad who let his son dress up as Elsa. WINNING!

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  • Does it directly affect you? No? Then you don’t need to express your opinion on it! One of our Punks decided that she wanted to be a boy and would only wear clothes from the “boys” section (I actually loathe that term, they’re all just clothes!) and we had people that we both know and didn’t know trying to convince her that she wasn’t a boy and that she was wrong for feeling like that. We faced off with many people about it and told them to back the eff off, that only she knows who she is and that it’s not up to them or anybody else to tell her who she is! So we did the only thing we could do — we respected her and referred to her as a boy as that’s what she wanted, and we defended her feelings to anyone that dared to criticise her or us for it — nobody’s business but ours! This went on for more than 2 years, until one day in recent months she came to me and said “Mumma, I don’t feel that I’m a boy anymore. I don’t mind being a girl, but I just don’t want to wear dresses all the time.” So that was that. She’ll work it out for herself, we just need to support her through it. And so what if she was transgender, or if the kid in this article is gay? This is 2018 — WHY ARE THESE THINGS STILL CONSIDERED TO BE ISSUES?!?


  • so what! he is only a kid and will gravitate to whatever he likes! it’s only innocent and he thinks that elsa is a hero which is awesome!


  • He is more likely to be an actor, methinks.


  • To save embarrassment the dress would be for “dress ups” only.
    I know a young boy whose older sister is a huge “Frozen” fan and they have watched the DVD numerous times. Because his sister loves one of the girls he mentions her a lot too.


  • Awesome! Yes ALL kids should be allowed to be kids!! My nephew loves Elsa also & he’s now shy to dress up because of people who just won’t let kids be kids. Good on you!


  • Kids love fun so let them dress how they like.


  • My brother and I would walk around in our mum’s high heels and dress up in mum’s clothes as toddlers,we had so much fun!! My brother is not gay. I’ve seen grown men dress in drag for fun(not gay) I don’t see any problem with Noah dressing up as Elsa as long as he is happy.


  • Who cares if he wants to be Elsa. And their could be worse things than him being gay… he could grow up to criticise strangers over what their kids wear?


  • oh no not gay, coz there is nothing worse that could possibly happen than your child falling in love. People make me so angry! It is a dreas up, he is happy playing and if he does end up wearing dresses when he is older then good, maybe we can take some style tips from him!


  • I can’t see a problem – I doubt it has anything to do with his future sexuality.


  • Absolutely nothing wrong with child dressing as his/her favourite character!


  • Let him be the child he is – allowing him to explore his creativity and imagination will help him develop into a well adjusted adult.


  • Totally normal ! Ignore those that comment negatively and let your boy explore and fantasize !
    My boy dressed up in dresses all the time.


  • How ridiculous, your son will not be turned into a homosexual just because he likes dressing up as Elsa, just as a girl won’t be turned by dressing up as iron man… Let your son develop his imagination, it will be a wonderful asset to him in years to come.


  • I hope the prejudices of other people does not affect this little boy or his family.


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