US mum plans to sue a childcare centre after she accused staff of severing daughter’s finger in rocking chair.

A US mother is suing a childcare centre accusing a teacher of rocking over her one-year-old’s finger resulting in her losing the top of her ring finger.

The toddler’s mum is refusing to accept the Washington childcare’s explanation that the girl fell off the rocking chair and injured her finger.

Erin Kays of Oak Harbor had to rush to her daughters  childcare centre after she had an accident and lost part of her finger. She was told Leigha fell off a rocking chair.

Leigha lost the top of her ring finger on her left hand along with the nail, KIRO 7 reports. The mum said her little girl has been going to the childcare centre since she was five months old.

“It’s your baby, and a chunk of her finger is just not there,” Ms Kays said.

“It’s in a little plastic bag next to you. It was devastating.”

The child centre provided the mum with an “Ouch Report”, according to King 5 News. The report claims the little girl was standing on the chair when it tipped over and “hurt her finger”. For treatment, it’s claimed the childcare workers used ice.

But Ms Kays believes the Children’s Academy 2 isn’t telling the truth.

“Our investigation has revealed that it was most likely a teacher that caused the injury. We have decided to take legal actions and pursue a lawsuit.”

In a Facebook post, the mum wrote she was told the force of the fall from the chair detached her fingertip, but the story seems “very shady”.

“A reliable source informed us that one of the teachers at the day care (it hasn’t come to light who that person is) sat down in the rocker, rocking back over my daughter’s finger,” she wrote.

erin k erin kays

OUCH! We hope she makes a speedy recovery.

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  • Accidents happen everywhere. In the States there is that mentality to sue people and businesses for anything and everything, making it not as simple to come forward with the truth when you caused an accident.
    One time I took my friends daughter out ice-skating with my family. She sat on the floor and moved her hand backwards while I was moving forward and I stepped with an ice-skate on her finger and nail, causing great damage. I felt so bad ! The wee girl needed 2 operations to restore her finger and thank God they succeeded.
    I remember another incident long ago where me and my sisters were chasing each other. My mum joined in and slammed the door on my sisters finger. The top of her finger was laying in the carpet…


  • Oh my word! That poor little kid! I think the childcare centre is full of crap and should have just told the truth. How would simply falling off the chair cause the little girl to lose part of her finger? My kids have fallen off things before and never had anything serious happen. Sounds very suss.


  • I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the childcare centre’s fault. They will say anything to cover themselves. Hope the gorgeous little bub will be ok.


  • OMG that is a shocking accident, and that is what it is, an accident. Could have happened at home, at school, at a friends.


  • See, this is why I say, your children are precious and if you value them and their lives and what they are taught, do not send them to daycare. I detest the places. My children, my raising. I would never have wanted any stranger raising or looking after my child, and having such a devastating injury happen to your child at such a tender age is tragic and something this little girl will have to grow up and live with for the rest of her life. DON’T SEND YOUR CHILDREN TO DAYCARE. God gave you your children, because you obviously wanted them, so don’t be in a hurry to pass them off to strangers at a centre. They grow up rapidly and so much is missed of their lives when they are not around you to record their milestones. Yes, accidents can take place at home as well, but if you are vigilant and consistent in your care and the watchfulness of your children they are best off at home. And besides, I cannot fathom why people go back to work just to spend most of their income on childcare. There are always other ways to earn a few dollars and still enjoy the presence of your children. You only have one opportunity and then they are grown and gone, living their own lives. Take advantage of the time you have been given with them. I hope this young child recovers quicky from her traumatic ordeal and also speak comfort to her parents and family.

    • Nowhere in the article does it say that the Mum was working.
      Some children go to childcare to learn to interact with other children, especially those who have no siblings, relatives or friends with children they can play with or share anything with. We don’t know. They could be living in an area where there is no young children nearby. It is a way of Mothers and children forming friendships. Some things they learn a lot quicker interacting with others than they do at home with their Mum all day every day. You don’t know the circumstances. The Mum may have been deserted or like some, escaped domestic violence. Some Dads resent and get very angry when they have to share their wife/partner with their child – I know of a few cases. The Mum, like one I know, could be studying part time to rejoin the work force (part time) to support her child rather than rely on Govt. support


  • The poor little mite. Hope she makes a full recovery


  • Glad the little one is going to recover. Sounds like greater child supervision is needed by the staff.


  • Poor poor little girl. Whatever happened she has been through a lot of pain, and I hope she recovers quickly.


  • Poor little baby. The main thing is that she will recover.


  • Wishing the young girl all the best for her finger to heal.


  • Oh! Poor little one. It sounds very possible that a teacher was sitting on the rocking chair. That the girl fell and she got the injury that way, sounds really strange!!!


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