Father-of-two behind bars after he allegedly left his young son in a sweltering car while he went to the pub!

In a shocking twist he also left another child home alone while he drank at a pub in Sydney’s south-west.

Police were called to the Hume Highway in Yagoona about 3.40pm yesterday after members of the public reported seeing the three-year-old in distress.

Officers were forced to break into the 41-year-old man’s car to rescue the boy, who needed to be treated for mild dehydration.

The boy’s father was found at the nearby Hume Hotel and arrested.

The man was charged with neglecting a child in his care and leaving a child inside a car, causing distress.

He was refused bail and will front court next week.

When the boy’s mother arrived to pick up her son, it was discovered the man had also left his two-year-old son alone at his Yagoona home.

The man was arrested and taken to Bankstown Police Station where he was charged with leaving a child in a motor vehicle causing distress, neglecting a child in his care and resisting arrest.

Temperatures in Sydney reached over 35 degrees in some areas.

UPDATE 11 October

The 41-year-old man was fined $1300 at the Bankstown Local Court on Wednesday after pleading guilty to neglecting a child in his care, leaving a child in a vehicle causing emotional distress and resisting arrest.

In another case a mother who allegedly left her young daughter sitting alone in a car for close to an hour while she went shopping has been charged.

It’s alleged the woman, 39, left the 15-month-old girl unsupervised in the Hurstville Central car park on Sunday.

Other shoppers walking through the car park called police after noticing the toddler sitting unattended, with paramedics arriving to free the distressed youngster close to an hour after the woman had allegedly left her.

When the woman arrived back at her car she was arrested by police and taken back to St George Police Station.

She was charged with leaving a child in a vehicle and causing emotional distress and the Department of Family and Community Services were notified.

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  • I wonder what her excuse was. Doesn’t matter anyway. No excuse is good enough. I hope they have learnt their lessons


  • Some people just shouldn’t be parents.


  • I can’t believe people STILL leave their children in cars!


  • So hard to believe that you do this to your child. Good that these parents got charged.


  • When will parents ever learn not to leave children in cars? Hope these last two can be made a lesson of – there is a long hot summer coming up soon. Don’t want any more deaths.


  • Both very sad cases. They didn’t show much interest in their kids at all. Will a fine be enough? Will they really behave better after that?


  • So glad these poor kids are safe now and it wasn’t worse. Obviously the father has alcohol problems that need urgent attention because he clearly wasn’t thinking leaving 2 kids alone, one nowhere near him!


  • I can’t believe how regularly this is still occurring. Are people stupid? Some people should NOT be parents or responsible for children. Is a fine over $1,000 enough of a deterrent? I don’t know. The positive is that people are taking more notice of children left in cars and taking action, and reporting to Police.


  • I hope he never gets to be in charge of his kids again. How unforgiveable.


  • How sad :-( those poor kids


  • There seems to be more and more children being left in cars. What is wrong with people these days. Don’t they care about their kids. Hopefully they will never be left with the father again.


  • Why did the Headline emphasize the Man while the Woman was only mentioned at the end of the story where probably most people missed it? Also the comments about the Woman were “allegedly”, “allegedly”…..

    If you are unbiased you would have treated both cases the same! Both cases were horrific. The Woman left a 15 Month Old in the car!


  • Some people shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce!


  • How can people keep doing this?


  • They should be locked up! I’m all for leaving a baby in the car while you run in to pay for petrol when you can see them the whole time, but going to the shops or the pub are why these laws exisit!


  • This is just disgraceful, these people are not fit to be parents.


  • omg, how could a parent, actually anyone, do this. So irresponsible, but the lives of not one, but two young ones in danger. What was he thinking! or not. So pleased that we weren’t in the middle of summer as it could have been so different.


  • Totally unbelievable !
    How sad for these children to have these persons as parents. This isn’t prommising much good.


  • Words fail me, unbelievable.


  • it’s easy becoming a dad but it takes so much to become a parent. i don’t know why people don’t realise that this behaviour is wrong, where is their common sense?


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