It’s a common fact that many homeowners simply ignore the small signs of cockroaches or spiders in their homes, possibly hoping that the pests would go away on their own.

What is a few droppings in the laundry anyway? But pests NEVER go away, especially when something attracts them like clutter or food scraps.

We should all keep in mind that serious pest infestation problems at home always begin with little signs. So if someone is telling you (even your husband) that it’s nothing to worry about, think again and make a call to an expert to be sure.

Below are the common pests that you will see around your home and the signs you should be aware of.


These pests are nocturnal creatures. They prefer to hide in crevices and cracks during the day and come out to feed at night. You will attract cockroaches when there is a lot of clutter, food particles and garbage in your home.

You’ll know you have cockroach infestation when you see dark droppings that may look like ground coffee. Remember that bacteria can spread through these droppings so make sure that you clean them up immediately. Cockroaches also lay multiple eggs and German cockroaches usually have about 18 segments.

Cockroaches eat anything and leave chew marks behind and they have an unusual odour. Their droppings also contain a pheromone that may attract other cockroaches, so it’s always best to take care of this in a timely manner. The best thing to do at the first sign of cockroach infestation is to seek the help of a pest control expert. These professionals know how to completely eliminate cockroaches in your home.

But if you want to do your own due diligence first, check your laundry, kitchen and bathrooms as cockroaches like to live in these places. Check the bathroom cabinets and the cupboards in the kitchen. Check hidden areas as well and under sinks or your washing machines. Other areas to check are the basement, pipe ducts and undisturbed areas that have high humidity.


Hearing sounds on the roofs or seeing black/grey droppings on the floor or cupboard could mean that you have a rodent infestation in your home. These pests like to chew on almost anything – cardboard, wood, clothes, wires and other materials.
When a rodent dies, you will smell a rotting odour that you can’t ignore. This is another big sign you have a rodent problem. If you have cats at home you may even find them scratching at the walls because they may be trying to catch rodents.

Again you should call an expert sooner rather than later but if you want to do more investigation yourself, check for the colour of the marks and if they are lighter or darker. If they look lighter in colour, that could mean that there is a continuing infestation. If the gnaw marks are larger, you may have bigger rats at home.

Rodents do not only damage your homes but they also bring disease. It’s always better to deal with the problem as it comes and not wait when it’ll be difficult to eliminate them.


Spiders can grow in volume around your home for various reasons including the temperature. You’ll likely see them in darker environments, especially in the ceilings, storage boxes, walls and closets.
There are of course many varieties from the harmless Huntsman spider to the more dangerous Funnel-Web or Redback spiders. But instead of relying on identifying the spider variety yourself and potential danger, if you’re seeing more spiders and webs around your home, it’s always safest to arrange an inspection. Particularly if you see spider eggs, call for help right away.


When you see changes in timber or the walls in your home, mudding around the outside of your home or damage to timbers, this could indicate termite problems in your home. Call for an expert immediately for an inspection. This has the potential to be a significant event and you should never ignore potential termite signs.

Termites can cause you tens of thousands of dollars of damage and your insurance provider may not be able to help.
In fact, we always recommend homeowners schedule a termite inspection every 12 months to ensure that their home is safe from these pests.

Pests Are Not Something To Put Off Until Later

Pests around your home will cause you serious problems. They should not be ignored thinking the problem will go away on its own. Pests have to be dealt with – immediately.

Common pests such as cockroaches, rodents, termites and spiders will not only do damage to your homes but some of them will bring deadly diseases. If left ignored, the problem could get worse.

As a homeowner, there are things we can be doing to prevent pests. You should close the garbage bins, ensure no food scraps are left out and avoid clutter. Pests may be a problem but they can be eliminated and in many cases avoided.

Have you ever had a pests problem? Tell us in the comments below. 

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  • With a toddler I am always finding crambs around


  • Don’t have these problems in my home – but would know how to fix it from my early days. Am always on the lookout for these pests from those days as well.


  • The other night a swarm of what looked like tiny flies flew into our kitchen when the door was open for only a couple of minutes. It was freaky and I spent at least half an hour with a fly swatter trying to get them all before they spread throughout the house.


  • Always cockroaches, but I’m onto a pest controller immediately. I can’t stand them.


  • Wow some very eye opening facts in this article


  • I bomb the house about every 12 months, plus use surface spray around the outside as well


  • We got problem with black ants.But it is only outside of the house.


  • I am an absolute freak for cleanliness as I cannot stand insets or spiders of any kind – I vacuum every day, wash all the floors twice a week and no food is ever left out at all (even the cat’s bowl is removed and cleaned daily). I am fortunate that I have the time to do this and, thankfully, I haven’t had a problem yet.


  • We used to have a mouse problem every year until we had our house renovated which sorted them out. We also had a lot of problems with cockroaches and spiders but we now have the house sprayed every year by professionals. The best thing is the pest controller we use has environmentally safe chemicals. No more bugs and we can walk through the house within 5 minutes of him finishing and there is no smell (and I have high allergies) or residue. Best thing we ever did but now we’re starting to get them again because of Covid they haven’t been able to do their usual trips. Hopefully that will be soon.


  • I tend to panic a little when I see more than 1 cockroach. They quickly multiply and they say there are usually quite a lot hiding and multiplying in your walls that you often don’t see.


  • We had vacant land across the road from us. A developer came in & cut down all the trees and undergrowth. OMG you wouldn’t believe how many cockroaches crossed over to our house. It felt like millions. I sprayed surface spray at every entry and exit to our house. I bought these non-toxic sticky mats for every room to catch them (the cat found out the hard way not to stand on them).
    If this ever happens again, I will be calling in a professional.


  • We have just had our house fumigated. There was a lot of mouse poo in the roof, and having tried a few baits (which resulted in a dead rat), we felt it time to get the house done. There has been huge numbers of mosquitoes, and I’ve started seeing a few white tails. I’m happy to see Daddy Long Legs, knowing they’ll eat the bigger spiders, but not in my bedroom!!! So a non-toxic fumigation, we’ve had.


  • We have lots of daddy long legs at the moment.


  • WE routinely get our house treated once a year. It doesn’t cost that much.


  • I killed a cockroach last night, aw I hate those animals !
    We do vacuum every night, but at the moment our kids are on duty and the vacuuming isn’t done as precise :( they got to learn though


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