Invest an hour in most things and you’ve barely scratched the surface; don’t you think?

Do the washing for an hour; hardly notice the difference. Jump on a treadmill for an hour; “Muffin Top, you are still right there”. Or try to get through all your emails in an hour; good luck with that!

One thing I thought I’d never achieve in an hour was getting set up for the biggest, most beautiful smile I could wish for.

The Invisalign® system really has nailed the whole ‘getting started’ process.

When my daughter Emma and I decided we both wanted to get started with Invisalign treatment, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Ems was expecting it to be ‘a trek’ and ‘so hectic’ (can you tell how old she is right now hee hee) but I think that was a bit of a cover up for the fact she was a nervous about what would happen in our first appointment.

All our worry was for nothing of course – getting started with Invisalign was just so simple!

5 Minutes in …

Within 5 minutes of arriving at the Orthodontist we were away; all very straightforward, painless and no ‘treks’ anywhere!

Having already been through the payment plan process for my oldest son’s alignment work, I knew what to do. The team at the orthodontist set us up on a payment plan so from there it was a simple deduction from my account at regular, agreed intervals.

20 Minutes on the clock …

The first step in actually getting started is to have scans of our teeth. The iTero Element® scanner takes away the need for goopy impressions in your mouth. Basically the iTero Element scanner is larger than an electric toothbrush – so when the orthodontist is moving around to scan every tooth, it’s very comfortable and non-invasive.

The iTero technology is so incredible – from the scans it shows you what your teeth look like now and then, right in front of your eyes, it simulates the outcome of what your teeth will look like after Invisalign treatment.

It’s just so fantastic to see what your smile will look like at the end of your treatment!

The orthodontist then takes these scans, adds a treatment plan using special software and our Invisalign aligner trays are then custom made.

Half an hour down and all the hard work (that’s actually SO easy) is done!

Within a few weeks, it’s time to head back to collect everything we need to really get started with our Invisalign treatment.

5 Minutes in …

The Orthodontist presents us both with a ‘Welcome pack’ which includes several sets of aligners. Both Ems and I have to change our aligner trays once a week and because every new set of aligner trays are medical grade plastic and individually sealed and labeled with our name and the week number, it’s so easy to know where you’re up to.

We open our first set of aligner trays and pop them in. They fit onto my teeth a lot more effortlessly than I thought they would and after I had done it once, removing them to eat was easy.

I remember when my son had his braces, he got the run down on all the things he couldn’t eat at all and everything that needed to be cut up so that he could eat it!

Not with Invisalign treatment – no food is off limits because you remove your aligners to eat! Voila!

15 Minutes in …

We’re given a run down on how to take care of our aligners (and our teeth and gums) during our treatment and we talk about the next few months.

We’re both quite excited about the fact that with Invisalign aligners, you may end up having quite a few less visits to the orthodontist.

So between the two visits, we’re under an hour and we’re on our way with our Invisalign treatment.

Hand on heart, I have to share that the entire Invisalign treatment process is just so straightforward.

Everyone deserves a big, beautiful smile and to me, this is the most ideal way of achieving it.

p.s. If you haven’t already watched the two videos of our journey so far, please do. After seeing Ems and I with our Invisalign aligners in place and our feelings about how easy it all is, several friends are now in the process of getting bigger, more beautiful smiles too!

This post was written by Nikki Hills, Founder of Mouths of Mums. After seeing the incredible difference working with an orthodontist for alignment treatment, Nikki and her daughter Emma are now both having Invisalign treatments. Find out more about how Invisalign Australia can help you or your family enjoy a big, confident smile now.

We will be bringing you a series of articles and videos over the coming months so you can follow their Invisalign journey.

For more information on an Invisalign treatment, visit www.invisalign.com.au

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  • interesting and also interesting to read peoples comments.


  • Lovely to hear of your positive and such quick experiences !
    To have to remove your aligners to eat, wouldn’t attract me.


  • Orthodontists cost an arm and a leg.


  • I had Invisalign but it definitely did not give me a perfect smile. An improvement yes but not the end result you see advertised


  • I’ve heard of this but didn’t know exactly what it involves. Teeth look perfect! Definately something I’ll be looking into, seems to be affordable if you can go on a payment plan!


  • Beautiful smiles all round, good on you.


  • What a great and positive experience for both of you.


  • How beautiful you’ve such positive experience with this, bringing a smile on your faces which were pretty already anyway.

    • Your daughter looks like you Nikki ! :)


  • What a lovely video! Everything looks so easy. And you both have a gorgeous smile already!!! At the end of the treatment it will be even better! :-)


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