I knew after having kids there’d be a few things I wouldn’t be able to do again for a while – like go to the toilet in peace, have an eight-hour stretch of sleep and drink a cuppa while it’s still hot.

But nobody told me that jumping on a trampoline, coughing, sneezing, running and a good belly laugh would also be out the window … unless I wanted to wee myself.

Welcome to motherhood. 

Is It Just Me With A Wee Problem?

plusOne Kegel traine

Ah, no.

Rest assured, you’re not alone if your find yourself bracing in a cross-legged position when you feel a sneeze coming on. Urinary incontinence, or leaking urine, after giving birth happens to one in three women at some point. And if it happens when you laugh, cough, sneeze or exercise, it’s called stress incontinence.

According to Pregnancy, Birth & Baby there are some reasons you’re more likely to develop stress incontinence after birthing your babies, like if it’s your first bub, if you have a long labour or a difficult delivery and need stitches. And it’s also worth noting that mums who give birth via c-section can also get bladder problems.

Although it’s common, the impact of stress incontinence can be pretty big on our day to day lives.

It’s World Incontinence Week, so it’s the perfect time to talk openly about this issue with your mum friends, who are probably going through the exact same thing – sharing this article with them is a great start, because we’re going to reveal a fab little gadget that does double duty to help improve bladder control … and a little something else.

So why does bladder leakage happen?

During pregnancy our bodies are doing amazing things, and growing and stretching in all directions as we grow a tiny human. To help with all of this, our body produces hormones to help stretch our muscles and tissues, including the ones that support the bladder, bowel and uterus. This is called the pelvic floor.

During birth, our pelvic floor stretches while our baby moves down the vagina. The pelvic floor doesn’t just magically snap back (pretty much like our entire body!), it stays stretched for a period of time. And this, combined with those hormones that our body has been releasing means the muscles that control our bladder are weaker than usual. And that’s why we get urine leakage after giving birth.

 So … Am I Doomed To Have A Wee Problem Forever?!

Thankfully not!

After giving birth, you need to give your pelvic floor some time to recover. But once you’re given the all-clear from your doctor, you can start strengthening those muscles. And the way to do that is with Kegel exercises. These simple exercises can help control urinary incontinence by strengthening pelvic muscles.

You can actually do these exercises at any time, by tightening and releasing the same muscles you use to stop urine midstream. But if you want a little helping hand (and to make it a bit more fun), here’s where that game-changing gadget we talked about earlier comes in!

plusOne Kegel traine


The plusOne Kegel Trainer has been specifically created to strengthen pelvic floor muscles to help improve bladder control and postnatal recovery. It’s smooth and soft and incredibly easy to use – and the bonus is it’s also targeted at improving your intimate wellbeing. Oh, and it can also be used as a sex toy – so there’s that handy bonus!

We love that the plusOne Kegel Trainer is waterproof, so you can add it to your shower or bath routine. It’s the perfect way to remember to do your exercises.

plusOne Kegel traine

So how does it work?

The larger, rounded end of the trainer is gently inserted into the vagina, until it sits comfortably. The tail stays outside of the body, curling towards your belly button.

Once you’re ready, pop it into training mode and do your pelvic exercises – squeezing the muscles we spoke about earlier. If you’re performing the exercises correctly, the indicator light on the remote will light up. The stronger the squeeze, the more lights will illuminate.

plusOne Kegel Trainer

And to add some fun to your workout, the plusOne Kegel Trainer also has five vibration settings in play mode to end your workout on a high. The rechargeable battery gives you up to one hour of use on a single charge, and it’s made from high-quality, body-safe silicone, free from phthalates, BPA, and latex.

And even if you gave birth many moons ago – you’re not a lost cause, you can still get the pelvic floor muscles stronger. There’s no shame in improving your bladder control game! Pelvic wellness is so important to how we live our lives as women and mums, and the plusOne Kegel Trainer is such an easy way to help us take control of our own pelvic health.

plusOne Kegel traine

There’s no better time than World Incontinence Week to get your own plusOne Kegel Trainer ($149.95), for a hassle-free way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and regain your confidence.


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  • Great idea to try and help people with those issues


  • Seems like a win win with multiple uses.


  • The future of medical therapy, to some such a minor problem but for others it can be super embarrassing and triggering to have the “wee” problem.


  • How very interesting that companies are finding different ways in which to help women with their problems.
    I’m sure this one will be a popular one!


  • I am one of those who will have this problem for the rest of my life. Done the pelvic floor exercises, and been to physios about it, even had surgery to assist the pelvic floor muscles but it kept coming back. Do hope others can be helped with this little gadget though.


  • I know so many people that have this issue.

    • Yes it’s very common for sure !


  • Such a real issue for many women. Great to see it being addressed.


  • How great it comes with a light to let you know whether its being done right


  • And when going through perimenopause it starts all over again.


  • If this works, it could certainly help a lot of people.


  • Worse when one has had bowel cancer. Stoma removed after three months and incontinence for life. Out in public and I dare not sneeze – not only is it wee but diarrhoea follows. One of many tumours found in my rectum – so my tiolet is my second home. Sounds like a gadget for me to look into buying.

    • Aw bless, that must be hard !


  • I’m almost 9 years on and still can have trouble sometimes. I drink a lot of water and sometimes the urge to go hits like a freight train and there’s not always a toilet around, so then I’m holding it and sometimes the inevitable happens…


  • Great to see this being talked about rather than hushed and embarrassed away.


  • Need. I need one of these hahah


  • Thanks for sharing this article. Such a pity that some see this as an embarrassing problem, it is not ! More openness is needed

    • I agree; it is not a taboo subject and should indeed be discussed widely.


  • Thanks for an article that is extremely important for women.


  • Such a rral and embarrassing problem especially not expecting this at my age either! This product looks interesting and fun lol


  • It’s certainly a very common problem for women who’ve given birth.


  • I’m intrigued! I don’t have pelvic floor issues but I might have to pretend I do lol


  • What a handy little gadget. This looks so much better than the video that somehow came up on my twitter feed. It looked like a yoga or gym class that showed straws sucking up and down liquid, but the straw was attached to the leggings o-O terrible to watch but I’m sure it’s a great exercise!


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