A Queensland dad shared details of the afternoon his five-year-old son was accidentally shot in the face. UPDATE two men have been charged with firearm offences.

Robert Calvisi told The Courier Mail he drove with a ‘lead foot’ through a fierce storm to reach the nearest hospital as his son’s eyes rolled back and blood poured out of his mouth.

Cameron Calvisi, five, was hit by a bullet fired from a .22 rifle early this month.

He was shot by his 12-year-old cousin while the pair and another child were playing with the gun at the rural property, in what police have described as a ‘tragic accident’.

The youngster immediately ran for his father, yelling: ‘Daddy, I’ve been shot’.

Robert said he stuffed the child in his car, placing a shirt under him to absorb the blood that was running from his mouth and kept his son talking as he sped towards the closest hospital.

‘I’ve never driven so fast in my life, 156km/h I think I was doing all the way, in the rain,’ he said.

Cameron was one very lucky little boy. Robert believes his son will be discharged from hospital this week.

The youngster will need to wear a big metal brace, known as a ‘halo’, but his father says his son will ‘heal like a saint’.

Though police say the gunshot was likely an accident, they may still lay gun storage charges.

That poor little man. Terrifying experience for anybody!

UPDATE 20 February

TWO men have been charged after the 5-year-old boy was shot in the face at a property on Queensland’s southern downs last month.

A 29-year-old man has since been issued with a Notice to Appear and charged with one count of unlawful possession of a weapon.

A 63-year-old man has been issued with a Notice to Appear and charged with one count of failing to secure a weapon.

Both men are due to appear in the Warwick Magistrates Court on March 28.

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  • This accident should not have happened and usually farmers are very careful with the way they keep their guns. Maybe a very naughty 12 year old who should have known better is at fault here.

    • You really cant blame a 12yr old when for them to get access to the gun in the first place shows that an adult did the wrong thing. Guns and bullets should be left in two different locations and both under lock and key. My Dad had several guns but he always followed the rules and us kids never knew where the keys were kept to the lock boxes and still to this day i have no idea where he kept the amo.


  • I’m so glad he will be OK – as much as a 5 year old can who has been shot in the face can be! Hopefully he doesn’t suffer any mental trauma after this event. I am glad to hear that two men have been charged with unlawful possession and failing to secure a rifle. This is an accident that shouldn’t have ever happened!


  • Oh my gosh how distressing, get rid of the guns!


  • A horrible accident. The little boy certainly has someone looking out for him. People really need to be careful with dangerous weapons!


  • What an absolutely horrific accident. Preventable. Unavoidable. Thank God the little boy has survived. A lesson for everyone.


  • WOW what a terrifying time!


  • This could have ended so much worse. I understand they may need guns as they live on a rural property, but they need to store them away properly. I really hate guns.


  • Tragic, why have they got guns anyway, I hope this teach’s the father to get rid of the guns. so irresponsible. Should be put in jail so he can really think about what he caused to happen.


  • This is dreadful. The child could have been fatally injured!


  • In SA Firearms have to kept locked up in Gun Safes, and the bullets stored separately. The boy was accidentally shot by his cousin. Were they at home or at the relatives’ property? The Dad may also have known that he could get his son to a hospital before an Ambulance could. I know a family who were travelling in a country area when their son needed to be rushed to hospital as he suddenly started lapsing in and out of consciousness. They rang for an Ambulance and were told how long it would take to get to where they were. They worked up they could get to the hospital quicker than the Ambulance would get to them so they sped a bit to get there, not that fast though. They asked the Ambulance to notify the Police that they were coming and that the situation was critical, that if necessary they would help them get through traffic. The Dr. told them they were lucky they got there when they did.


  • So lucky that this ended well and the original tragedy that was thought. Do hope that the family will make sure that this can never happen again by putting the correct procedures for guns in place.


  • Not really an accident when its 100% preventable! As for driving 156kmph in the rain, he’s lucky he didn’t kill them all. Sounds like he needs quite a few parenting lessons. I certainly hope he’s never allowed to own a gun again.


  • Wonder why the gun wasn’t locked up? At least the Cameron is still alive. It could have ended much worse.


  • This shows again that it would be good to forbid guns !


  • When will people learn to lock up their guns?? I have sympathy for the children, they don’t know any better but parents and carers should be charged if their children access their guns. There is no excuse for not practising gun safety.


  • Thank goodness he’s okay! I cannot believe that the rifle was able to be accessed by the kids …. !!


  • how terrifying! Glad he is ok


  • Luckily that it ended up well. What a scare. Guns should be securely stored. How did the kids get access to the rifle?


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