If Your Phone Has Been Locked For 47 Years, What Would You Do?

You know how it goes…the kids get your hands on your phone, try and unlock the passcode and before you know it, you’re locked out of your own phone. Usually, it’s only a minute or two – but it’s still a frustrating countdown waiting to gain access. Well just imagine how this poor mum felt when she discovered that her two-year old had locked her iPhone for the equivalent of 47 years.

According to South China Morning Post, the mother — identified only as Ms. Lu — had given her child the phone to watch educational videos. However, each time the boy entered the wrong passcode, the phone was locked for additional periods of time. When Ms. Lu eventually took her phone back, it had been locked for 25 million minutes.

That’s A Long Time To Wait It Out

When consulting with a technician, she was reportedly told that she had two options: a factory reset on the phone, which would delete all its data, or wait 47 years for the phone to unlock.

She decided to wait for two months in the hope that the problem would fix itself but to no avail.

“I couldn’t really wait for 47 years and tell my grandchild it was your father’s mistake,” the mum is quoted as saying.

So let that be a lesson to parents all around the world – make sure you back up your data before you give your phone to the kids.

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  • surely you can go to the apple store for help!


  • That’s something you don’t hear about everyday!


  • Gave me a good laugh. Needed it after being told by birth’s, deaths and marriages that I’ve been using a false name for 61 years. Now I have to fill out a change of name so I can get a passport (which I have had before) which I let run out as I had no intention of ever needing again


  • I’m sorry but I laughed out loud at this. Only a mothers phone!!!


  • Phones are not toys – so I would never ever give one to a toddler.


  • Or simply, don’t give the kids your phone. Really!


  • I heard about this crazy story on the radio- I don’t allow my kids to touch my phone. These days they are way too easy to break and I don’t really think that they are appropriate toys.

    • Totally agree! There are toys for children – maybe a play phone?


  • Or… just don’t give a toddler a phone. Give him an elmo phone that talks to him and makes noise when you press the buttons. He won’t know the difference.


  • I wouldn’t be very happy either! :-)


  • LOl, you never know what happens to your phone when you give it to your toddler !


  • Omg. I’m laughing because it’s not me- but I’d be pretty annoyed if it was haha


  • That’s one great big mistake! I’d be so cross.


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