This sweet video of a very cute (and very tired) little girl has sparked a massive online debate.

The little girl is upset because she can’t stop thinking about waffles. It is getting very distressing for her towards the end. She appears so overwhelmed and most likely very over tired as mum does ask her if she needs a nap.

I watched this video last night and thought nawwww poor little poppet, I just wanted to give her a hug. Then I scrolled down to the comments. Oh my word! I was so shocked to say the least.

Watch the video below, and see what you think yourself before reading on any further for comments…..

OK so you watched the video? What did you think?

The video has attracted over 2 million views and nearly 13,000 comments.

Prepare yourself for some of the comments that this sweet video attracted.

Sherri said, “This is not cute. Teaching your kids to whine and cry for what they want is why we have a world full of spoiled entitled brats.”

Christina said, “So she’s suppose to learn that acting like that gets her what she wants? Nope not today!! No waffles for you until you stop acting like a brat.”

Brendan said, “Wonder where she learned to act like that? I put a stop to that whining with my kid asap. You are the parent, not them. They do not dictate what they shoulf be eating… and it certainly shouldn’t be waffles all day.”

Joyce said, “no that’s not adorable that’s what’s wrong with this country rotten spoiled and grows up the same way pick her up and slap her on the back side.”

Kristi said, “This isn’t funny. Yes she’s cute but hopefully this was just her being overly tired & isn’t something really serious. I know that she’s younger but it’s always good to teach younger kids good eating habits & nutrition.”

As one comment pointed out the little girl could indeed have OCD behaviour – “This is actually a problem people. Obsessive compulsive. My daughter has it and it’s actually hard for them to stop thinking and feeling the need to have the things that they can’t stop thinking about. The little girl is crying cause she wants to stop thinking about it. At no point does she throw a fit for her mom to give her the waffle. She is just crying cause she wants to stop thinking of waffles. But what the hell let’s just beat the child. You have got to be kidding.”

Heather said, “That baby was tired and emotional. That’s not a tantrum. Tantrum is kicking and screaming and being unreasonable. She was expressing her emotions. She got up to cuddle and seek comfort from mom at the end. Some of you people need to learn empathy.

Michelle said, “I don’t think she was being a brat. She loves waffles, and she was having difficulties expressing her feelings. She IS A CHILD. While parent should have gently remind her to behave better and the reward will be waffles.”

How did the video make YOU feel? Was she being a brat, or just feeling very overwhelmed at that time?

Share your comments below.

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  • I think the quicker she is put to bed the better – very tired little girl.


  • Her Mum has told her that she cannot have more waffles then. The little girl is obviously tired by the heavy appearance of her eyes.


  • Aw bless, this looks just like an overtired wee girl who cries about waffles. She absolutely doesn’t behave like a brat to me.


  • It’s amazing how judgemental so many people are!


  • Oh, sweetie. I wouldn’t have been able to film while she was having such a meltdown. I would have hugged her indeed and try to get her to sleep while laying down with her.


  • Omg that poor little girl. She didn’t ask for waffles and wasn’t haven’t a tantrum because her mum said no. She was overly tired and confused as to why her thoughts were consumed with waffles. She needs someone to listen, help her clear her mind and get some sleep.
    She is in no way a brat. I usually try to avoid judgy comments but if you think this girl needs punishment for her behaviour, then I hope you never need help from anyone if you have a bad day, week, month or even year.


  • Really feel like Waffles now. Maple syrup…. or fresh berries and ice-cream… phew lucky im an adult and can get my own waffles.


  • Just a child. Although I probably wouldn’t have given her the waffles.


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