This is REAL LIFE: This is what a mummy mental breakdown looks like…

Mum shares emotional video to show what motherhood is like on a bad day.

US Mum, Sarah Van Sickle, shared her video on Facebook explaining,  “I’m so sick of people just showing the perfect side of parenthood on social media, and today was one of the worst days I’ve had as a mum. I’m tired. Mentally and emotionally drained. Feeling like a failure of a mum. Feeling beyond clueless as to why my child has the world’s worst tantrums for no reason. Feeling guilty for yelling at him and even more guilty for wanting to crawl in a hole and stay there. Etc.”

“THIS is real life. THIS is the dark side of parenting they don’t tell you about in books. We are NOT perfect. Neither are our kids. We are human. We break down. We cry. We get frustrated. We lose our tempers. We need help. And at the end of the day, we are doing THE BEST WE KNOW HOW.”

“So to all the new Mum’s or a Mum who feels like she’s losing her everloving mind.

You’re not alone, and NONE of us have it together.”

Sarah’s video has been viewed over 3.9 million times and attracted over 87,000 shares.

Not everyone was supportive of the mum

Not all mum’s agreed with her post and some even told her to put the camera down and attend to her child’s needs.

– “A child that bangs his head is often in pain,” wrote one. “Think headache. Look at his diet. He is unhappy about something, it’s your job to find out what that is.”

– “It’s not all about you,” added another. “Now turn your camera off of yourself and figure out what your child needs.”

– Another wrote, “Something had to be wrong, maybe an ear infection!? If not that you need to find help. There’s no reason a child sound scream like that!! Either communication with means a whole new level of detail about what and why!  As special needs mom, I get it life gets hard. However you have to get to the doctor and get to the root of the problem!!”

– “You can speak to him tell him it’s not ok to scream and if he does he will be spanked and you will have to show him what spank means then he will quickly become calm I promise.”

– “I’m sorry but as a teacher I’m so SICK of parents crying about how hard it is then just throwing there terrible children at me and expecting me to fix the bad behavior they have failed to fix. ”

–  “Crying for 40 minutes pull over and comfort him.”

– “Is it just me (it might be) but if my son screamed like that for days in a row till they are hoarse I would be at the ER with him. Sounds like he is in pain or something is wrong. I’m a mom, I have cried, then yelled, then cried again for yelling so I understand… But that sounds like something wrong.”

– “It is normal but instead of making a video why not, I don’t know, DRIVE with the music on until he falls asleep if that’s all you can do at that time. They can’t cry forever.”

Sarah has no regrets about posting her video, and wants other people to share their “honest horror stories”.

“Thank you to everybody who has reached out,” she wrote in a follow up post.

“Most of them are so supportive and kind and uplifting, and I can’t thank you enough for that.”

We can so relate to Sarah’s post! Thanks for keeping it real, mum x

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  • Oh goodness….everyone needs to keep their negative comments to themselves.
    My eldest daughter was a nightmare when she was a baby and i had her checked by several Doctors and was told she was fine but she would cry for hours. One day after 12hrs of crying I took her to the Docs and they told me she was fine. Constantly other mothers would tell me I needed to get her to a Doctor. aarrgghhhhh…. I was so sick of hearing “If she was my child….”….well shes not….shes mine I I have done my best…butt out.


  • I have a whole list of crappy mummy moments


  • She needed to get things off her chest, we all have good and bad days, let her be.


  • I imagine Sarah was really desperate and seeking support at this point. She needs love and support and understanding, not bagging her out. We’re all doing our best. It’s easy at the end of a keyboard to talk up why her child is doing things without knowing the bigger picture. I hope Sarah felt better afterwards. She was having a bad day. We all have bad days. Please be more sympathetic.


  • No one is perfect – but I cannot understand putting bad days out there for trolls to comment on. It is so much easier to deal with life if you don’t do this.


  • Poor mum. We are not perfect parents, there is no such thing. We all have moments like these, she was very brave for publicly posting it.
    Yes there may have been something wrong with the child, but having reached the end of her hormonal tether, she would have been unable to logically put aside her feelings to realise that. In that moment she needed help so she could breathe, calm down while someone helped her child also calm down. Judgement is not needed, help was.


  • Think she was brave to sharing her feelings when feeling tired and vulnerable. Don’t doubt yourself mummy !


  • I’m happy to share the crappy parenting moments as well as the great moments.


  • This is true life indeed – we all have breakdown moments or times when everything in life gets on top of us and we feel we can’t cope. I hope her family and friends rally around her to show her she is not alone and that she can get through it.


  • Being a parent is a hard job a lot of work and it’s very demanding
    I hope this lady gets support from her family or friends
    It’s is true we all breakdown and have our moments but we have to try to keep it together this is the mums job


  • I wonder if her baby only does that in the car. He/she could be suffering from motion sickness but not vomit, especially facing backwards which is supposed to be the safest way. I wonder if her baby dehydrates fairly easily and needs more drinks. It may or may not be a tantrum. Many parents forget to take water for children – not just babies in their car or on walks. I know some parents who buy drinks such as iced coffee or milk for themselves but nothing for their kids and wonder why they get cranky. Also never know if you going to get delayed in traffic or your own vehicle break down. If you have a baby or toddler who still has a bottle you should always carry one more than you anticipate you should need. I have known of several parents who haven’t had enough feeds or drinks in their cars and had no way of going into a shop to get more.


  • So true. None of us is perfect and most of us have experienced that motherhood or life in general isn’t roses and moonshine.


  • I hope she has people around her to support her.


  • Sometimes it seems that half of social media is people saying things like this.


  • Poor woman. What an honest video she made. You are doing a great job!


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