Aren’t you proud of your home? We put a lot of thought and effort to turn our houses into homes, and to create that warm, inviting atmosphere that makes us feel safe and protected.

Still, no matter how much we try to make everything perfect and flawless, there are hidden dangers that can easily turn our homes into homes for pests.

Unwanted animals and insects will be glad to move into your home and claim it for themselves if you’re not careful. But fear not – here’s how you can prevent that from happening.

Misdirect ants

Ants are very hard-working and determined to get the most of every food particle you have lying around in your household. If you notice a stream of ants somewhere in your home, you could try confusing and directing them out of your kitchen. When you use products that contain soap or citrus, ants will lose their trail and leave your home alone. You can also try combining baking soda with powdered sugar and sprinkling it around. This combination is safe to use around pets and children but apparently, ants can’t stand it.

Seal your windows

Windows give you a lovely view of the outside, but if they’re not well-protected and properly sealed they might be the perfect entry point for many insects and smaller animals. Check to see if your windows are caulked and sealed well, otherwise many insects can come and go like they own the place. Use caulk guns to create an additional barrier for mosquitoes, ants, and flies. Another great trick is to have great window screens, which means finally replacing those crooked and ripped ones you probably have at the moment.

Lifesaving sticky traps

Sticky traps are simple and safe for use anywhere in your home, which means you can keep them in places where you won’t see them, and replace them later on if needed. Set up these traps in places where you usually notice insects such as bathroom, kitchen, as well as the entrance of your home. Any insects that don’t have wings and crawl all over your floor will be caught in these traps, so feel free to use a lot of glue.

Check for termites

Termites are terrible pests which can cause great damage to your home and to your budget. Treating termite infestations and repairing damage afterwards can cost you a lot, so noticing them early on will be a great way to stay protected and save some money. As experts from Pestworks state, spotting termites can really be difficult as they hide inside walls and in subterranean nests, so you should look for any wood damage carefully. If you’re not sure whether the pests you see around your home are termites, you might want to call a professional to do a termite inspection and see if there’s anything you should do to protect your home.

Smart storage

Insects are in your home usually for one reason: food. Any spilt sugar, any crumbs and leftover food will be an invitation for pests: insects and mice alike. This is why you should be very careful and seal and store any leftover food like a professional chef. Otherwise, you will be dealing with flies, ants, fruit flies, and mice every day. Airtight containers are the best choice because these will slow down the spoilage as well as hold off most bugs. Aluminium foil is also great for wrapping up open dishes, as well as high-quality Tupperware, but when in doubt about a dish just put it in the fridge.

No matter how clean your home may be, if you’re not careful and well prepared, even your tidy rooms can become home for boring pests. Don’t neglect your home, don’t ignore tasks even if they’re boring because they might be the very thing that’s protecting your home from being invaded by pesky pests. It’s twice as hard to kick them out once they get in than it is to keep them away, so arm yourself with products and patience and protect your home the best you can – by being thorough.


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  • All good tips,we make sure to seal all open food and jars especially in Summer!


  • Thanks for sharing these good tips.


  • Thanks for the useful info! I just moved to my new house in Auckland, NZ. Before committing to purchase a house I also hired speialists from Forensic Meth Services in NZ to check the house for meth contamination and be aware of the real condition of the building . Their specialists did all work at the highest level. Meth contamination is also a serious issue in NZ and can be extremely dangerous for health. I’m completely agree that we should do all possible to keep our home clean and safe.


  • I’ve never heard if using coffee to deter ants before. I’ll give it a go :)


  • To confuse ants you can also use cinnamon, coffee or talc.


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