Today’s mums are no longer bound to a set sequence of “must do” foods.

Provided the food you offer is the right texture, enjoy introducing a wide range taste experiences to your little one.

Purees are still one of the best ways to start solids. But moving texture on to mash and lumpy is important for developing baby’s jaw muscles in readiness for speech and the challenges of family food.

Red meat

Australian guidelines stress the importance of high iron first foods to replenish baby’s iron stores. Along with fortified cereal, lean beef and lamb are important iron-rich first foods.

Tip: cook an extra steak or chop at dinner and blend smooth with cooking water and/or vegetables left over from your meal.


Rich in healthy fats and a source of energy for growing babies, the creamy texture and subtle flavour of avocado makes it a great first food.

Tip: Avocado combines well with fruits and veggies to make them more nourishing


Whole milk natural or plain Greek yoghurt is an ideal protein rich first food.

Tip: combine with first vegetables, fruits or meats to for a creamy calcium rich meal.


Rich in important vitamins and minerals brown rice, quinoa, barley and oats are nutritious first foods

Tip: cook soft and blend serving with other fruit or veggie purees


Dried peas and beans are a source of vegetable protein, iron and zinc, all important nutrients for growing babies.

Tip: cook red lentils with onion and a little garlic, blending smooth for a flavoursome puree on its own or combined with other veggies.


In a perfect package with no cooking necessary, a ripe banana is an ideal on-the-go food.

Tip: mash well with a little milk or yoghurt to get the right texture for your little one


Babies naturally prefer sweet foods and the silky smooth texture of pureed pumpkin makes it a popular first vegetable.

Tip: roast pumpkin, regular potato and sweet potato for a flavour-rich root veggie puree.

What was your little one’s favourite first food? TELL US in the comments below.

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  • Really great ideas. My little guy will be starting out solids very soon, so I’ll have a great list to choose from. The first will probably be a fruit. Maybe some mushy banana or pear.


  • I really cant remember what my kids first food was. Most likely something like pear.


  • We often did avocado mixed with some breast milk.


  • My bub loved pureed pumpkin.


  • Yes really great advice for new mums!


  • exellent


  • I think we’re way too caught up with giving babies pureed mushy food. My now 9 month old eats like a champ and I never once gave him purees. His first food was a chunk of chicken. He loves whole bananas, sushi rolls and roast vegies and doesn’t like me to spoon feed him at all. He eats way better than all of the bubs I know who were introduced to purees.

    • yeah some kids take to food no worries and love everything that they are served


  • this is just so great


  • great tips, will refer back once our little miss is ready for solids


  • An excellent article. Thankyou.


  • Diced pear. He never liked mushy purees.


  • These are perfect for my bubs who is just starting on solids


  • my elder’s first food was banana puree and then strawberries he’s crazy about it now.


  • very good advice :D thanks for sharing


  • great advice for new mums, pumpkin and bananas are always popular. Not a lentil fan though


  • I”ll be trying these for sure, love it :)


  • These are great tips. Its good to see im on the right path with how im feeding my son


  • so exellent to read these so great

    • yes great bunch of articles on here for sure


  • I enjoyed reading your blog. Our little bub started off eating stewed apples and stewed pears. We then progressed to mango and bananas which she was able to grab in her hands.


  • I like reading these good articles on this site. You can learn a lot!


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