A messy wardrobe is for lots of people a fact of life, but there is no need to accept this fate! Follow these 8 tips to create a more functional wardrobe today!

1. Strategically store your most used items

Instead of storing all of your clothes together by type of clothing, store them by the amount that you use them. For example, store all of your most used items at eye level, your next most used items at crouching level, and your least used items at the top of the wardrobe. This will make it easier to move around lesser used items, and use valuable wardrobe real estate effectively!

2. Coordinate hangers

Use coordinated, wooden coat hangers. Using a coordinated set of coat hangers will keep your wardrobe looking cleaner and more organised. Also, avoid cheap wire hangers, as over time these will bend under the load of heavier clothes, which will mean you will buy more in the long run.

3. Keep your belts together

Are you tired of rolling up and always ruining your belts? Invest in a belt hanger. These enable you to hang your belts straight out, which will prevent them from cracking and morphing. It also helps you to keep your belts in a ‘go to’ place, helping you to stay super organised.

4. Create wall mounted Jacket hanger

By utilising spare wall space, you can reduce the burden you place on your wardrobe. Simply construct a wall mounted jacket or coat hanger, and hang your bulky jackets on this. It makes it easy for you to make a side by side comparison of your jackets before you wear them, and also adds life to an otherwise bland looking wall.

5. Colour coding

If you have the patience, try colour coding your clothes. By doing this you know exactly where to look when you want to wear that green top, or red dress etc.

6. Make use of strange storage items

An umbrella stand can make a perfect place to store you yoga matt. Make use of other such items you have found the house to take the strain off of your wardrobe for non essential items.

7. Use dividers

Use dividers in your wardrobe to segregate items of clothing. By compartmentalising your wardrobe you know exactly where to put everything. It also helps to avoid different items of clothing from mixing together.

8. Store out of season clothes away

Store clothes that you know you aren’t going to wear until winter in boxes under your bed or the stairs. This will help you sort through your clothes when choosing an outfit, and also free up your wardrobe.

So there you have it, 8 easy ways to organise your wardrobe and become more organised today!

Tell us some wardrobe tips and tricks that you use!
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  • My problem is…I tidy the wardrobes but then get slack and don’t continue putting stuff where it should be


  • Very useful tips. My wardrobe is out of control and my daughter’s even more so (she has more clothes than me).


  • It can make all the difference to have a nice neat wardrobe!


  • I hate those dreadful wire coat hangers you get from the dry cleaners!


  • Great tips thanks for sharing


  • So many interesting tips! I love using coordinated hangers. Years ago I had so many hangers from the dry-cleaner. So ugly to see. Not anymore! :-)


  • If I got rid of all the clothes I no longer wear, I’ld be set! Only thing is, my wardrobe would be so empty……I just couldn’t do it


  • Hang complete outfits together on one hanger eg skirt top and cardi that all go together


  • i love this…need it most of the times….. my wardrobe becomes a mess


  • Interesting ones


  • Not sure about tip 1 ..it’s a bit hard to hang a dress you don’t often wear on the top self.


  • another tip is to hang all your clothes on the coathanger and turn the coat hanger backwards and in six or so months time, throw out the things or donate, clothes that are still hung this way


  • definatly going on the spring cleaning list!


  • my chid always does messing in the wardrobe


  • thanks for the great tips


  • I had already been organising not only mu wardrobe but drawers as well. been a time of organising ,drawers as well, Have collected and decorated shoe boxes too for items, like bracelets, and scarves etc it is true. But the coat hanger coordination I will do .As clothes are hung colour coded, but hangers are a motley crew and wire ones as you say do not do! All my hair stuff in boxes handy reach. So thank you as recycling as buying new out of reach. My undies draw did yesterday, now socks and stockings are separate drawers today.. never realise had so many it is true….So like get something I Find’ makes it new


  • I do most of these already but I think I need to dispose of all the rubbish coat hangers and buy all the same! Drives me nuts how something so simple can really ruin the appearance of your wardrobe


  • A great article. Thankyou for the handy tips :)


  • Storing things by use is actually a great idea. Another idea us to hang all scarves on a decent strong coat hanger.

    • I do the same thing with my scarves too – good storage idea.


  • really nice


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