If you want your family to function properly and live in perfect harmony, you need to secure adequate living space, especially if you are expecting or making long-term plans.

It’s important that every member of the family feels comfortable and that your house can provide intimacy for you and your spouse, and adequate amounts of privacy as well. And nobody values privacy as much as a modern mom.

It becomes inevitable at some point to consider optimising your living space to accommodate all of your plans for the future, as well as those unforeseen developments. Because let’s face it, the kids are going to want to get a dog at some point, and rather than saying no when you actually want to say yes, you want to create an adequate living environment beforehand.

So, here are the pros and cons of extending and moving that will give you the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family.

The pros and cons of moving

Moving is often considered to be the better option of the two because extending can be an expensive and tiresome project. Keep in mind that even if that might be true in some cases, moving is also stressful and it can take a toll on your budget.

Relative financial savings aside, moving into a new home can be stressful or it can be fun and rewarding, it depends on what type of family you are. If you have grown accustomed to a certain layout, a certain way of life in a familiar neighbourhood where you are surrounded by friends, love and warmth, then you might find moving to be a stressful chore that will lead to an uncertain outcome.

However, if you are someone who can look boldly into the unknown, and if your significant other feels the same, then moving can prove to be a rewarding adventure. Before you do decide to move, be sure you take into account all of the tasks that come with this project, such as paying the estate agency fees for the sale of your property as well as the solicitors’ fees and search fees. Don’t forget removals costs, survey fees, and of course the costs of decorating the new place.

The pros and cons of renovating

In the modern world, extending your home might not seem like a bad idea, considering the costs of moving and buying a new house. When playing the long game, it is more feasible to invest in your current property by extending where needed.

While extending a home was an arduous task in the past, modern processes have made it possible for residents to remain in the house for the duration of the project.

If you find yourself considering the option to extend your property, you’d be best advised to consult an extension designer beforehand in order to gather all of the necessary information and details regarding the project.

Depending on your location and needs, you can expect the costs of the projects to vary, and one of the downsides to extending your property can be that the work will take place in your home, which can be stressful for you and your family.

If you have timid animals in your care, it’s best if they’re situated elsewhere for the duration of the building project.

One last thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t extend if you’re planning to move in the near future, as you might not return your investment even if you sell the upgraded house. However, if you are sure that this is the home you love, a place where you want to raise your little munchkins, then extending might be the best solution.

It’s not easy making a life-changing decision that concerns your entire family. Fortunately, with these essential tips in mind, you should have no problems ensuring a happy and prosperous future, a home where your children will create their most cherished memories.

Have you renovated your house instead of moving? Share with us in the comments.

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  • Such an interesting topic and one that is very individualised depending on your situation.


  • We don’t have enough money to buy a house, so renovation is not zur frage.


  • My kids are currently saving to buy a house. One is actually looking and has placed an offer on one house. The housing market is so hard these days, I feel so sorry for young ones trying to buy


  • We have renovated and it has been a mostly positive experience


  • We like to renovate – so much satisfaction out of the end results.

    • Renovating is also a good bonding experience – the highs and the lows.


  • Luckily, we made a pretty good guess of what we’d need when kids came along, so our house has been pretty good.


  • It really depends on whether you are happy with your location and have the room to renovate.


  • So far we haven’t faced the problem. But I think I would go for the extension, even if having builders and workers around can be quite tiring and stressful.


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