Anti-vaxx mother-of-five who refuses to immunises her children has explained why she doesn’t want her kids to be protected from killer diseases.

Sarah Mycroft, 40, says she will not let doctors give her children their jabs because she does not want their ‘pure bodies’ to be damaged.

The concerned mother, from Wagga Wagga in south west NSW, says she ‘wants what’s best’ for her children’s health, but made the decision not to vaccinate after having her first baby.

‘I see my babies as pure beings and the idea of injecting anything foreign into their perfect bodies scares me to death,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

‘I never thought about whether I would or wouldn’t vaccinate before I became pregnant – but when someone says they are going to give my baby a shot for Hep B my gut instincts say “no way”,’ she said.

She says her children – Sky-Blossom, 11, Austin, eight, Phoenix, four, two-year-old Angel and 10-month-old baby Kaiser – are healthy and happy.

‘No doctor can tell me that the vaccination will be 100 per cent effective and none are willing to sign a waiver saying they are 100 per cent safe.

‘Since that first decision almost 12 years ago, I have encountered massive pressure by doctors and nurses alike.

 ‘If they were 100 per cent safe and effective then I’d be the first person to line up there – but I don’t want my perfect babies being given something that could hurt them.’

This week it was revealed school-aged children in Victoria may soon be stopped from attending school if they haven’t had their immunisations.

Mrs Mycroft says ‘It would cost me upwards of $300 every day just to send the three I have at home to day care – it is unaffordable and has forced a lot of mums to stay home,’ she said.

‘The government trying to deliberately bend the arm of a conscious parent is financial bullying.

‘Parents should have the final say about what goes into their baby’s body, it isn’t the government’s place.

‘It is very sad that some parents who have made informed and conscious decisions to not partake in the vaccination scheme to date, have been bullied into submission using financial oppression by the government and had to offer up their child’s veins against their better, free judgement.

‘The pressure on parents these days is already enough. I sincerely hope that these heavy handed bully tactics from the government do not cause good families to crack.’

‘I do not believe my child being unvaccinated places any risk on anyone else in the society. If there was too be an outbreak of something going around, I would do what any other responsible parent would and keep my child home until it has passed on by.

‘Its the 21st century. Australian parents should be given back the right to make the choice they think is best for their children and remain respectful of differences throughout our beautiful society.’

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  • A very selfish point of view that makes me cross!
    So if one of her children needed surgery would she allow them to have anaesthetic injected into them??


  • I can’t believe she thinks that her children not being vaccinated doesn’t cause a risk to other children. Who will she blame if they get sick or worse from some disease?


  • What total and utter nonsense, I disagree.


  • I do not agree with this woman 100%. I have personally seen the ravages caused to young bodies by polio and tetanus. Seeing little ones suffer, being unable to breath as their life is choked from them is a sight I wish no one else to have to go through. It took many, many years for these vaccines to be found – and they have saved the lived of thousands. If you want to be pure, go live on an island by yourselves and don’t inflict probably illnesses on others.


  • I have a medically exempt child from vaccination due to a terrible immune and gastro disorder. If my child picked up any of these disease he would die because his immune system is not equipped to be able to fight it off well enough. That’s nobody’s problem but mine, but I can tell you, that if everyone was vaccinated, that could be vaccinated, then I could breath a little easily that my child isn’t going to come home from the park one day and not be afraid that he has picked up these illness’s


  • I hope her decision does not impact on her children or the health of anyone else. She should be held responsible if it does.


  • Stupid bloody woman. What do you thing whooping cough or tetnus does to a “pure young body”? And your sick child may kill an immunocompromised person by infecting them before they show sympyoms of a vaccine prevetable disease. I’m quite proud to say I’ve done everything I can to stop my child accidentally killing someone.


  • This scares me. If one of her healthy children get one of those diseases and pass it on to a baby or someone undergoing chemo that would spell the end of them. I think she is being selfish.


  • Good on her for doing the research and not caving to Big Pharma propaganda. Where are the studies (by independent companies) on vaccine effectiveness? I hate how mainstream media paints this woman as an uncaring mother when she is in fact the opposite. Unvaccinated children who DO NOT have diseases cannot spread it around. The outbreaks are being caused by those who have recently had the shots and are shedding. Most parents don’t even bother looking into into the risks/ingredients before getting their kids’ shots – sadly I was one of them. Vaccine damage is so much more common than you think, please look into all the Gardasil and flu shot deaths which have occurred – truly shocking.

    • Amen !

      • The bad side effects are minimal tho, compared to what these diseases can do to little children. These vaccines have been around for years, getting better all the time, with minimal negative effects. It’s all about herd immunity, if parents stop vaccinating, there will be more and more susceptible kids out there. I think the amount of time tgese vaccine does have been used for speak for themselves. A very small percent have adverse side effects


  • I hope this selfish women doesnt infect a small baby before it has its needles and that none of her children get sick because she wants pure children .I hope your children never need medical intervention as that would probably involve either tablets or injections yet again making them unpure. poor children!


  • If parents have a legitimate medical reason for not vaccinating their kids, then they are exempt. Many many many kids have these vaccines with minimal effect. I think the benefits far outweigh the possible bad side effects. Drs and politicians can’t 100% guarantee anything because there will always be a tiny fraction that don’t go to plan. There’s nothing in life 100% guaranteed except death and taxes

    • Thanks for making the relevant point about medical exclusions and for your thoughtful comment.


  • I agree with this lady that ts the 21st century and Australian parents should be given back the right to make the choice they think is best for their children and remain respectful of differences throughout our society. Yet he government trying to deliberately bend the arm of a conscious parent is financial bullying indeed.
    We want all kind of freedoms and respect in different area’s in our society (think only about the marriage equality, freedom to change our gender, etc), but in this regard there is actually little respect for different opinions.


  • In a democracy the Government must govern and protect the community against diseases. Children need to build up immunity and be exposed to many environments both indoors and outdoors. Vaccines are also necessary for the protection of children and adults in our communities.


  • My younger children have had all their needles as I have seen what not have the vaccine does. My children could be divide in to 3 groups, the adults, teen and pre-schoolers. The youngest of my adult children only had his 1st Whooping cough as his reaction put him into hospital for a few days. So did not finish the course, in his teens he caught a modified version of whooping cough. He was doing work experience, travelling on public buses. It was considered by his doctor a bad cold and said he could go to school. After a week of not getting better, a swab was done. By the time the results came back it was too late, we had to inform a lot of places due to the Health Act. So for me that was enough for me to make sure any other children would get their vaccines. Lucky none of the others had a bad reaction to it.


  • pity so many illnesses are contagious ( sometimes weeks) before any symptoms show up


  • Whether the child is vaccinated or not, if your child is sick, keep them home. I know so many parents who send their kids to school when they are showing signs of sickness. They aren’t doing it because they have to work either, they are non working stay at home parents, so they can keep their child at home.


  • I don’t think that “gut instincts” have much to say when we talk about vaccinations. I personally don’t agree with her.


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