If you are considering getting the kids their first bike or scooter, you might want to read this first….

Important safety tips and road rules for bikes and scooters:

Did you know scooters can be ridden on footpaths unless there is a sign stating otherwise, however, scooter riders must keep to the left and give way to other pedestrians. On separated bicycle and pedestrian paths, scooter riders must use the section designated for bicycles.

However in some states it is illegal to ride a bike on the footpath. (More info here)

It is important to note that the use of scooters on the road is not recommended for school-aged or younger children.

Scooters are best ridden in recreational areas designated for their use, such as your local indoor or outdoor skate park and bike tracks.

1. It’s important for all scooters riders to wear Australian bicycle Standards approved helmets and protective gear such as knee and elbow pads. Make sure helmets and protective gear are properly fitted.

For the best helmet protection, choose bicycle helmets that complying with the Australian Standard and feature accredited labels.

Always replace helmets after an impact or accident. Don’t buy a second-hand helmet – there’s no way of knowing if the previous owner has damaged it in an accident.

2. Scooter riders must ride with at least one effective brake on their scooter. Check these regularly because they’ll wear down as they get older.

3. Be aware of other riders and pedestrians on the footpath around you. Teach your child road safety rules and to look carefully at the riding environment to decide whether it’s safe to ride.

4. Before heading onto the footpath or skatepark practice in a safe area, like a dual backyard, park or footpath/bike path, that’s away from roads, driveways and steep slopes. Learn somewhere that provides a soft landing like grass for falls. Also, find out if your local skate park offers scooter lessons. 

5. Supervision is always important as with anything. Make sure you teach your child how important it is to stay safe at all times.

Contact your local council for more information on local laws in your area.

If you’re travelling on a wheeled recreational device or wheeled toy you must NOT: (via Towards Zero Together and QLD road rules)

– travel on a road with a centre line or median strip, or a 1-way road with more than 1 marked lane

– travel on a road with a speed limit greater than 50km/h

– travel on a road at night—but you may cross a road while riding your wheeled recreational device by the shortest route. If you need to ride at night, you can ride your wheeled recreational device on a footpath.

– travel alongside more than 1 other person or vehicle travelling on a road in the same direction, unless you are overtaking

– cause a traffic hazard by moving into the path of a driver, or unreasonably obstruct the path of any other road user.

Scooter checklist – it is important to check these things before you ride

  • Regularly check your scooter is in good working order with all bolts tight and bearings smooth
  • Check brakes regularly and that they are in good working order
  • Check adjustable T-Bar clamp is locked into position
  • Check handlebar grips don’t move or swivel and there are no sharp edges and that the ends of the handlebars are covered with grips or end caps
  • Helmet is secure on head and you are wearing appropriate protective pads

Read more: Did you know in some states after the age of 12 years you are breaking the law if you ride your bike on a footpath?

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  • Road safety is so important for everyone. Thank you for this article.


  • Explains my son’s beautiful teeth. He’s a big cheese boy.


  • Great tips – very useful article! Thanks


  • Scooters are such fun – we love them!

    • All activities need to be accessed and proper safety precautions such as helmets etc should be utilised.


  • Our kids love their scooters and bikes. We regularly take them to a ramp or parks with bike ans scooter paths.


  • My son has never gotten into scooters. Thank god. I don’t like them at all.


  • I didn’t know scooters couldn’t be ridden on the foot path.


  • Oh, I love the one for mums!!! And the pushchairs too!!

    • Go for it !! ;)

      • Ha! Ha! I would probably fall down and end up in hospital, Ellen!!! ;-)


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