The parents of a toddler who died after seeing more than five doctors in four days have spoken out about their tragic loss to warn other families to trust their instincts.

Lachlan Black, 2, was a happy little boy, but after coming down with a fever and rash, his parents took him to hospital.

It was to be the beginning of a four-day nightmare that ended in tragedy.

Now, Lachlan’s parents Tim and Angela Black say parents should trust their instincts and stand up to the medical profession.

“We went to hospital three times and in addition to that, we saw two separate GPs as well,” mother Angela told 7 News.

“Even more than that really, because there were multiple doctors involved in his care.”

The grieving parents are left thinking about what could have happened if his bacterial infection had been treated with antibiotics sooner.

Instead he passed away in the intensive care unit from streptococcal.

“He just got worse and worse and unfortunately no one seemed to clue it wasn’t a virus,” Tim said.

“He just wasn’t given the care that he should have been given.

“Eventually the doctors came and told us he had died, and we spent that night holding him.”

Angela said Lachlan “died a third-world death in a first-world country”.

“He suffered in hospital and we had to see that, he should not have had to go through that, and we have to live with that for the rest of our lives and that will affect us for the rest of our lives ,” she said.

The tragedy of Lachlan’s loss has prompted Tim and Angela to warn other parents to “trust your instincts” as a parent.

“If you are worried, just follow what your instincts tell you,” they said.

“Act soon and act first, worry about people’s opinions later; the other way the price is too high,” Tim warned.

Lawyer Kathryn Booth is representing the family, who are taking legal action against the hospital, which is not commenting on the case.

“So we’ve argued at the coroner’s court that had antibiotics been given to Lachlan earlier in the day then he wouldn’t have died and his death was preventable,” Ms Booth said.

Angela said: “The only thing we can change is the system and to stop that happening to other kids, and that’s what drives us.”

“Change the system – that’s what we want more than anything. Nothing can bring him back.”

UPDATE 14 December 2017

This week a coroner told the inquest a Melbourne hospital could have prevented the death of a two-year-old boy, who was assessed by five doctors in as many days, reports 7 news.

During Wednesday’s inquest Coroner Rosemary Carlin found there were a number of missed opportunities to diagnose the young patient.

“It is likely his death would have been prevented had he received appropriate care from the outset,” Coroner Carlin said at the inquest into the child’s death.

Lachlan’s mother Angela said medical staff should listen to parents about their child’s health.

“All too often parents are treated as not an expert … they don’t know anything… I just felt we were shut out of that process.

“It is likely his death would have been prevented had he received appropriate care from the outset,” she said.

Her husband Tim added: “Doctors need to keep in mind that in their profession when they make mistakes, those mistakes can’t be undone.”

Medical negligence lawyer Kathryn Booth, of Maurice Blackburn, said the inquest’s findings confirmed “Lachlans death was preventable and that he did not receive reasonable care”.

“This should be a very important learning case for the medical profession and Monash Health should adjust their protocols,” she told 7 News.

The coroner is recommending changes to the way Monash Health managed patients, particularly those who return to emergency within three days of being discharged.

black family

The Black family has begun legal action against the hospital, with the case to be heard in the Victorian Supreme Court next year.

The boy’s mother said she hoped that making the hospital accountable will save lives.

“We can’t get Lachlan back, but all we can do is fight as hard as we can and push as hard as we can for change so that this doesn’t happen again to someone else, because we know how painful that is,” Ms Black said.

Parents are reminded they can always invoke Ryan’s Rule if they are unhappy with medical care.

Ryan’s Rule ( which is QLD based, but other states have similar practices like REACH in NSW) has been developed to provide patients of any age, families and carers with another way to get help if they have concerns about medical care. Find out more HERE.

Other states across Australia have enforced similar rules. Check with your local health provider if you are seeking further information in your state. Or ask to speak to the patient liaison officer at your hospital.

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  • The rash was cause for serious concern and action and I would have thought a continued high temperature would also have “rung alarm bells”. Did the medical staff ignore that?? or not bother to monitor it properly??


  • So hard to believe that this sort of thing can still happen in this day and age. So pleased our family doctor listens to what we say when we take our kids to see him. Always investigates as he reckons we are with our children 24/7 so we know their idiosyncrasies.


  • wow how can doctors not sort this out, even to keep him in for observation! poor kid! his family are devasted.


  • I had to stand my ground when my second child was a couple of months old, they only called the peds doctor because he was born in that hospital and had spent his 1st week in special care, I was calm but I wouldn’t budge, I was treated like an idiot and they all rolled their eyes, but then had to apologize when it was found he had a urinary tract infection and had to be hospitalized, it’s scary you’re treated like an idiot and made to feel your wasting their valuable time


  • I hope they have some luck holding the hospital accountable. Such a very sad loss.


  • Very tragic how the system failed this family. Very important to trust your instincts.


  • Of course his death could have been prevented. Poor parents. I agree that they sue the Hospital. Even if little Lachlan is gone. Poor little guy. :-(


  • That’s horrible and the fact that it could have been prevented is disgusting. Things like that shouldn’t happen- if doctors weren’t so worried about shoving everyone out the door as quickly as possible so they can see the next patient in line maybe they wouldn’t.


  • Such a sad loss and every sympathy. Glad to read about Ryan’s Rule.


  • This is just horrific and so sad.


  • Very sad that doctors can be so incompetent that a child dies. I was sick as anything once and the doctors at the hospital told me to leave because they could not find anything wrong with me. I had to catch a taxi home (over 2 hour drive) and care for myself. I got better from resting and sipping home made soup which you can’t get in hospitals.


  • I’m so sorry that they lost their little boy. I know it’s hard, but they mustn’t blame themselves. RIP Lachlan.


  • 3 trips to hospital where there was probably more than one doctor and 2 trips to a Dr apart from that. I’m sure this little boy’s parents went with their gut instinct. They did their best by persisting in taking him back to hospital twice after the initial time.


  • This is such an horrific story – poor boy and family – they have been totally let down by the system! A tragedy such as this should never, ever happen especially not in this day and age and in this Country!


  • It’s stories like these where my heart goes beyond the loss of the family’s and communities affected but also to the coroner.

    I cannot fathom how they do the work they do- to look at cases like this with a rational view. There must be days where they go home and break down with all those emotions they can’t express through their reports.


  • How does this happen in this day and age ? So sad


  • Disgusting that 5 doctors all got this wrong!


  • My heart just breaks for this family. They should never have had to go through this traumatic experience. Someone needs to be held accountable, but that point is mute right now. This young child should not have suffered, and this family should not have to continue to suffer.


  • They were failed in the worst way. Hopefully this will bring about better doctors working in a better system before anyone else loses their baby for no reason.


  • a simple blood test would have had it sorted, this is disgusting


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