Research reveals that having at least one child will make you live longer.

The study, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health looked at 1.5 million Swedish people born between 1911 and 1925.

It was found that people with kids had a slightly longer life expectancy (2 years for men and 1.5 years for women), and that after age 80, this longer life expectancy remained (nine months longer for men and seven months longer for women with kids).

It was found that the increased lifespan was for all parents regardless of the gender of their children and whether or not they were married.

The authors of the study gave a few possible reasons why the results showed what they did:

  • Greater social interaction: having kids tends to lead to greater social interactions well into old age, and social interactions have been linked to a longer life.
  • Getting cared for: all those years of changing nappies are often repayed when you’re in your old age. Kids often support their aging parents in their senior years, which could help them stay around a little longer.
  • Parents are usually pretty healthy: Parents usually have lower rates of smoking, better diets and are fitter on average than childless people, possibly leading to a longer life.

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  • I would think that having Grandkids would help also. Gives you something to think about other then yourself and thats always a good thing.


  • It probably does – but is this a really happier life?


  • Maybe minding my nieces most weekends when they were little, then about once a fortnight after they started school until they left school and now the next generation odd times will keep me young for just a little bit longer


  • I hope it is the case being an older mum, however regardless my quality of life and meaning/sense of purpose has increased by being blessed to have 2 children after an initial 8 years of trying.


  • I think you can make studies say whatever you want – depending on the stats and how you interpret them. I’m not sure this is very accurate to everyone.


  • Don’t know the truth to this but I certainly hope I am around a long time for my daughter.


  • Whilst this may be a claim, there are people and couples who can’t have children. Do we then assume that apart from the sadness of not being able to have children, they’re also going to live shorter lives?? Not too sure about that!


  • I agree, life would be so boring and without purpose if I didn’t have my 4 kiddies. They keep you on your toes and keep you ‘switched on’. Love my life.


  • I sure believe so. Having kids gives you also a wonderful purpose and passion in life. Kids are a blessing !


  • Having a little one certainly helps keep me young & healthier. You find so many healthy changes also occur when you have children so this is very easy to believe.


  • I hope so, I’d love to see my kids grow into wonderful adults.


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