An exciting new school year is just around the corner! And along with the first day butterflies, making new friends and swapping stories about summer holidays comes the dreaded return of head lice.

But there’s no need for you or the kids to get worked up about the prospect of these little critters hitching a ride to your home, because we’ve discovered the easiest and quickest way to tackle head lice. It involves no chemicals, no mess and is as simple as combing through the infested hair.

But first, we’re taking a closer look at head lice and busting some of those myths that are always floating around!

What Are Head Lice?


Head lice are human parasites and they feed on our blood (sounds nasty, we know!) , travelling from head to head to ensure they stay alive. They’ve adapted over thousands of years to live on the human head, which means they don’t actually want to go anywhere else (like bedding).

Nits are actually the eggs of head lice. The adult lice are tiny, smaller than a sesame seed and they look grey-white or even a tan colour. The babies, or nymphs are smaller and can look black, clear or blood red.

What Does Head Lice Actually Do?

Basically, they just want to suck your blood! You’ll usually find them on your child’s scalp or along their neckline or behind the ears. They need to live on our scalps, they won’t survive longer than 24 hours without a host.

They don’t have any diseases, and your child isn’t ‘dirty’ if they get head lice. It’s just part and parcel of the school journey!

Myth 1: Head Lice Can Jump

Nope, they can’t actually. They also can’t fly or swim, but they are fabulous crawlers, which is how they get from one child to another. The only way they spread is from direct head to head contact (yep, kids love to cuddle each other!). They can also spread by sharing things like hair ties and hats and pillows, but this is actually pretty rare – less than two percent of cases.

So, in reality, it’s actually really difficult to get head lice!

Myth 2: Head Lice Prefer Dirty Hair

Actually, they really prefer freshly washed hair. Thank you very much! Although there’s a preconception that lice are ‘dirty’ and children who have an infestation must be dirty, it’s not true.

Myth 3: Kids Are Most Likely To Catch Head Lice At School


While it is common for kids to get head lice at school, it’s also just as likely to happen at the playground, or a sleepover. And they spread most readily at home – because we’re all so close to each other! So it’s really important to have a great head lice removal system at home for the whole family – and we promise we’re going to tell you about the amazing one we’ve found very soon!

Myth 4: You Have To Use Chemicals To Get Rid Of Head Lice

There is some evidence to suggest that ‘super lice’ have developed a resistance to some treatments that contain certain pesticides. Which is why treatments that involve chemical-free lice removal are so effective.

However, there are very few chemical-free ways to effectively remove head lice. Without further ado, here is what we’ve discovered!

Introducing The V-COMB A1: The Easy, Safe And Chemical-Free Head Lice Solution


We promised that we’d found THE BEST way to tackle a head lice infestation in your family, and here it is: the V-COMB A1.

This innovative and revolutionary, first-of-its-kind product eliminates head lice by simply combing through the hair and using suction power to trap the lice AND eggs in a disposable capture filter. The V-COMB A1 is hygienic, simple, pain and chemical-free with no mess and no fuss.

The V-COMB A1 is a simple, battery-powered device that gets rid of both the lice and the eggs in a gentle way. You can literally see the results immediately, with the lice and nits trapped in the capture filter. And treating the whole family is so easy with the V-COMB A1 CAPTURE FILTERS 6PK replacement filters. These amazing capture filters automatically trap and seal in head lice and eggs to prevent reinfestations. 

It’s minimal effort for maximum results, and V-COMB A1 can be used over and over again. Have it on hand and you’ll never be caught out if you spot an itchy critter in the kids’ hair late at night!

And it’s the super solution for those super lice, because there’s no getting away from the V-COMB A1. And we also love that it can be used as a detection tool, if the kids are itching and you can’t actually see any head lice. Just comb through the hair with the V-COMB A1 and look for any lice trapped in the chamber. 

Here’s a look at just how easy it is:

Tough on lice but gentle on the scalp, the V-COMB A1 is a must-have for every family first-aid kit.

Mouths of Mums is proud to be working with Licetec to bring you this article. The V-Comb is an allergen- and chemical-free device that eliminates head lice and eggs with the ease of combing the hair. With its stainless-steel combing teeth and suction power, the V-Comb extracts head lice and eggs into a disposable capture filter which can be seen through the LED-illuminated compartment.

The V-Comb A1 ($72.99) is available at Licetec.

We may get commissions for purchases made using links in this post. Learn more.
  • Would definitely give this a try


  • Game changer! It makes my head itch just thinking about it!


  • I love this idea! No messy chemicals or nasty smells! Will definitely try this if my kids ever get headlice!


  • Something I’ll definitely be trying if my kids get head lice.


  • Sounds great, portable & a whole lot less messy!


  • Working at a school, walking from class room to class room a child was at the school cash register and you could literally see the lice covering her head and fleeing her head. Jumping off her head!! If lice don’t jump or fly they must be paranormal!! The child was obviously sent home and the parents were asked to treat their poor child.


  • This sounds great and something that I will pass onto my daughter,for her family


  • It’s so hard to get rid of head lice even when you use chemicals


  • Great myth busters, and can’t believe I thought they jumped!


  • Sounds like a great idea – so much better than in my children’s day.


  • Much better than the chemicals we used to slather on to get rid of head lice.


  • would make things easier


  • This looks like a great alternative to whats been in the market.
    I LOATH nits!!!! Last time our daughter had them they just kept reoccurring so I paid for professional removal. Was totally worth the $$.


  • I would love to win this product. I recently got lice from my granddaughters. I was itching and itching thinking I had dandruff, but on closer view, I saw movement and was shocked and went into action trying to find the bottle of lice lotion to apply to my hair. Putting the treatment in was not a problem but coming my hair was. I lost enormous amounts of hair from combing and it was so painful. The steel comb injured my scalp and when I showered the product off later, my scalp stung from the wounds. It was a terrible experience as I haven’t had lice since my first year in High School. I then had to do a second treatment as I was still itching. What a lot of work that was. I was not pleased or impressed at catching lice. I just couldn’t believe I had them in my hair which is down to my bottom. I never want to go through that again. So, winning this product would make it easier for me to keep a check on their hair when they come over and therefore eliminate the passing on of these blood-sucking creatures to anyone else, especially me.


  • This sounds incredible. Definitely something to think about!


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