September 8, 2023


Little thinkers who love to contemplate, Libra babies and children are polite and charming, with loving personalities and devoted little hearts.

Astrologer Debra Underwood is sharing her extensive knowledge and insights into the characteristics of children born under each star sign. She explores their personality traits, how to help them spark joy, and ways that we can help and challenge our little stars.

Want to tune into the energies of the children in your world, and discover something new as you Explore their Sun? Join us each month as we follow the Sun’s loop of the Zodiac. As with Virgo Sun Child last month, this month, we explore the characteristics of the Libra Sun Child.

Libra Sun Child

Astrology Signs (4)

Libra Sun Sign dates for 2023 (September 23rd – October 24th)

As a curious parent, it’s important to know that the dates and times of each Sun Sign can vary slightly from year to year. If your child is born on, or close to these dates, a Birth Chart can accurately decipher their true Sun Sign. The time and location are also valuable details. For example: The Sun moves into Libra close to 5pm on 23rd September, 2023, Sydney, Australia time. Birth Charts are coloured with vibrational influences and angles that add flavour to your Child’s Sun Sign expression.

It’s also interesting to note that each Sun Sign has its own Symbol, Element and Ruling Planet. They synergise and flow through your child’s character. Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac, so let’s begin by delving into the energies and personality traits of Libra Sun Child, followed by helpful tips to guide, support and spark their joy.

Libra Sun Child Symbol: The Scales

In astrology, the symbols are representative of the energy and characteristics of each of the twelve signs, which mostly derive from Ancient Greece, Rome, and as far back as Babylonian times.

The Libra Sun Child’s symbol is The Scales

When it comes to gauging the astrological symbology of The Scales, think about the calibration of two sides for ultimate equilibrium. Much like The Scales, your Libra Sun Child can be a little like a SeeSaw, aware of contrast and fluctuations and always working toward perfect counterpoise. They like to weigh, measure, and ponder many different points of view, with understanding, justice, balance and a peaceful state of mind the goal.

Have you noticed your Libra Sun Child tilting their head from side to side as they contemplate choices and peeping to see if everyone has equal shares of whatever’s on offer?

Does your Libra Sun Child’s nature align with the qualities of their symbol? Pop some old style scales in front of them with a few bits and pieces and they’ll be quietly mesmerised!

Libra Sun Child Element: Air

Interestingly, Fire, Earth, Air and Water are known as the four elements in astrology. Each element belongs to three of the twelve zodiac signs.

The four elements relate to different aspects of the self and Air is “life approached through the mind and communication”. The nature of air is expansion. As the element for Libra, Air is expressed through their natural urge and ability to envisage, imagine and interact with others via their thoughts, ideas and intellect.

Libra shares the element of Air with Aquarius and Gemini. The three signs possess individual qualities based around the element of Air, and when grouped together have a common thread of compatibility within the zodiac.

Mixing and mingling with much to chatter about, there’s a cerebral buzz around children with strong Air compatibility. They reach out to connect with spirited conversation, bouncing ideas around, sharing updates, spilling the tea, airing their views, listening and comparing, and even attempting to mind read!

Tune into their Air natter to discover they’ve invented a novel language all their own. You may find your Libra Sun Child adjudicating over which word is which, or playfully pairing up sweethearts with a few love notes floating around in the breeze.

Does the element of Air sail through your Libra Sun Child?

Libra Sun Child Ruling Planet: Venus

Over time, each sign has been allocated a Ruling Planet. From an astrological perspective, the zodiac signs and planets in the Solar System were matched up, largely based on their thematic relationship to one another.

As you foster your Libra Sun Child’s radiance, take note of Venus, The Goddess of Love’s rulership. Yes, she mutually governs Libra and Taurus, highlighting calm and beauty with each sign, however, with your Libra Sun Child her all abundant pleasuredome manifests in a variegated way.

Combined with The Scales’ symbology of equality, and the mindful energy of Air, Venus sends out a vibration for peace, fairness and growth through personal relationships. She sets the tone for spirited sharing, tranquility, harmony and love.

If you find yourself in the presence of these Venusian babies, watch as Taurus Sun Child reaches out to gently touch, whilst your Libra Sun Child whispers sweetly into your ear.

When tuning into the essence of Venus and how she dances through your Libra Sun Child’s personality, consider these phrases;

Thoughts, words and acts of love, Enjoying a sense of balance through pleasurable company, Culinary and artistic forms inhaled and exhaled as eye candy, Contentment surrounded by symmetrical aesthetics, The mindful creation and conscious awakening of fanciful, harmonious, romantic connections.

Does your Libra Sun Child have flowing hand movements and a melodic speaking voice? Are they drawn to pretty things and take a second glance at couples in love? If so, they’re living true to the main objective of their Sun Sign, breathing in vibrations of their Ruler Venus.

Libra Sun Child Personality


By now, you’re sure to have gained a true sense of your Libra Sun Child’s energy. As their Sun Sign is their life force and expression, enjoy this list of character traits that may ring true as you see your Libra Sun Child at their most luminous.

  • Social
  • Stylish
  • Loving
  • Devoted
  • Creative
  • Idealistic
  • Romantic
  • Diplomatic
  • Thoughtful
  • Harmonious
  • Cooperative
  • Collaborative
  • Contemplative
  • Likeable and Giving
  • Polite and Charming
  • Graceful and Patient

Any light bulb moments?

I’m feeling romance in the air. A trip to Paris anyone? Picnic for two at the base of the Eiffel Tower? Whoops forgot where I was for a second. I’ll pop on some Edith Piaf, do a baguette for breakfast, lock in an Au Pair and book two tickets to the next Paint & Sip sesh. Will you join me?

How To Spark Joy In Your Libra Child

Enjoy taking in these Hot tips for the healthy expression of their life force.

  • See them light up in beautiful locations. Plan a garden party with some pretty petals and gorgeous cakes. Your little Venusian visionary, might take you by surprise with their ability to envision and select the most delectable looking treats and table finery. Don’t forget great music and loveseats aplenty, inviting relaxation and chatter amongst besties and twin flames.
  • Bask in their brightest light as you take the time to read and gush over a lovely poem or story they’ve written. Add to the fun mulling over visually pleasing books and tales, chatting and commenting on what you both see. Be sure to take turns reading lines and sharing thoughts along the way, as a great deal of your Libra Sun Child’s learning and intelligence comes from their ability to take in varied perspectives.
  • Enlighten and kindle your Libra Sun Child’s knack for aesthetics into their favourite spaces. They adore niche nooks where they can display their books and bijoux, and may ask, “why just one when you can have two?” Bookends, matching cushions, candles, pairs of this and a couple of that. Seriously though, sometimes just one beautiful piece is all they need to glow. Tape measures and Levels are like a third arm for this sign, so they’ll be chuffed to have a say in hanging pictures and making things visually just so for ultimate chill time.
  • Channel their Air with peaceful, relaxing experiences where time and agendas stand still. Listen carefully as your Libra Sun Child wistfully whistles or hums in perfect pitch as a form of meditation. Have some crayons or a stylus handy for some creative ramblings and doodles. They will love cursive and probably be the first to draw hearts too. Or just sit quietly with them and absorb the dulcet tones of your little songbird. They’re fond of giving and receiving and will delight in the interchange of favourite Venus inspired tunes.
  • See them shine as they involve themselves in pleasant exchange with like minded people. Your Libra Sun Child can turn on the charm like no other! They are tuned into social airs and graces, can be flirty, value rapport and feel contentment in benevolent settings. They know all the right things to say if ever mediation is needed, but let’s hope not, as Peace is the goal for your Libra Sun Child.
  • Be the instigator of luminous laughter sharing ridiculous reflections of situations unexpectedly upended by the daring antics and opinions of others! They’ll giggle with playful banter and clever word play. Bring on the belly laughs as you partner up and cut some crazy shapes, or mirror each other’s silly faces!
  • Ignite their sense of style, art and “farshon dahhling” with some window shopping. Acting on impulse isn’t their thing, so weighing up their wish list without the pressure of on the spot decisions is important. Not enough time for boutique meandering and yo-yo browsing? Jump on a Gallery Subscription or Designer Catalogue to save your legs and feed their eyes! Your Libra Sun Child will relish looking good, and the inspiration will go down a treat with gorgeous, gorgeous Venus on their shoulder. On that note, they can be very complimentary, noticing your new lamp, hair colour, or even kindly agreeing to be your personal stylist for the day!

Fill their happiness cup as you send out an invitation to their special friend, or venture out together, just the two of you. It wouldn’t be surprising to find a Libra Sun Child responsible for coining the phrase “Thinking of you”. Holding hands comes naturally, and coupling up is their happy place where they feel at one and connected. They love a good movie and entertainment, so Popcorn for two to share please!

Did you know that in Astrology, from the day you are born, your life force, energy and expression is largely determined by the Sun’s position in the Zodiac? The Sun represents life and illuminates the world around us. It is the largest star in the Solar System, and its energy vibrates and adorns you with the flavours and characteristics of the Sign you were born under.
Your Sun Sign, also known as your Star Sign, represents your core personality, and how you shine through life. It’s where you are at your most luminous. From an earthbound perspective, the Sun takes one year to complete a circuit of the Zodiac, and spends approximately four weeks in each of the twelve signs.

Libra Sun Child Mum Inspiration

A few extra tricks up your sleeve as you look to the Sun for a Super Mum boost!

Challenge your Libra Sun Child’s tendency to procrastinate. Be open to lots of back and forth and have faith in their choices. Still waiting? Kindly nudge them along without taking the credit, or better still, if they’re young enough, save yourself once in a while and take away choice altogether! Start early, as this takes time and patience.

Support your Libra Sun Child’s need for equality. For them, following rules is easy if everything feels fair and just. It’s important for your mini mediator to know that life’s realities and contrasts don’t always deliver in a balanced way. Measuring the appropriate moments for discretion or protest will be a tool your little peace keeper will naturally learn. They may even upset the apple cart from time to time as a way of bringing attention to perceived injustices, but they won’t be entirely comfortable doing so!

Approach with patience, plenty of warning, and a pleasant tone for the best response. Your Libra Sun Child doesn’t like to be rushed and might not even be listening, so be mindful of the saying “You attract more flies with honey than vinegar” to reel them in. Anyway, be sweet like honey and it could be handy to set the clock a few minutes ahead of time too. Just remember they like to look en pointe and once all is sorted, Your Libra Sun Child will be trying their best to get a move on as they find authentic joy in social interaction.

Encourage confidence in your Libra Sun Child to voice their truth. Being liked gives your Venus baby a glow up, but not at the expense of their own value and opinion! Also wise to sugar coating, tune into the sound of crickets as an indicator your Libra Sun Child is unimpressed! So encourage them to hop off the harmony train and agree to disagree sometimes. They’re not complete pushovers though, and their intelligent dealings with people and adept charm can help to bring them back into alignment.

Tackle their laid back vibe and put them to work. Shhh don’t call it that! Pop on a playlist of favourites as the perfect motivator, then bring focus and a goal to the table for Your Libra Sun Child to channel Venus. Create something beautiful …art, textiles and design, music, stop motion video, a painting, love hearts…something for their favourite person. Just remember Venus, baby!

Guide your Libra Sun Child’s distaste for heated exchange. They’re Lovers not Fighters! Loving, harmonious relationships are extremely important to this sign, so they shy away from confrontation. Any inkling of conflict can send them running for the hills and even with a bee in their bonnet your Libra Sun Child may hesitate in case of inflamed reciprocation. If you sense something, open up a safe, calm, one on one space for your Libra Sun Child to vent and offload their heavier feelings without judgement or drama. Truth be told, everyone has to “spit the dummy” once in a while and Mums are the best sounding boards!

Stimulate their diplomatic side with lots of friendly debate to set off their powers of negotiation. They are great at using their smile as a bargaining tool and others naturally feel comfortable confiding in them for relationship advice. Ok, so relationship advice might be a bit much for the littlies, but take heed, they’re observing and working on it. A true romantic, your Venus Sun Child may be idealistic when it comes to love too.

Inspire your Libra Sun Child’s self care with a pinch of the “you snooze you lose” mantra. Your little people pleaser is super aware of those around them and can be too nice sometimes. They have lovely manners and can benefit from your assurance that it’s ok to push to the front of the line every now and then. Push might not be the right word here. Using their Charisma is probably a more appropriate term!

Libra Sun Child Playlist

Venus as a Boy – Bjork
2 become 1 – Spice Girls
Timeless – Taylor Swift
Give Peace a Chance – John Lennon
Love – Lana Del Rey

Libra Sun Child Quote:

“I’m a Libra. That means that I can make a decision, but only after much thought.” – PJ Harvey

Shine Bright, Libra Child

As your Libra Sun Child grows, watch them permeate rays of warmth by voicing their own opinions with ease. As they mature, see their aura glisten in the blending of independence with loving union, and by honouring the polarity of individuality and connection.

Follow their lead by facing the challenges and tensions of life with diplomacy and equality. Promote your Libra Sun Child’s independence with a lifetime “plus one” guarantee tucked away for a sunny day. Show personal joy in partnership, along with empowerment in solitude.

Appreciate Beauty. Be Love. And as your child’s greatest mentor, equipped with the added point of view of their Sun Sign, you can light the pathway to their true happiness potential and trajectory of spirit!

I look forward to you joining me next month as we continue our loop around the zodiac, exploring Scorpio Sun Child.

Love and abundant sunshine, Debra✨


Debra is a Certified Modern Astrologer from Sydney, Australia, specialising in children’s birth charts. An astrological messenger, Debra offers interpretive pathways, and positive insight into your child’s abundant, evolving growth potential. Debra’s heart space finds joy, wonderment and enrichment from the unguarded, natural expression of children. Being a mum further ignites her innate desire to champion the unique qualities, and astrological signatures of the precious little gems in our lives.

Debra’s lifelong connection to Astrology, finds her invested in sharing the deep and significant awakening a reading can bring. Drawing on her vast observations and years of tuition, she guides you in celebrating and supporting your child’s individuality and luminosity. It’s intrinsic to know your child, and to add a sprinkle of stardust can be enlightening. Connect with Debra at Mini Signet.

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  • Lots of info to take in. Very interesting read


  • I’m not an astrology believer but I’m sure those who do believe appreciate these detailed articles.


  • My daughter is a Libra but I don’t follow star signs


  • I only know one Libra. Nice person.


  • I gave up on paying attention to star signs and their predictions. I’m always so different to mine

    • Yes, I don’t believe a thing of it eiether


  • Always a great read.


  • Thanks for sharing. I don’t really follow the star signs


  • They really do sound like ideal people. The big Libras in my life are pretty cool :)


  • No Libras in our fam.
    I don’t really follow star signs as all of the attributes of mine are completely the opposite of my personality and traits!


  • Little Libras sound like sweeties.


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