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If there was one thing the entry, study and laundry had to be for this busy home, it was hard working! Trust us when we say, they are all that and more!

“Like all our other spaces, we wanted to go big on looks but not so big on budget, so we thought very carefully about where we could save and where it was worthwhile investing.” – Nikki from the Making HOME team

In Episode 6 of the Making HOME Renovation Series, Nikki and Liz explore three of the most versatile rooms in this family home. See how the laundry services the alfresco area, how the study transforms into a guest bedroom and how we maximised the entrance for storage.

You’ll discover how to build smart spaces that serve multiple purposes. Plus, the girls share some invaluable tips on how to save if you’re planning something similar. And don’t forget to scroll down for the full list of materials and products that brought these spaces to life!


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Functionality and versatility were the key drivers in building the laundry, study and entry. Below, we reveal some of the key ingredients to getting everything just right.


kaboodle cabinetry in a laundry.
kaboodle cabinetry helped the budget and looks perfect


Rather than using the same colours we used in the kitchen, we wanted to create a fresh look in the laundry. And because Kaboodle has such a beautiful range, we were spoilt for choice.

For consistency with the kitchen, we used the same modern profile but opted for the colour, wild garlic. In catering to every nook and cranny, we used a combination of kaboodle customisable products and off-the-shelf modular cabinets.

Another special touch that links the laundry to the kitchen is the use of licorice twist kickboards. They sit in complete harmony with the black appliances and mirror the kitchen zone beautifully.

We maximised bench space by installing appliances underneath the bench and maximised storage by adding as many drawers and cupboards as possible.

Quality additions like soft-close hinges and metal-sided drawers mean that this laundry is ready to work hard well into the future.

kaboodle cabinetry in a guest bedroom.
The kaboodle 3D planner was the key to bringing this room together


The kaboodle 3D planner certainly got a workout while designing the study! We knew from the outset that we wanted to include a wall bed so that the room could double as a guest retreat. Using standard kaboodle cabinetry, it worked perfectly.

In line with this zone’s ‘calm and classic’ brief, we selected kaleo cabinetry in an alpine profile, a gentle shaker style. The overall finish is fresh and inviting, paired with gorgeous silver hardware from Hardware & General.

Entrance bench seat with two drawers.
A functional and visually impressive element in the entry


Complete with two roomy drawers in kaboodle’s alpine profile, this entrance seat is a smart and versatile element.

To keep the entrance light, bright and roomy, we opted for the shade of macaroon and partnered it with Zanda Mayfair chrome handles for a cohesive finish.

Instead of kickboards, we used skirting boards around the base of this bench for a more built-in look that ties in with the rest of the house.

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american oak bench in a laundry room.
american oak benches give this laundry a rustic edge


We loved the american oak benchtops we used in the butler’s pantry so much that we jumped at the chance to add them to the laundry!

Again, we used two coats of limewash to achieve the perfect hue that sings together beautifully with the cabinetry.

Full-length home office desk in marble-look finish.
The look and feel of marble – without the price tag!


To save significant dollars in the study, we opted for a kaboodle benchtop in biancoccino. This marble-look finish pulls the kitchen’s marble theme into the space affordably.

The minute we ran our hands over the samples in Bunnings, we knew we had to have it. The matte finish reminded us so much of our honed marble benchtops! Even better, you’ll never see a fingerprint anywhere.

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Rustic handles on white laundry drawers.
Rustic handles were a must for the laundry


Kethy Lawley Cabinet Handles couldn’t be more perfect for this laundry. Not only does the rustic copper finish capture the raw beauty of Modern Farmhouse but they also add contrast with the cabinetry.

Silver handles on custom sage desk drawers.
Silver is always elegant, but especially against a colour like this


To mix up the metals in these spaces, we used silver Zanda Mayfair Handles for the study cabinetry and the entrance seat. These have an old-world charm and make the furniture easy to manage – an important factor in a guest bedroom!

Find Kethy and Zanda handles at your nearest Hardware & General.

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Isocore hybrid wood flooring in a laundry room.
Durable, easy-care flooring? Tick!


To dial up the Modern Farmhouse aesthetic, we followed the Chevron Nordic Isocore flooring from the main area into the laundry.

Strong and ultra-durable, hybrid flooring brings all the beauty of timber with none of the hassles – and it looks stunning for decades!


Square gloss tile splashback in a laundry.
These square gloss tiles are textural and elegant


These handmade Clay Chalk Structured Gloss tiles speak perfectly to the Farmhouse vibe while adding a twist of Moroccan Zellige flair. With traditional split edges, they keep everything light and bright but also exude cosiness with their subtle hint of warmth.

These tiles are available in a matte finish but we love that the gloss finish reflects the light and makes them simple to wipe clean.

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Black laundry sink with copper tap.
This heavy-duty sink caters to everything a family needs


Expertly crafted from Granitek, the Paco Jaanson Elleci Quadra 105 not only looks fabulous, but it performs like a true pro.

Built tough to withstand big impacts and high temperatures, it’s big enough to handle everything a family laundry needs. And as if that’s not enough, it’s also enriched with silver ions that inhibit the growth of bacteria.

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Washing Machine & Dryer

Samsung black washer and dryer.
Samsung appliances have this family covered!


A high-capacity washer and dryer was essential for this busy home and Samsung was the answer to function AND features.

The 12kg BESPOKE BubbleWash™ Smart Front Load Washer with AI Wash and Auto Dispense isn’t called ‘smart’ for nothing. It has five built-in sensors that detect the load’s weight and dirt levels to determine how much water and detergent to use.

The Super Speed Cycle is a huge win for this household, too. It washes up to 5kg in just 39 minutes!

Modern laundry with oak bench and black appliances.
Premium appliances mean added functionality in the home


Boasting a fabulous 9-star energy rating, the 9kg BESPOKE Smart Heat Pump Dryer with AI Dry uses refrigerant rather than electricity to heat the air.

It comes with eight temperature and humidity sensors that continually adjust for the perfect drying performance every single time. Just what a large family needs.

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Copper ceiling light.
Feature lighting is always welcome, even in laundries!


Like all our rooms, we used lighting not just for functionality but also to add layers, texture and visual interest.

The big, bold Sheldon Ceiling Pendant is unmissable in antique copper and makes the most of the high ceiling.

Rustic wall light in a laundry.
The Phoenix delivers function and flair


Like a little work of art, the Phoenix Wall Light provides a gorgeous contrast to the tiles and ties into the Farmhouse theme gracefully. But aside from its dark brass beauty, what really sold us on this wall lamp is that it’s multi-directional and great for both ambient and direct light.

Wall-mounted light with moveable arm above a home office desk.
The Portland light has a moveable arm


With a silver base and luxe lamp, the Portland Wall Light brings a warm Farmhouse feel to the space. It also helps to soften the coolness of the cabinetry. This clever lamp boasts a swinging arm making it highly functional above the workspace.

Four-lamp chandelier in a guest bedroom.
The ideal chandelier for this room


If you’ve seen the living room of this reno, you’ll know we love a chandelier. However, selecting the perfect style for the study required a lot of research.

Ultimately, we opted for Emac & Lawton’s traditional Milton Chandelier. Complete with four lamps that match the Portland wall light, it delivers baroque flair and a warm glow. We’re obsessed!

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Galiano brushed copper tap.
The Galiano tap is the touch of luxury this space needs


The Galiano Slimline Sink Mixer in Brushed Copper was such a highlight in the butler’s pantry that we leapt at the opportunity to use it in the laundry.

With a dual-function aerator, luxurious tapered shape and rich copper tone, it’s high on function and even higher on flair.

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Curtains & Blinds

Automated blue roman blinds in a laundry.
Roman blinds bring a casual touch to the home


Adding a gas-strut window in the laundry makes it easy to throw it wide open to create a serving area for parties and gatherings. But, we also wanted to be able to insulate in winter and create privacy when needed.

The answer was Devon Stripe Ocean Blue Roman Blinds, which operate with a remote control or the TUISS Blinds Online app. Up or down is as simple as pressing a button.

Another reason for choosing this particular print was the colour. The blue connects the laundry to the alfresco and pool area while creating a vibrant colour platform for styling.

Guest bedroom with sheer curtains.
Sheers are the answer to light control


The study window furnishings had very specific roles to fill. Thankfully the TUISS Blinds Online helped us achieve exactly what we wanted for an affordable price.

For the main window, we used the same light-filtering S-Fold Thea Coconut Sheers that we used in the kitchen, living and media rooms. These provide excellent light control while softening the room. A Penrith Bright White Roman Blind sits behind the sheers to block light in the evening.

Home office with roman blinds.
This workspace is packed with textural elements


For the desk window, we used the same Devon Stripe Ocean Blue Roman Blinds that we used in the laundry. The blue binds the room’s cool colour palette together gracefully, and the textural layers of the blinds look incredible against the Farmhouse windows.

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Wall Bed

Wall bed made up in a guest room.
Wall beds are the ultimate space-savers


Wall beds are an incredible way to maximise floor space and make rooms multifunctional. We recommend them to any renovator who wants extra space for guests without using up an entire room.

We used Sydney Wallbeds for our hidden study bed and it integrates seamlessly with the cabinetry. The beauty of this queen-sized bed is that it folds down in seconds and folds up with bed sheets on it! So there’s no need to completely strip the bed before you push it back into the wall.

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Accent Chair

Accent chair against sage cabinetry.
A picture-perfect colour palette


To create a little space away from the desk and to provide an occasional chair when the office becomes the guest bedroom, we added a Simple Slipper Chair in Isla Design Frond Aquamarine. We had it specifically covered to tie in with the showstopping cabinetry.

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Doors & Trims

Double glass entry doors of Modern Farmhouse.
This entrance screams Modern Farmhouse living


With large rectangular glass panels on each door, the HAV100 entry doors with side lights brighten the entrance by letting natural light pour in. In a full double size, they create a grand entry to the home and an impressive focal point in the foyer.

The profile of these doors is a match made in heaven for this home’s Modern Farmhouse aesthetic.

Modern Farmhouse dining room and study.
The right doors bring a new layer of versatility to this home


The study’s Balance Sliding Door System was the perfect solution for allowing extra light to flow into the study. It also gives the family the freedom to open up the doors (without sacrificing floor space) and create an open-plan format.

Very effective at dulling sound, these statement doors feature an architectural profile that ties in beautifully with the skirting and architraves.

Architraves and trims on a laundry door.
Trims are the unsung heroes of the home


The combination of Silktrim Replica Architraves 85x18mm and Silktrim Replica Skirting Boards 188x18mm brought cohesion to these spaces. Aside from being expertly created for longevity and moisture resistance, they also arrived already primed. This means less time painting … and more time decorating!

We used the same HAV22 Hamptons-style door that we used for the guest bathroom. Its solid moisture-resistant core helps with sound control and adds an important layer of durability in wet zones.

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Interior Cladding

Interior cladding in a guest bedroom.
Cladding brings some difference to this space


We make no secret of the fact that we adore interior cladding in modern homes, and not just for its stunning clean lines. Cladding is the easiest way to add texture without necessarily adding colour and that’s just how we used it in this study.

The study space already had a lot of colour in the cabinetry and furnishings, so we loved that this added another layer of texture without colour. James Hardie Axon™ Cladding in 400mm widths was the solution, providing touchable wide panels and lovely details at each grove.

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Wallpaper & Prints

Blue feature wall with wallpaper in an entrance.
A wall that’s impossible to miss!


Continuing the story of blue throughout this home, we created an entry feature wall using Chinkara Aquamarine & Peacock Wallpaper. It brings personality and texture to the space – and not a single person who enters the home doesn’t comment on it!

Entrance with black console and botanical prints.
Oozing nature, this entrance welcomes with open arms


Statement art is a wonderful way to create a focal point in any room, but it’s especially high-impact in an entrance like this.

We used two 84cm botanical wall prints in the entrance to balance the potted Ficus and large console in the space. The Trew Botanical – The Abroma and Trew Botanical – Phyllanthus work in harmony and capture the essence of the Modern Farmhouse aesthetic.

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These spaces would not have been possible without the Making HOME sponsors.

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