Male childcare worker no longer welcome at his position.

Vinicius Magalhães had been in the childcare industry for three years back in his home country of Brazil.

But despite the 21 year old having the correct qualifications and excellent references, he’s been turned down from au pair jobs and also lost shifts looking after kids at a hotel chain because of reports that parents aren’t comfortable with a male babysitter.

Vini was advised by text that he would no longer receive any shifts from his casual work at a large hotel chain in Sydney. He was understandable heartbroken by the message and says that at no point is he even left unsupervised with the children, as is standard in childcare regardless of the staff member’s gender.

He told Kidspot, “To be honest, I’ve no words to express how bad I felt at the time I read that message,” he said. “I’m qualified to do the job, and so upset and frustrated, as I’ve been giving my everything to the job, giving my love, care and making the kids happy!”

Do you think this is totally ridiculous? OR are parents right to be concerned?

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  • So unfair if the reasoning is just that he is male !


  • He is working with a Female. It’s not as though he is alone with the children.
    Do any of them give any reason apart from the fact he is a Male doing a job mainly women do?
    Some Male Nurses are more understanding and more gentle when having to handle you to help you use a bedpan, get in and out of bed, etc. I personally know a Male Nurse who worked at a Public Hospital and transferred from one ward to another. He went and said Goodbye to some of the patients who had been in the ward for a few weeks. When he went home he told his Mum he wasn’t sure whether he did the right thing because some of the dear old ladies got upset and cried. He had to pacify them as he felt he couldn’t just walk and leave them. A week later our neighbour told us her Mum was in the ward that he was transferred from and she was there when he was saying goodbye to the patients and they were all saying how good he was that he didn’t handle them roughly like of a lot of the female nurses did. The neighbour recognised him when he and his family cane to visit us on a special occasion


  • I hope he takes it further because this is unfair dismissal no doubt. If it were a woman in his position, there would be a public outrage.


  • Sadly this happens in the teaching profession too.


  • If parents are uncomfortable just based on the fact that he’s a male, it’s discrimination.
    However many of us have the same with nurses !
    Or what if your midwife is a male ? Are we women so much different when it comes to this ?

    • I had male midwives and honestly when birthing I did not care.


  • This is sexual discrimination, I think it is terrible that a carer with appropriate qualifications etc is fired because a couple of families were not comfortable with him.


  • To have so many families uncomfortable with a male carer is such a shame and quite a stereotype against male child care workers. My daughter has a male teacher this year and I am really pleased.


  • It sounds ridiculous to me! That one, two families aren’t comfortable with a male is understandable. But that everyone thinks the same??


  • In a one on one situation such as a nanny then parents should have the right to knock anyone back for whatever reason because you need to be comfortable with who you leave your children with. But in a job where they aren’t ever left alone with the children it shouldn’t be an issue.


  • we should be judging his work not his gender


  • I think it’s a bit unfair and I really feel for the guy. He’s just trying to do his job and care for children but because he is a male he’s been discriminated against


  • It is the parent’s decision who they want looking after their children.


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