Buying Christmas gifts is a very personal thing. Some families have the tradition of giving one gift per kid, while others save up throughout the year and splurge on mountains of presents. One mum has come under fire for going completely overboard on her festive gifts for her young daughter.

This super-generous mum probably didn’t expect the reaction when she posted pictures on social media of the thousands of dollars worth of Christmas gifts she has been accumulating for her two-year-old. While some comments were kind, many were quite vicious, slamming the mum for spoiling her child and going completely overboard on the festive loot.

The photos showed a mound of Christmas gifts, that any kid could only dream about. There were Barbies, dress-ups, a Frozen castle, craft, inflatables and so much more. I even spied a Luvabella amongst the pile, which costs around $100 and has been on my kids’ list for ages (I’ve always refused as the thought of spending 100 bucks on a crying, peeing doll really irks me).

But Wait…There’s More

The mum also said that her Christmas shopping was not over and she still had put aside “dolls, bike, those horse things, trampoline, paw patrol ride on, some my generation dolls and things to go with them, like the picnic table and dog house, the barbie dream house, a few barbie sets and other stuff” on layby.

“My Christmas stash for little miss 2 and still have about $1,500 in laybys to pick up. Love u my little princess,” the mum wrote on Facebook.

christmas gifts 2
Photo via Christmas Mums / Facebook

The Good…

Some reactions were oozing Christmas spirit:

“I love it! go mumma. They are only little once,” said one.

“You’re a very kind and generous mum and lucky to be able to buy your daughter so much,” said another.

Others were impressed at how organised the mum was, with weeks still to go until Christmas.

And The Bad…

Of course, there were bound to be negative attacks on Mount Chrismas Gifts.

“Is this all for 1 kid?” one person asked.

“That’s ridiculous for a two-year-old,’ one mum said.

“You’re setting her up for disappointment. Trust me,” another commented.

“Yes a full tree looks great but put in perspective- save most of the extravagant money for their education,” one grandmother suggested.

Stop Going Overboard on Christmas Gifts

Many mums, however, admitted that they also went a bit overboard on presents. While others have stopped going crazy on Christmas gifts.

“I end up having too much in my house and it’s getting to me so I’ve decided not to buy so much and get them things they are going to actually play with more and use,” said one mum.

“I just look at this and think “christ” ……… not because it’s a lot (not my kid) but the wrapping would do my head in and I love wrapping but there is a limit to my love!” said another.

When Is It Too Much?

We recently posted a question from one of our MoM’s asking our readers whether she had gone overboard in her Christmas gift buying.

While many mums said that she has a right to spend her money as she wishes (“Your kid ; your money), others thought she had gone completely over the top.

“You can do whatever you want but to me $1000 on one child is ridiculous. I have 4 and I do like 200 each, maybe a little more. Not because I can’t afford it but because I feel buying tons of things for my kids for Christmas devalues the meaning of Christmas,” wrote one mum.

“That’s actually ridiculous, spend more time with her and buy less,” said another.

“She’s two. She won’t even know what’s going on. It’s just nuts spending this much on a toddler if you aren’t loaded.”

“Sorry but that’s Not what Xmas is about….within 5 mins your 2yo won’t even care about $1000 worth of presents”

Basic Rules Of Buying Christmas Gifts

Others said that they follow four basic rules when buying Christmas gifts:
“Buy one thing they WANT, one thing they NEED, one thing to WEAR, one thing to READ.”

I think that’s pretty good advice!

When does a lot of Christmas gifts become too much? What is your guideline amount of spending on festive gifts fo your kids? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Its a difficult one. We dont know this Mums story or her financial situation. Obviously money is not really an issue for her. it would be great when this child is a little older to teach her the joy of giving and instead of spending so much on her they could go shopping for gifts to donate.


  • I probably spend a fair bit on my kids at Christmas but I don’t spend a lot on them during the year they get cloths and shoes but not toys etc shirts


  • I budget $300 for each child, which these days might not get much depending on what they are into.
    I believe that’s way too much that she spent on a two year old. That’s what’s make our kids these days so spoilt and disrespectful towards adults.


  • I have a 2 year old and he will get only few presents because he is in the age when he doesn’t care. On the other hand he has 2 older siblings and they will get more because they know Christmas and it’s just different the older they get. But definitely 2 year old doesn’t need much to make them happy.


  • We literally have no insight into what this mother/child go through on a day to day basis during the year or what else is going on in their lives….let people enjoy things!


  • each to their own


  • I feel this is a really personal choice, I sit on the fence. On one hand I think, just go overboard, the joy on their face when they see that mountain of presents will be priceless and then on the other hand I think it’s a little over the top for a 2 year old, only that there will be so little to buy another years and 2 year olds don’t really understand Christmas fully.


  • I know of of someone who is only buying their daughter school supplies for christmas this year. She is sick of having toys everywhere so she isnt buying any, her daughter is 4. Some would say this is wrong as well. Each family should do what they feel is right but they should also teach their children that every family has different traditions and will do things differently.


  • Not judging another mum, everyone has to do parenting the best way they know how……..what I will say is that it is a shame to overwhelm kids with so many material goods they can’t appreciate the value of items and the effort it takes to earn goodies…..also, how much plastic rubbish can this planet bear? We try to be frugal in our consumption and recycle as much as possible – we talk to our kids about being conscious consumers – they let us know what they think about a companies environmental policies!


  • This is a personal choice and it comes down to the person who is buying the presents and how comfortable they are in spending up big.
    Personally at that age I found maybe two or three presents, as other family members gave presents as well. I put some away and rotated them into their playtime at a later date, so that they weren’t overwhelmed and could appreciate each present.


  • Her money, her choice.
    If she can afford to spoil her child ONCE a year then good on her.
    The child might not get anything else any other time of the year.
    I know I did something very similar for my bubs first birthday as we were in iso. I’m pretty sure I spent more than a thousand dollars just to try and compensate for not being able to throw her a party or have people over.


  • My personal opinion is that it is too much, for one child and for 2 years of age, however, everyone has different feelings and circumstances, so, each to their own ….


  • In MY opinion it’s too much, but each to their own. It’s her choice, and we should not judge. What Christmas looks like for others will be different to what it is for us ????


  • There is 365 days in a year…what you spend at Christmas will look totally different to someone else’s as you don’t know the gifts and money and things spent for the rest of the year. Also, everyone is different anyway and as long as it’s within your means


  • Lucky child! Good on the mum if she’s able afford all these, gift giving is about sentiments and the Christmas spirit.


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