Last Saturday, I roused up early, grabbed a coffee and bleary-eyed sprinted towards Aldi at 7:30am. Crazy enough, there was already a queue! I have the worst love-hate relationship with Aldi special buys…but 99% of the time, I hate them.

There’s something about good deals that make people do crazy things – like get up at the crack of dawn to buy a cut-price 1000-inch TV. And twice a week, on a Wednesday and a Saturday, without fail – a line snakes from the entry of Aldi as shoppers get ready to pounce.

The Special Buys Deal Is Here!

Even if you had no idea you even wanted an egg chair, when you get that inevitable special buy email advertising that elusive hanging egg chair for only $199, your blood boils with lust. I want one! No, I NEED one! They generally sell for close to 300 bucks, so this is a deal I cannot miss out on!!!

So you plot your strategy (arrive early, SPRINT and Grab), get your fastest trainers on, join the queue and wait. I make sure I look innocent and nonchalant so my fellow rivals expect me to be a walkover. But my eyes are shining with the challenge. I’m ready to scramble my competition to get to the egg.

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The Tension Builds

The queue is building, the excitement is palpable as some shoppers strike up a conversation.

“So what are you here for?”

“The Plant Pots”

Pshew, I smile, I can be friends with you.

But I overhear the person in front say they’re gunning for the egg chairs. I size them up. Yep, I can outrun you. You better watch out.

Look Out, Here’s Trouble

But then the worst happens….

It was just two minutes before the door was about to open and I was doing my intimidating stretches…when one of the Aldi workers – the one that clearly drew the short straw – came out and bravely told the crowd that the “egg chair special buys hadn’t been delivered yet!”

Cue complete and utter pandemonium.

If this bunch were vampires, their fangs would be well and truly out and the poor Aldi man would be a sack of skin on the ground by now.


“Why are you telling us this only now???!??” one woman roared.

“When are they going to be here!” yelled an elderly man behind me, who’s dreams of swinging the day away in his hanging chair had just dissolved in a poof.

“Check the other stores” demanded an immaculately dressed supermodel somewhere near the front. What? Couldn’t she afford to get the real thing from Matt Blanc (I know, how judgemental am I, but we’re in a battle here people!).

I Lost!

I was beaten. In the battle of Aldi Special Buys vs Me, I was the big egg-less loser. I knew I had no chance.

There was zero indication when those beloved egg chairs would arrive. It may not even be today…it may not even be ever!!! But I do know, that one lucky shopper would walk into their Aldi at some random time and see an egg chair sitting on the shelf. And they would know that stars had aligned perfectly for them that day.

Boycott Aldi Special Buys

I seriously can’t do this again! Those Aldi special buys are simply evil – they toy with you, manipulate you, ease you into a false sense of hope and then they crush your dreams.

Even when the special buys are in stock, there are so few on the shelves, that they’ve gone in a minute and shoppers are left disappointed and frustrated.  I think it’s time to boycott the Special Buys. I may have to start a petition!

And I’m certainly not the only one who feels this way.

Another Aldi shopper shared her frustration on an Aldi facebook group.

Seriously, What’s The Point!

“The thing is that I’m getting to the stage of thinking ‘what’s the point of going in to the store to try and buy one of these middle aisle specials’. I suspect that soon I won’t bother to try given the limited stock and the craziness. Maybe Aldi needs to consider the fallout of disgruntled customers in terms of this strategy they use to bring people into their stores. Not happy, Jan!”

You see, I’m not alone. And many people agreed.

False Advertising!

“Will save ourselves a lot of stress, just go in when we need to shop, if specials there great.”

“I avoid going in on Wednesday and Saturday morning I’m not fighting crowds for stuff that I can get elsewhere.”

“This totally puts me off shopping at Aldi. It’s false advertising to have one or two or sometimes none of the items in the special buys catalogue shipped to each store.”

“I am with you, now don’t look at the specials as I am not getting to a store at 7.30 to still not be able to get that anticipated item
Till they can get reasonable stocks, I would be happy for them to disappear.”

It’s Genius!

Some suggested that it’s all part of Aldi’s mastermind strategy to eke out the most sales:

“Maybe Aldi has the perfect strategy since people flock to them and their specials sell out. Just saying”

Others say that it’s a sneaky way to attract shoppers to their store.

“If they haven’t got what you’ve queued for I bet you still pick up a few other bits. All they need is you through the door. Clever”

Love Them

Of course, there are always those that support the Special Buys shortage:

“Its all part of the excitement and challenge. I love the middle aisle because of the craziness”

“You know what the rules are….there are never enough for every one. Get over it!! Would you like Aldi to hand out participation trophies for the losers so they feel adequate??”

Well, actually a trophy sounds good. But I’d prefer an egg chair, thank you very much!

Have you ever had your eye on an Aldi deal that you never managed to get? Tell us your experience with Aldi special buys in the comments below.

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  • I love aldi and I find I save enough in groceries that I can warrant a little look at the special buys centre aisle. They get some fantastic items and usually are good prices but I suffer extreme social and generalised anxiety so crowds and stress don’t go well for me. I don’t get my hopes up for anything and just try my luck at the less busy times and if I really want something fb I go to the Aldi stores around me that usually have the most special buy stock available. I was thrilled to get the yellow dinner plate and mug sets re Ce belt without going on the special buy morning….but had to visit about 7 aldi stores to get the whole set ????????


  • This happens so often with Aldi specials that I refuse to participate. In fact I don’t shop there at all anymore. With the COVID problem I find the aisles too narrow to keep a good social distance and they never have all the items I want, so I just do a one stop shop at a smaller supermarket who will get something in for you if it’s not on their shelves and then I will buy it next time. Also their profits stay right here in Australia and are probably helping put your super fund. All Aldi’s profits go back to Germany.


  • We don’t have Aldi here and to be honest I don’t think I could deal with the crowds on special items days.


  • Honestly, I get where she’s coming from but there are times when I just ignore Aldi.


  • I’ve never been to an Aldi store and the more stories I hear about their so called specials that are never there, I know I’m not missing out on anything except the anger it causes others.


  • As a mum with two young kids it is not easy to wrangle up some baby sitting so you can que up for special buys- you need to coz you’re a mum of two young kids and then they also doesn’t have them… and then 3 different people tell you three different things and no one really has any clue or idea. And you just wasted sooo much of your time and favours and for what- literally anything, in Victoria at the moment we have been missing out on so much too because of COVID and it’s just so much BS- very angry over here


  • I can never be bothered with the idea of the line or chaos. Tempting but to be honest, I have better things to do with my time.


  • Why boycot, just don’t go to Aldi !


  • I was lucky enough once upon a time for my hubby to queue up and get me the egg chair — that I have now rehomed. I just don’t bother any more.


  • plenty of times i have seen something i want and it is not at the store, but occasionally I have had some luck I try not to invest to much “want/need” into it and if i happen to be lucky on a particular occasion then it is great, and if the item is not there – then so be it.


  • Haha! Luckily we don’t get the queues where I live. But we usually don’t get the specials either. They come in at mysterioous times, and sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don’t. I’ve often thought of stocking up for my friends in the city but the shipping would be exhoribitant. So I look at whatever the product is with regret – as I usually can’t afford it and I’m trying to declutter not grab more things to mess up my place with – and move on. My family did buy me a mower for my birthday one year – which I can’t use because I’m not allowed to push it (disabilities) and my son can’t use because of allergies. It was the thought that counted.


  • I can do relate! I spied those really cool 3D kites and immediately sent the link to hubby so he could pick one up on Saturday morning (today actually). He woke up so early on his BIRTHDAY to be told that the stock hadn’t been delivered and they don’t know when it will arrive. Whilst he was gone I was thinking of me running along the beach tomorrow with two very excited little kids.. I’m joining this boycott for sure! You dream wrecker Aldi!


  • I always love to read Aldi catalogue.


  • Only once have I tried to get one of the ‘in demand’ special items, but got to the store at opening time saw the que of people and thought stuff this! Some had been there since 5am. Not for me.
    I like Aldi & will browse the middle isles, while getting groceries but never can be bothered lining up for hours & people pushing & shoving eachother. It’s disgusting behaviour.
    Though I am interested to know how Aldi gets around consumer laws regarding their special buys. Big item things that often only have 1 or 2 per store. There must be a loophole they use as clearly it’s a gimmick to get people in – but if they only allocate 1 or 2 to a store then surely it’s breaking some advertising and consumer laws??
    But there’s much worse things in the world that happen apart from missing out on an Aldi special buy. People need perspective. And common sense!


  • Aldi have fabulous special buys, I would love to buy quite a few ive seen advertised. There’s no Aldi in Tassie tho and I wouldn’t ever line up or get aggressive to buy them.


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