A Perth mum who thought she had a burst appendix has given birth to a healthy baby boy.

Jayde Lawrence and Kurt Stuart had no idea little Jax was on his way.

On Monday the 27-year-old property manager felt what she thought were simply sharp pains in her stomach and, believing she had appendicitis, she raced to hospital, reports 9 news.

It took just minutes for doctors to discover that inside her belly was not a burst appendix, but a heartbeat.

Four pushes and 15 minutes later, Jax was born weighing 3.3 kilograms.

The couple said while they’re stunned, they’re over the moon and have been fielding questions from disbelieving friends and family for the last 24 hours.

Jax’s birth was against the odds – Jayde has polycystic ovarian syndrome, which means for her it’s hard for her to conceive, and there are risks carrying a baby to full term that should be monitored closely.

In the last few months Jayde has taken two pregnancy tests and both came back negative and she had no significant symptoms.

Congratulations guys! What a beautiful surprise.

In a similar story, Charlotte Thomson, now 21, had regular periods and was still slipping into her size 8 dresses so had no idea she was expecting when she went into labour.

It wasn’t until she took herself to hospital with bleeding and painful stomach cramps that medics told her she was about to give birth.

‘My stomach was completely flat, and I’d been having regular periods so it was such a shock when I found out.

‘I didn’t believe that I was actually pregnant until I gave birth. It was scary becoming a first-time mum with no warning.

A midwife performed an ultrasound and told Charlotte she was nine months pregnant and in labour.

Charlotte continued: ‘I panicked that I wasn’t prepared and hadn’t bought any baby clothes. I was so worried about what my parents would say when they found out that I was having a baby.’

Doctors explained that she’d had no bump because Molly had been tucked up underneath her ribs.

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Main image via 9 news

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  • When I was pregnant with my first there was a woman with a killer figure at my ante natal classes. She would arrive in a leotard. Super flat tummy and not an ounce of fat on her. Turned out she was 8 months pregnant.


  • Wow, how is that possible? What a big surprise though!


  • I’m always amazed tat you can get to nine months without realising – a wonderful surprise, I guess, but you’d miss out on some joys not knowing you were pregnant.


  • What a shock. My friend who was pregnant with her 5th child didn’t know she was pregnant until the last two months. Her period stopped so she took 3 pregnancy tests during that time and all came back negative. In the end she went to the Dr as her tummy started to bulge and thought something was dreadfully wrong-nope, just a baby. She had no other symptoms other than the missing period. BTW, they later found out she happened to buy from a faulty batch of pregnancy tests which were recalled due to showing negative results whilst preganat!

    • Terrible!! That company should be sued!!


  • Such an amazing surprise! I must say I don’t like the lady still fitting into her size 8 dresses! Oh to be that lucky!


  • What an amazing surprise. So pleased they are now a family. Having experienced a terrible 9 months of pregnancy, I cannot imagine going through it all unaware. I imagine they were so unprepared but will be flooded with love and gifts etc. to prepare them for their new baby.


  • I am constantly amazed by women who give birth but had no idea they were pregnant. It must be a massive shock


  • Beautiful stories ! Congrats to the babies & parents !


  • Two amazing pregnancy /birth stories! After it taking hubby and I 8 years to conceive and carry a healthy full-term pregnancy I can understand the joy that must have been felt by the first couple. Congratulations to both new mums!


  • Lucky, lucky mum. Bet Princess Kate would love to be pregnant that way instead of so awfully sick. Best wishes to Charlotte and Molly and I’m sure the grandparents are besotted too.


  • Congratulations! Wish my belly had stayed flat.


  • If you still have regular periods it takes longer for you to find out your are pregnant, especially if you have no symptoms. I know a lady whose baby decided to press against ribs. It caused the Mujm discomfort with soreness and being short of breath.


  • Oh my! This is so incredible. Even more thinking that she suffered of polycystic ovarian syndrome. A big change in their life. And missing nine months of preparation. But so glad to see they are so happy!! Congrats!!


  • Part of me feels like it would be SO scary to suddenly be a mum without any warning, but the part of me that had a really difficult last pregnancy is kind of envious that they could not know.


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