A shocking video shows how quickly a piece of unsecured furniture can topple on to a child.

The CCTV clip captures the terrifying moment a large chest of drawers becomes unbalanced and almost crushes a toddler beneath, shares Daily Mail.

Just seconds before, the child can be seen playing with the drawers in a playroom – sliding each one in and out.

When the chest of drawers topples, the toddler only narrowly escapes what could have been a very serious accident.

The video shows how easily furniture that’s not properly secured can become a potentially serious hazard around small children.

REMINDER how easy it is for a child to be killed in the home


Toppling furniture kills at least one child a year in Australia.

Each year in Australia around 300 children go to hospital as the result of being injured by a falling television, and that figure is continuing to rise.

Make sure you install your furniture with safety in mind.

You can keep your kids safe by:
•Using brackets fixed to the wall to mount or house your TV.
•Keep cords out of reach so kids can’t pull on them and risk pulling the television down on themselves.
•If you house your TV in or on a piece of furniture, ensure that it is purpose-built so that it is sturdy enough not to topple over.
•Test the stability of your television yourself – if you can push your TV over then your kids will be able too.

Early last year we shared the moment a toddler gained superhuman strength to save his twin brother from being crushed by a chest of drawers – Read more on that here.

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  • Oh my goodness….that was so close.


  • That is very worrying, lucky he was ok.


  • Wow thankfully the child was ok, but a great reminder


  • A timely reminder to secure all furniture


  • Someone must have been watching over him. I can’t believe how close he got to being crushed.


  • It’s so frightening to watch. I can’t believe how easily some furniture can fall.


  • Gosh I got anxiety watching this


  • we had a shoe cupboard fall on our son a few weeks ago, he was fine but it took me almost an hour to stop shaking


  • A know a young child who woke up and got out of bed before his Mum did. She woke up with a “start” when he climbed into a drawer of a dresser and tipped it over on top of himself. He was taken to hospital with suspected concussion because he knocked himself unconscious for a minute or so. Thankfully he was OK. Strange part was he had very few bruises. It became storage in a locked shed after that.


  • Very scary! This is why I was so dead against using a baby monitor. If you think they’re ok at the other end of a big house just because you can see them on a screen then it might be too late by the time you physically get to them. I’ll set them up in the next room where I can hear them and see what they’re getting up to.


  • So scary ! My youngest managed to break 3 of our televisions, which were secured in the cupboard. We have now a custom made high television cupboard. She also has thrown cupboards and heaters of the wall. We have the problem we rent our house and can’t secure things in the wall and that while she is super strong.

    • Those rules when you are renting are really bad. You have to be very inventive to find a solution for your kids’ safety.


  • Oh, sweetie! What a scare!! These chest drawers should be secured to the wall. You never know what a child is up to when alone in a room. Luckily that there were no injuries!!


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