I am Supermum!

No really, I am! My life is full to the brim but I am unstoppable.

On my days in the office I am up, showered, dressed and out the door by 6:30am, with the baby’s lunch bag packed, his clothes laid out for my husband to dress him in and some sausages prepped and ready in the slow cooker. Most mornings I even manage to do this while my son is clinging to my legs, but his early rising makes me happy because we can at least squeeze in a few minutes of serious cuddles before I have to dash.

I leave the car outside Rafferty’s day care and jump on the bus, where I tap away at the chic-lit novel I’m working on (it will probably never see the light of day, but it’s an outlet) then I trot through the city to work, ready to face dozens of emails, all containing complaints and problems that I’m expected to solve before lunchtime.

At 5pm I make a mad dash for the exit and pray there won’t be heavy traffic so that I can pick up my little darling on time. In the car, he screams the whole way home unless I sing for him, so ‘The Ants Go Marching’ all the way up to groups of thirty five. Hurrah!

Home! Dinner! Bath! Playtime! Story! Bed! Dinner for grown ups, pack away the mess from the day, spend time with husband, send a few texts to friends while watching a few minutes of TV and then flop into bed.

I’m actually pretty proud of myself for what I am managing now that I am a most excellent working parent. Everyone is fed and clothes get cleaned. Sure, sometimes I wear the same bra for four days straight, and if my colleagues looked closely at my shirt they would notice a little smear of baby snot on the shoulder, plus the other night my dinner consisted of a glass of wine followed by a bowl of chocolate ice cream because I forgot to turn the slow cooker on before I left in the morning but hey – it’s all good right? Even on no sleep, some days I feel actually more energised than the times when I’m well rested (thanks adrenaline!)

However …

I really hope I’m not alone in this phenomenon, but every few weeks, something happens to bring it all tumbling down.

It could be as simple as realizing I have no tomatoes when I thought there were some in the fridge. Or the electricity bill arriving and pointing out that most backpacker hostels use less electricity than our three person residence. Perhaps the baby leaning out of his high chair and dropping the vegetable slice that I stayed up late on Sunday night baking straight into the dog’s mouth is the thing that sets me off, but all of a sudden, the façade of control and happiness that I’ve been fooling myself with collapses in a heap on the floor.

Life is too hard! The baby is too full on! My job is too stressful and I hate the commute! Everything is too expensive! Our house is never clean enough! Why can I never, ever find the remote control?!?


You’ve got to feel for anyone who is in the vicinity during one of my meltdowns.

Well, you have to feel for my husband, because it’s not like I can take my frustrations out on Rafferty without making things worse. Poor Garrett is always bamboozled when my emotions are unleashed because I either start barking orders like a madwoman or break down sobbing like a heroine in a midday movie drama and there’s not really much he can do to placate me.

This modern motherhood thing is tough. I suspect it was also tough in the old days. It has probably always been hard for everyone. Balancing the family’s finances, planning meals and battling to keep the baby as number one priority really takes it out of you, even with the best, most supportive workplace, husband and family.

But what do you do? Once the freak out has subsided you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start on the dishes, because you’re a Mum, and you’re proud to be one.

Most of the time!

What’s the most random thing that has triggered one of your ‘I Can’t Take This Anymore’ meltdowns?

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  • One of my spots to hide and let off steam used to be the bathroom…..until I was overheard crying.
    Now I let off steam on my computer, then delete it. It is my refuge in my private space – out of bounds to everybody. They’re not even allowed to play free games on it.


  • I think it might have been fir my sons 18th. It felt as though I was doing and everything and that it wouldn’t be ready in time


  • Running late, which I don’t often do, I couldn’t find my daughters sneaker. I looked everywhere, the most stupidest places, and I just crumbled when I couldn’t find it. The straw that broke the camels back!


  • Really interesting article! Thanks for sharing this!


  • Ummm that would be the lasagna food fight that was thrown on the roof so it was justified wasn’t it! ;)


  • this is why it is important to have support


  • I had a melt down when my daughter vomited..then she pooed on me after. It was so stressful for a new mum!


  • OMG thank you! I have the occasional meltdown also, it’s nice to know that it’s not just me!!


  • Meltdowns happen all the one in my house, I have to try and mix up the days because doing everything the same everyday can drive you crazy!


  • Ill keep these in mind as ive been in that situation before


  • Mummy meltdowns, yep know them well. One moment I’m superwoman (well, maybe not quite lol), the next moment I realise I’ve not remembered to take the clothes off the line (like it matters!!) and I feel thrown off track.


  • We all go through these moments. I try to take a deep breathe, get some time alone and then try and catchup with a friend


  • I have had a lot of these throughout life, but am thankful that it has been with other things and the kids have been my saviour not the I cant take this


  • You’re not alone I’ve definitely had a few meltdowns where a tiny thing can set me off where I’ll scream the house down and then cry in the bathroom. It does help to take deep breaths and cool yourself off before you head back out to your child and husband


  • i hear ya! and we keep on keepin on xx


  • Lots of sympathy from me….remember it was the straw that broke the camels back………I realised when I got like this I was totally thrashed and didnt really realise, so i seriously SLOW DOWN…………….and make your own short cuts to ease the pressure……….

    tell your spouse I am done in………..draw on your relationship, use disposable plates etc. put the washing to the launderette for a week……….put a weeks worth of food in the freezer……guess you have your short cuts too.

    what I found out was plan ahead more so these times come less frequent……..I always had 2 lasagne in the freezer, serve with salad……easy as……..cook 2 chickens on Monday, and use it all week……….the list is endless……..

    Let me know how you go.


  • I understand this totally !! I reckon I go through a similar thing. It’s horrible cause at any moment I can feel like I can’t cope. It is hard but I guess now it’s happened a few times I realise I get over it and the next day is always better.


  • Yes I have these types of meltdowns at least once a week until I started to make some me time at least 30 minutes a day


  • Yes, I’ve had this meltdown quite a bit,


  • It seems everyone has meltdowns these days! I think being a mum has always been hard but the pressure of modern life is extreme for them and their husbands and ultimately their children. Even young children are having meltdowns! In my time as a young mum we struggled to make ends meet but we were content to defer our dreams because our immediate priority was our family. Looking back, I enjoyed our simple lifestyle and we had lots of fun. My mum’s generation kept a home and family going on next to nothing during and after the war. I feel sorry for mums today who actually put pressure on themselves pursuing a dream life and wanting to have it all now. Do take care of yourselves and remember how quickly your little ones will grow up. Please make as sure as you can that when you reach my age you still have your health and well being and can be pleased with the choices you made.


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