Belly masks are being targeted to help pregnant women combat stretch marks and skin damage.

HATCH Mama Collection has launched the Belly Mask (AUD$15), which promises to ‘help minimise stretch marks during pregnancy’.

But according to Sydney dermatologist Dr Natasha Cook, sheet masks will do little to prevent marks in the long-run.

The Belly Mask contains aloe vera to ‘soothe and reduce inflammation’ and propolis to ‘heal and help rebuild damaged skin cells and fade scars’.

But Dr Cook told Daily Mail Australia that she doesn’t believe these ingredients, while nourishing, will have much of an input when it comes to scarring.

‘I’m not sure they really help at all, as the damage is due to the rapid mechanical pressure from the weight gain that then causes the collagen fibres to literally snap and fragment,’ she explained.

‘Stretch marks come from rapid stretching of the skin, which tends to occur in the later stages of pregnancy when there is rapid fluid and weight gain.’

Instead Dr Cook recommends keeping your weight gain healthy and stable, as well as moisturising the skin.

Dr Cook recommends the old-fashioned remedy lanolin.

Or you could simply embrace your tiger stripes, like this mum did. After all, you earned them!

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  • I got strech marks on my first pregnancy and I would oil up my skin twice a day. it made no difference and with my 2nd pregnany the streched skin came in. My body after baby 3 was and still is a mess. Doctors have told me that the only way to fix it is by very expensive major surgery. No thanks


  • It’s also a genetic predisposition. If your mother had them it’s likely you will too. I avoided them with my first but was literally applying cream then bio oil twice daily, got them with my second bub though.


  • If you are meant to get stretch marks you will – I have very minimal stretch marks after having four babies [one set of twins] and I never did a thing. No rubbing of oil/lotions, etc. into my skin or eating differently. I just didn’t get them.
    Perhaps no rapid weight gain is the answer as one of my daughters who has never had a child has massive stretch marks when she suddenly developed breasts quickly.


  • Another way a company is trying to make money from a new Mum. To me, I gave birth and I’m proud to show off my wonderful stripes that I earned.


  • I think it’s genetic too. The skin on your belly obviously has to stretch to accomodate the growing baby. Some people’s skin is more elastic than others.


  • Why not just massage a good quality moisturiser onto the area to stop your skin from feeling itchy as it becomes tight and very dry. You can try Aloe Vera Gel.


  • I wouldn’t bother but each to their own.


  • What will they think of next? My stretch marks are a badge of honour from the child I carried. I wouldn’t be rushing out to buy one of these.

    • Mine are a badge of honour too and I am proud of them and do not hide them! :)


  • I never did anything to avoid stretch marks. I don’t have them anyway , but if I had them I would wear those marks with pride.


  • I have stretch marks and could not care less – there is nothing shameful about them!


  • There’s no harm in giving it go however stretch marks are part and parcel of pregnancy.


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