The new ABC comedy The Letdown had us all experiencing many flashbacks and feeling reassured this parenting gig is all very normal.

The story centres around new mum, Audrey and her baby daughter, Stevie. It follows the lives of several women who meet at a mothers group.

The title is a play on the term for the release of milk during breastfeeding, but also on the dark secret of the early months of motherhood.

In episode one Audrey is determined not to be defined by motherhood. In theory, this seems fairly easy. In practice, her career-focused husband, self-obsessed mother & fancy-free best friend, make it damn near impossible.

Episode two saw parents group trigger anxiety in Audrey when she realises she’s the only one who isn’t following a parenting book.

The episode also touched on “playdates”, parenting books, controlled crying and even a scene where one of the mums had an “accident” after an outing to the mum and bub movie session.

After a confrontation with a deaf man, the mum stands there totally shocked that her pelvic flaw has totally let her down and she is soaked.

While it may not be for everyone, I think it totally portrayed the true reality of parenthood.

One review of the show read, “Last night I tried to watch The Letdown and I found it really hard. Not that I didn’t think it was really well done and scarily accurate – but I could just NOT sit through the controlled crying. Couldn’t do it in real life and couldn’t listen to it on TV.”

“It was weird to me how triggering it actually was, I think we sometimes forget how hard those first years can be and the long lasting effect it has on us.”

I was flicking channels and stumbled onto this episode. Totally loved it!

Even hubby was having flashbacks to our first time as new parents.  The controlled crying was tough to watch, but it really highlights the pressures on parents and how much we punish ourselves to try and be perfect.

Did you watch? What did you think?

Share your comments below.


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  • I would love to see this show, I’ve heard really good things about it.


  • No, I haven’t watched it.
    Before you use controlled crying you have to learn the difference between the sounds of their crying. You have to be able to detect hunger and pain. I was recently minding a small toddler who started crying quite loudly. Some Mums would have used controlled crying. In this instance I am very glad I didn’t. He had soiled his nappy, woken up which he usually does a bit later than he did. When I changed his nappy he had nasty red nappy rash.Fortunately his nappy cream was in his bag. I have some I would have used but theirs is a different brand. He had only been at my place for 2 hours. Previous nappy change he definitely had no signs of nappy rash at all. I verified it with his Mum and his older sister who is very observant and protective of him.


  • No – I did not watch this show.


  • I meant to watch but forgot.


  • I haven’t watched it either.


  • No haven’t seen it and it doesn’t sound like something I would be interested in viewing.


  • This is another show I have recorded to catch up on this weekend. It sounds really funny!


  • oh I haven’t seen this either – I really should watch more tv! – this sounds like it would be a bit of laugh especially to relive it all again through the safety of tv! – thanks for sharing I am going to see if I can find it on i-view


  • Ive never seen it but it sounds like an interesting show that portrays parenthood realistically.


  • I’ve never heard of this series before. But, I don’t know, it doesn’t really inspire me.


  • I remember when abc had a season of pilot episodes of shows and the pilot of this was one of them. It was so great! I’ll have to watch now they’ve made it into a whole season.
    And I love the pelvic flaw pun. After a baby that is a very accurate description.


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