One mum took to parenting forum Mumsnet to ask people’s opinions on the names she was considering giving her unborn child.

She shared in her post that both her and hubby tend to gravitate towards ‘old-fashioned’ names and said they were looking at the names Martha, June, Ivy and Nancy for their baby.

She added that her husband had suggested the name Agnes because ‘it was the name of a relative who was very dear to him’.

While she said she would like to honour that she was wondering if the name was just a little bit too old-fashioned and ‘old ladyish’.


People were quick to respond to the mum, with opinions varying from lovely name to ugly name.

“It’s lovely, and Aggie is a cute nickname,” one mum said.

“Really like Agnes but probably because I associate it with cool stylish French women,” another person said.

“I love the name Agnes. It is such a cool name,” a commenter said.

“I’ve always like Agnes, but I think it’s one of those names that really suits very beautiful, supermodel types. A fat, spotty teenager called Agnes might wish she was called something else,” a woman said.

However, others were not so nice about the name, with one woman even saying that she would ‘never forgive’ her parents for giving her the name Agnes.

“It is very old fashioned and I don’t think your dd (darling daughter) will thank you for it tbh,” another woman said.

“Agnes is horrible. I don’t usually say that about names but to me, this one is. It’s the hard, back-of-the-throat Ag at the beginning,” a mum said.

“Really don’t like it, or Aggie. Just an ugly sound.”

“Really don’t like Agnes, it’s so ugly sounding. Very harsh.”

Do you like old fashioned names?

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  • In the end it is the child that makes the name. You think of the name that you love most in the world but if you met a child with that name while you were pregnant and the child was a complete nightmare and very hateful then odds on you would change you minf about calling your child that name.


  • I like some of the old fashioned names.


  • Everyone had their own tastes


  • We luckily all have our own and different taste. It wouldn’t be good when we walk around with the same names :)


  • I wouldn’t chose them but its her child and she needs to pick the name that speaks to her


  • In my opinion, it suits an elderly woman but not a child. However, each to their own.


  • No I don’t like the traditional type of old fashioned names much

    • But thinking about it, what is really an old fashioned name ? There’s nothing new under the son. Things come and go, also in regards to names.


  • I absolutely love old fashioned names.


  • I love old fashion names although our children have modern names.


  • My great-nieces’ name is Edna. She is a gorgeous child and her name is shortened to Eddie. No one tried to get her mum to change it, simply because it is hers and the fathers decision and we respect that. Don’t judge a book by its cover – basically the cover is the name of the book and where the hell would the world be without the Classics (old books).


  • I didn’t choose an older name but… it needs to suit your child and your family’s surname. We had a neighbour named Ages – she was a short, round lovely Scottish woman. However, I know someone named Aggie. It’s a very personal choice and one that both parents need to agree on.


  • Some names hold more meaning to them such as naming after a grandparent

    • Yes, the meaning of a name is also important


  • I don’t believe any name is ugly. If so they would never get used. Agnes is an old fashioned name but they are coming back anyway. It also reveals another lovely name if you say it backwards.


  • No ugly names – just ugly people.


  • I prefer it to some of the made up stupid names people come up with today.


  • Personal choice really on naming there child no matter what people will always pick on others for calling your child a name


  • When I think of ‘Agnes’ said out lot I actually picture it as being spelt ‘Agyness’ just like the spelling of Super Model Agyness Deyn. I believe all the ‘Old/Traditional’ names are actually becoming more fashionable because of people like her.


  • No old fashion at all


  • Names just keep going round and round, my pet hate is changing the spelling which makes it hard for a child’s future. I have a difficult surname which I have spent all my life spelling out usually at least twice, glad I got an easy to spell first name, I like all the old flower names.


  • In today’s multicultural Australia, I think there is no such thing as an ugly name. Just ugly people who say hurtful things.


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