What is the worst insult your significant other throws at you? The one thing that really gets under your skin and brings you close to suffocating your husband with their pillow as they lay snoring violently next to you at night?

For me, it’s the name ‘Frank Spencer’! I hate it when he calls me that!

If you haven’t watched a show called ‘Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em’ you won’t truly understand how insulting that name really is!

Makes Me Crazy!

My husband cracks the WORST jokes about me every single time I attempt to do anything around our home, they’re not even slightly funny jokes and he knows it drives me nuts!

Oh, but the insults don’t stop at just me. They extend to my dad as well! In fact, I’ve often heard my hubby and my own mother crack ridiculous jokes about me and my dad together – not that those two have the faintest clue when it comes to doing the brilliant things that my dad and I are capable of.

We’re GREAT Mechanics!

Fixing cars is something we have always done together. My mum would constantly joke about how she always had to take the car to a ‘real mechanic’ once we were finished. And now I have to deal with my own husband begging me not to tinker around with the car with my dad!

It’s not like we’re attempting to do anything that we haven’t tried previously – besides, now there are YouTube tutorials that explain exactly what to do so I don’t know what he thinks could possibly go wrong. “I don’t want to die” is my hubby’s victory excuse to stop us dead in our tracks however each time we offer to fix the car.

My Husband Is Just One BIG Jinx

I firmly believe that my mum and hubby are both MASSIVE jinxes! That’s the real underlying situation here. The two of them put negative energy on the projects that my dad and I work on and then obviously, because of them, all our hard work and effort fails!

Recently my dad and I tried to improve a bed frame. Any normal supportive partner would be ecstatic that their spouse was modifying something. Not my hubby though! No, he took one look at the bed and claimed it was cockeyed – it was probably just his perspective. THEN he sat down on the bed and there was an almighty KABOOM as the bed frame collapsed in a heap under my husband’s gigantic butt!

He jinxed it! Before even taking a moment to appreciate our craftsmanship, he criticised it and then only because he’s a jinx, he broke the bed. Admittedly there were a few pieces that my dad and I accidentally forgot to assemble back during our modifications, BUT, who knew those pieces were even necessary. They just looked like extras!

To add insult to injury, my ungrateful husband then has the audacity to ask me WHY we were even modifying the bed! Why does anyone do anything really?! It just seemed like a productive thing to do at the time – until my hubby destroyed it.

My Husband Is Wrong!

It’s challenging to stay as positive as I choose to remain at times like those. Especially when my irrational husband tells me that my dad and I are not permitted to assemble the new bad frame when it arrives. He just has no idea what he’s suggesting! He needs us! We’re the ones with the tools and enthusiasm to build things!

Trust Is Underrated!

Perhaps this is the very reason why people say that TRUST is the most important element to any good relationship. And without trust you have nothing. I mean this husband of mine really won’t have any support when it comes to building things around the home if he has no trust in me.

Added to this he never seems to have the creative genius visions that I have, such as knocking down walls and creating open space living areas!

Home Reno Show Are Banned

Oh well, I guess he’s the only one missing out. Actually I am missing out too in a way. Did I mention that home renovation shows are avoided in our household because my untrusting hubby feels they motivate me to attempt things around the home which he simply is underprepared for!

My hubby is just lucky that my patience surpasses even my building skills. Of course, I’m not going to let his lack of trust dull my creativity. Surely I could just start renovating different rooms whilst he’s at work without him even noticing. It can’t possibly take that long for tiles to dry, or set… whatever it is that tiles do when you stick them to the walls. Judging by how fast it happens on tv I should be able to have the entire house completed in just a few days!

Do you have one (or perhaps two or three) things that drive you crazy about your husband or partner? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Apart from the article and just focused on the photo thats matched with this article. I think this photo needs to be removed. If it was a male with frying pan and going to hit a woman there would be a lot of people saying how it was not acceptable but because its a female we tend to gloss over it. Its not acceptable at all. Females are always crying out to heard and treated equally but when we see something like this we allow it. It is not acceptable no matter what sex is instigating the violence. Domestic violence is something we all need to stand up and say NO to.


  • I notice small things allll the time.


  • Oh gosh, don’t get me started.


  • Lol, yes, lots of things that drive me crazy, and he probably can list lots that drive him crazy about me to! Swings and roundabouts ….. you learn to live with it or go mad! Ha ha! I guess my pet peeve is his inability to see what jobs need doing …. unless I tell him! Lol!


  • My late husband never would have criticised me. His only complaint was with the amount of books I had. I did stop buying them ( well I do have nearly a thousand of them) but then I was lucky to start winning them. I read all of the time and I’ll have 2 or 3 going at a time. When he passed away he left all of his fishing gear and rods to our grandson who loves the sport equally. Turns out he had more than I thought and half of them were still in their packets.


  • You might need to start cracking some similar jokes back at him whenever he does anything and see how he likes it?


  • No-one is perfect least of all me.


  • Men grow up eventually!!


  • I am very lucky. My hubby doesn’t annoy me and we’ve been married for 30 years. There’s a lot of humour in our household and that definitely helps.


  • I don’t think that I could stop at one thing….I have a list as long as my arm…although always counter weighted with more positive attributes :D


  • I’m amazed that you can narrow it down to just one thing!


  • I like this article.Everyone has something in mind that can’t talk about.My husband always talking lot on his phone.But when i talk to him he just answer one or two words.


  • Mine finally grew out of them all, so happy days in our house now.


  • My husband has a habit of when he talks on the phone he likes to see how much dust is around drives me crazy


  • My ex used to snore ever night and so I needed to get up to go to work tired, so I just got up and moved to the spare room and had to shut the door as I could still hear him. He wouldn’t go to the Drs about it so wasn’t worried about it he also drank every night as well that would’ve helped. Then I found out he died over 3 years ago with collapsing in the bathroom with a heart attack.


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