Pregnancy – some glow, all grow, and me? I just THROW (up that is).

As I sit here, eating an entire plate of cheese and bikkies desperately willing the nausea go away (FOREVER PLEASE), I started to think about all the good things that pregnancy brings. Like a baby… but that’s where I stopped, you see while I watch my gorgeous friends blossom through pregnancy, I end up with my head in a toilet trying to avoid everything and everyone for the entire 9 months until I get my cute little bundle.

I know it’s all worth it when that little person arrives but the ride isn’t all its cracked up to be and I can’t be the only one who thinks that!

I am sure at the end of this one I will look back and laugh (like a mad woman, as this is 150% my LAST bub – sorry hubby, snip time for you), though in all of my negativity right now I thought I would compile a list of the things I MOST DESPISE about being pregnant, just to get it off my chest:

  1. The ALL DAY SICKNESS is my number 1 most hated part. Seriously, do not, I repeat DO NOT let anyone tell you that it’s just morning. From the second I wake up until the second I fall asleep it’s all about trying to keep food down. My husband thinks it’s funny to call me vomitron, It’s not.
  2. Balloon feet anyone? I put on my cute sandals in the morning and then I can’t seem to see the straps by the afternoon. WHY DOES THAT HAPPEN? Where do they go? Oh that’s right, my feet have turned into balloons and engulfed them. Fun.
  3. Everything smells, actually it all stinks and PLEASE for the love of God don’t eat that in front of me. So far hubby has had to go and find new deodorant, shampoo and toothpaste and don’t even get me started on making toast in the morning. That is just NOT ON and I will potentially vomit on you, unless of course I want it, in which case OMG why didn’t you make me some. He loves not being able to win, ever. Sorry honey, I promise when baby arrives this will stop.
  4. Social events. UGGGGHHHH. How long do I have to stay? Do I really need to smile? What on earth am I going to wear? Can I go home and wallow in my own self pity yet? I promise I’ll be more fun when this baby is out!
  5. Missing out. Yep I know, first world problem right here. But I miss my glass of wine after a crazy week (or sometimes a crazy day), I miss sushi train. I miss soft cheese. I miss deli meats. I miss coffee (I know I can have small doses though please refer to point 3). I miss poached eggs. I actually seem to want these things MORE when I am pregnant – everything is so much more appealing when you can’t have it!

So WOW, I am the world’s biggest ball of negativity right now, I honestly can’t wait for my bubba to arrive – really, but there are just some things that are no fun at all whilst you’re pregnant and the world needs to know it’s not all fun and games, but it is worth it!

Do you have any pregnancy woes? SHARE with us in the comments below.

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  • I loved being pregnant. I was lucky to never have morning sickness and really delighted in my pregnancies.


  • I missed soft cheese and odd glass of Moscato.


  • People touching me. Last time I checked there was a thing called personal space, and you…with your hands and fingers and cackling laugh…reaching out and poking and prodding me to “feel the baby”. 1. You need to ASK 2. At 12weeks, thats just me letting the fat roll hang out, not my baby bump.


  • It is such an exciting time but yes it can also be very uncomfortable! I was very fortunate to have 2 very easy pregnancies and I loved being pregnant but I have watched other mums suffer.


  • YES!!! So many people say it’s a wonderful, joyfully, magical experience – um no. I currently can’t walk because my body gets so excited it produces too much relaxin and my joints and ligaments turn into jelly! My husband is still asking me when I’m going to start “glowing” and I’d almost give my left arm just to be able to see my swollen feet! However. It took us 6 years to get our first and another 3 for our second and I can lose hours staring in wonder at the little shape moving around in my belli and feeling all the flutters and kicks that remind me I’m growing a person! ! So yes my body hates it…. but I’d still do it again!


  • I hated to have a lot of gases. OMG it was embarrassing!
    What about the back pain, giant legs, vomiting the whole day during the first and third trimesters…
    A lot of annoying things but all worth it! After 39 – 40 weeks cuddling my precious little one.


  • All day sickness for the entire pregnancy. Having to take medication every day to control the all day sickness, for the entire pregnancy. Heartburn, I’d never experienced it before ever and so it took me a while to realise that’s what it was. Smells – of anything and everything in our house. My Mum had to cook meals and we would go there to eat. My couch. I laid on it for a huge part of my pregnancy, so came to hate it. The 2000 Olympics! Whilst lying on the couch feeling sick for most of my pregnancy, it was the only thing on TV to entertain me. I came to hate it! I hated how my hubby would stick his head in the door first at the end of each work day to see if I was okay, and how sick I was, like he was too scared to come in. I loved the flutters though, and my baby kicking, and my maternity wear… and the baby boy I gave birth too.


  • I missed my nice wardrobe and coffee habit. But when breastfeeding my newborn seemed to react so I held out from coffee even then
    but gosh he’s a cute kid:)


  • I’m pregnant with #3 and tis is the worst nausea I’ve had. I keep waking up each day hoping it will be gone.


  • Oh Jacinta I can so relate to you. I was almost the same as you only I didn’t have the problem with the toothpaste, shampoo etc. that’s a new one to me. I used to be sick all day though and people used to say I was putting it on, which makes it even worse. I totally went off caffeine and I couldn’t go to the fridge because it smelt disgusting and I couldn’t go shopping for food it was just too overwhelming and sickening to me.


  • The “morning” sickness was what helped me to find out I was pregnant even before I missed my period. It was a nightmare.
    I had to get few pairs of bigger size shoes, 3 sizes bigger than my usual, so big my feet were.
    What about “number 2″?!?! I had all kind of natural juices to try to help with this matter but was not successful.
    The sleepless nights with insomnia…


  • I had a bad case of what I called ‘extreme pregnancy’. I thought I had gastro, but it didn’t go away! There wasn’t a single day of the whole pregnancy that I dint vomit at least a few times, and on the off chance I did manage to keep a little food down, I’d end up with stomach cramps and diarrhoea. I lost 20 kg during my pregnancy! It was like going to Weight Watchers, every time I got on the scales I’d gone down. I saw my obstetrician regularly and although she felt sorry for me, wasn’t concerned at all because I had very high pregnancy hormones.

    I have a theory about vomiting when you’re pregnant. It’s like there’s an extra turbo pump to get it out fast and hard. For me it wasn’t a case of nice, quiet, neat socially acceptable vomit, it was the type of vomit that splashed out of the toilet bowl to my head level. My husband used to joke and say he was waiting for my head to start spinning around like the girl in The Exorcist. Cleanup was buckets of water thrown at the wall! On the odd times I went out, I’d have to bring changes of clothes because I would always be covered in it. And, as if the vomiting isn’t enough there’s all the associated problems. I stripped the enamel off my teeth, my gums receded, I pulled intercostal muscles and cracked a rib (that had previously been cracked). The blood vessels at the back of my throat were broken and I used to cough up blood if I vomited or coughed too hard, so my throat was sore all the time. My nose used to bleed too. I had no warnings mostly that it was coming, so I vomited in lots of places other than the toilet and vomiting in a bucket was horrible because of how hard it came up. It also meant I basically vomited everywhere including Myer during Christmas shopping time!!

    My poor daughter who was just over 4 at the time was scared to be alone with me because of all the vomiting, but fortunately after she’d been on a bouncy castle at a birthday party she vomited and I used that to explain that the baby in my tummy was bouncing around on my stomach and that’s why I was vomiting. She accepted that explanation and wasn’t worried about it any more.

    I had zero energy the whole time and really couldn’t cook more than an occasional piece of toast because food sickened me so much. I also had to go to hospital for rehydration for 3 days every weekend to get my electrolyte balance back up. I also had to take Maxalon to try and stop me vomiting which didn’t help much but made me very groggy.

    Labour was horrible because I had no energy and was still vomiting. Funnily enough, it all stopped a couple of hours after my son was born. He was very small, but healthy.

    I had about 2 years of iron injections, vitamin B injections and calcium as I had no stores left at all. It also stuffed up my metabolism and caused me to put on weight. It took years to recover! I always wanted more babies, but decided I really couldn’t risk another pregnancy like this one.


  • Definitely the nausea all day long – it’s just so hard to take.


  • All-day sickness is terrible – makes it soooo hard to get anything done, especially if you already have children! Totally understand! I also had excess saliva, which, if I swallowed it, made me throw up. So I spent 9 months hiding from people so I could constantly spit in private. Apparently about 4 women in 5000 get that lovely symptom.


  • Lke ju


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